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  1. Pondering switching from cPanel to DirectAdmin, if it works well with Blesta (and if there's some sort of migration path).
  2. I finally got off my butt to upgrade and now cron is running every 5 minutes as expected.
  3. sunrisepro

    Upgrading 3.6.2

    I finally got around to doing the update and all seems well. Now I'd like to migrate to a different cPanel on the same server. Besides putting it into maintenance mode do I need to do anything else? Will the encryption key need to be updated? I'm assuming that I don't have to change the connection to WHM since it's the same server.
  4. Blesta is still not running cron and I have to do it manually. The command that Blesta recommends at Settings > System > Automation has been set for over a month. Clearly running cron manually works so I'm assuming that the recommended cron command is correct. I'm at a loss - do I need to upgrade Blesta from version 3.6.2?
  5. The recommended command is */5 * * * * /usr/bin/php /home/username/public_html/backstage/index.php cron The complete job I have is /opt/cpanel/ea-php72/root/usr/bin/php /home/username/public_html/backstage/index.php cron And the last time cron ran was when I manually ran it yesterday. Also how does CLI relate to this?
  6. So the cron path on my server changed because I upgraded the server to PHP 7.2. According to my server admins, cron jobs are running properly but is /home/username/public_html/backstage/index.php cron correct? Or should it be something different for php 7.2? Or do I need to upgrade Blesta?
  7. Where do I update the url for the cron command? The 'cron command' field is not editable and I can't find any info on this is your documentation. I only realized when invoices had not been automatically paid since I thought I had updated the command url; I just ran cron manually.
  8. Figured it out - I had upgraded the server to php 7.2 and the path had changed. All good now.
  9. Yep - the last time cron seemed to have run was 2/25: https://nimb.ws/FfBcDw Checking with my host. What can I do to check/fix on my end?
  10. Interesting a new retainer that is starting did not have the invoice automatically sent on 3/1 as it should have. Is this pointing to a cron issue?
  11. There are nine recurring hosting invoices that were supposed to be run on 2/28 that are still sitting there. However, 3 recurring hosting invoices did run on 2/28. I'm doubting that all 9 have issues with their automatic payment accounts, that would be too great a coincidence. What's the best way to troubleshoot this?
  12. sunrisepro

    Upgrading 3.6.2

    I've been remiss in updating and want to upgrade Blesta so I can use php 7.2. I assume the normal upgrade process (unzip & overwrite existing files, go to ~/admin/upgrade, click the link) will be fine? Or do I need to upgrade to an intermediate version before the latest version? Also, I am considering moving my Blesta install to a different cpanel on the same server (due to rebranding my business, the new domain is in a different cpanel on the same server). 2 questions: 1) I currently have Blesta installed in a subfolder. Will the domain change matter? 2) Since it's on the same server, will the new install maintain it's connections to WHM? I'd like these to go as smoothly as possible so any advice on things to look out for would be appreciated.
  13. OK - checked the services for two clients and the usernames are identical to the ones in WHM.
  14. np. The cPanel module is connected; my new host imported all the cPanels for me (no change in cPanel names or anything). Is there anything else I need to do?
  15. I migrated my hosting to a new server. I just cPanel module settings to connect Blesta to WHM. It shows '2/20' accounts, which I'm not sure what it means (there are 20 cpanels total). How do I connect each cpanel for automated suspension and such?
  16. I just switched the DNS for the domain that includes Blesta. What do I need to disable on the old install of Blesta to prevent charges from going through? I don't want to double charge clients for invoices that are to set to autopay today or tomorrow.
  17. It looks like a sample because I edited out aspects I wished to remain private Says 'The cron last ran on Feb 10, 2018 6:10:03 PM.'
  18. Hmm - that was the cronjob set in cpanel. This is what's in Blesta: */5 * * * * /usr/bin/php /home/xxxxxxxxx/public_html/xxxxxxxx/index.php cron I'd check the logs but I can't find them.
  19. And here's the cronjob: /10 * * * * /usr/local/php56/bin/php-cli /home/username/public_html/folder/index.php cron >/dev/null 2>&1 That looks ok?
  20. Auto debit days is set for SAME DAY. Automation debit time of day is 2pm in CST (I'm in EST; CST is 1 hour 'behind' me).
  21. They ran the day after the due dates - is that due to cron?
  22. I have a lot of recurring invoices that are due on the last day of the month & the first day of the month. All of the invoices that were due yesterday (1/31) are with clients that have autodebit enabled. But it is 2/1 and none of the invoices are paid. I'm concerned now that all of my 2/1 invoices will go unpaid as well. I've been using Blesta for ~2y and I have not seen this behavior before. Usually invoices are autodebited on the day they are due. What's going on and how do I resolve this? Thank you.
  23. I searched in WHM & there was no account with the username in question.
  24. Yesterday a new client had trouble buying hosting as she was using capital letters in the domain name. Once that was resolved, she was able to buy hosting & pay the pro-rated invoice. I assumed that the service had been activated but this time it had not. When I tried to manually activate, it said the username was already in use but I don't have any other client with that username (in WHM or Blesta). Does Blesta somehow 'remember' incomplete purchase attempts, including username? Ideally I can avoid this in the future by providing a message to customers on the order form to use lowercase letters - how can I do that?
  25. Thanks. I replied to the order emails, which went to billing@jawanet.com. I've forwarded you the emails, my invoice # is 1725.
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