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  1. Is Blesta An Option For Dedicated?

    Guys..."no rush"...but it's almost 2018. Should I just drop interest for Blesta? I don't want to be rude but two years of constantly checking this thread is beginning to be frustrating.
  2. Is Blesta An Option For Dedicated?

    This is great, thank you so much! Any chance of getting the other items (HDDs, RAID, Control Panels, IPs) added? It'll offer me an incentive to try Blesta.
  3. Is Blesta An Option For Dedicated?

    Sorry but I'm not a Blesta user, I'm basically checking the demo page after each update. Is your module offering the possibility to add a server, with a specific configuration, as a product? Because if so, that's what most of us need. You add the product (server), add it to a group and sell it. When the user orders, it has to select each option from the ones you've previously configured. Is this the case of the addon you are currently writing?
  4. Is Blesta An Option For Dedicated?

    My exact point. Most startups collocate or rent servers from DCs or other bigger providers. So I don't think NOC-PS is a top-priority, but at least basic functions. Don't get me wrong, having something advanced would be really nice, but at least let's have something basic.
  5. Is Blesta An Option For Dedicated?

    I'm so happy that I started this thread! What I really think we need for the moment is at least a basic module, like the one Keiro is building. Sure, having more complex stuff like auto OS install, IPAM, graphs, reboots etc is nice and useful, but - for startups like me - at least a basic DB is more than enough. I don't know what's the official position of Blesta right now. Do they usually prefer to keep things separated in modules/addons, or assimilate stuff in the Blesta core?
  6. Dedicated Server Module

    Great work, I really appreciate your effort! As activa also specified, this is a great starting point but it kinda needs a coupe of options: HDDs: here you can make a selector from 1 to...infinity? Or maybe let the user insert the no. of HDDs? I'm mentioning that because I had cases in which the clients asked for...mmm...10-12 HDDs. Sure, you can make a selector from 1 to maybe 48? RAID: here things get kinda complicated. RAID should be available only in "combinations" with the currently selected HDDs. You can't make a RAID10 with 3 HDDs, so that option should be unavailable for 3 HDDs. Still, if this is a big chore, than I think it's best just to specify all RAID configurations and the client will select its own option; RAM: same as HDDs, most users have max 128GB but hey...1TB of RAM is not so hard to find nowadays; Ethernet port: in my case the provider offers me 300mbps per server. Not 100mbps, not 1gbps, but 300mbps. So maybe you should make a selector form 10mbps to 1gbps? Control Panel: maybe you can let each user insert it's own control panels? Personally I sell only cPanel, Plesk, Webmin and SolusVM, but I know a lot of guys who also sell more "exotic" stuff; IPs: this is kinda mandatory. I don't think you should start coding an IPAM (obviously it would be *really* handy!) but at least give the option specify what /class are you selling to the client, and then let the sales/deployment guy insert the IPs manually. Right now we're doing this with WHMCS (manually inserting IPs), it's not the best option but it was *very, very* important and handy, as most clients just say "we have a problem with the server with IP 123.456"; so having a fast way to search for IPs (even with no IPAM) is a really useful thing. I have mediocre HTML / CSS skills (I'm the sales guy) but if I can help you with anything please let me know. Again, I really appreciate your effort and dedication!
  7. Dedicated Server Module

    WOW this is GREAT!!! I'll keep posting on the other thread.
  8. Is Blesta An Option For Dedicated?

    Ok, I'll PM you regarding this option. Do you have any tool in order to import data from HostBill? We cannot postpone the launch of our service for so long, so I suppose we'll go with HB untill Blesta gets this new feature.
  9. Is Blesta An Option For Dedicated?

    Wow, great news!!! I know that you've said "no ETA", but can you please at least tell me if it'll be implemented in the next 1-2 months? I'm asking that because at this moment we're on the edge of paying a developer for implementing HostBill and I rather spare this money (or pay to Blesta). I really appreciate your effort!
  10. Is Blesta An Option For Dedicated?

    Hi Paul, Sorry for this late reply! When do you think this feature will be available? I would like to start the business in max one month so I have to choose the right billing system. Changing it after the launch would be kinda difficult. The ordering system of any dedicated servers provider is basically depending on this option, as there's no other way of making this work. Any idea when you'll update the current "official" module? It's kinda...mmm...barebones at the moment, and I really like the idea of having your support. Great! Do you also provide some GeoIP tools? For example right now - with HostBill - you import the GeoIP DB then select a language + currency for each country. This is a *very* useful feature as you can imagine, combined with the option to translate everything. So you can basically have just one site but totally customized for the user that accesses it (language, currency, product description, order form etc). So as much as I hate HostBill, they did this thing right. Can Blesta do something similar? Thank you very much for your time and dedication!
  11. Hey folks, Long-time WHMCS & HostBill user here. Long story short, WHMCS told everybody that it doesn't plan to support dedicated servers, even in their new version, and HostBill is a general expensive mess. So here are my 2 cent questions: 1. Can Blesta offer any support for field logic? Example: if customer selects 2 drives, only 2 drives & specific RAID configs will appear. Here's an example of what happens when you select 2 drives: And here's what happens when you select 3 drives: 2. Does Blesta support Proxmox, or is there any *stable* commercial/free add-on that offers such a feature? 3. Does Blesta have multilanguage support? In HostBill you can generate your own language strings, like {$lang.customline001}, edit their value in each language, than use it anywhere. Here's an example. You generate the string: You translate the string: The system shows the result, in the selected language (even in the admin section): These are my biggest concerns. I really appreciate your answer. Thanks!