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  1. Fixed Hidden Forums Issue, now forums that are hidden will stay hidden from main index and will only be accessible by people who know the link to them. Link Redacted for Security Reasons.
  2. technically the trial download isn't working because it hasn't been released to the public yet(aka reached RC(Release Candidate) status yet)
  3. this is still being worked on a bit slow due to the needed setup of the panel itself to test the API calls against.
  4. I actually already made my own reseller API system, it is currently what I use on my blesta though it is a modified version of the license manager and technically was made only for reselling licenses. I probably should eventually try moving it to it's own plugin and try selling that as well(not the modified license manager version, the plugin I would make from scratch that has the reseller api moved over to it that might have the ability to resell more than just licenses....though for my own use case at this time my reseller API is only made to support reselling my licenses and I have no ETA o
  5. Be on the lookout for a product from CubeData coming soon(no ETA though) named C!Blesta(for CMS Blesta) which aims to basically be the "bridge" or "SSO" integration between many different CMS platforms including wordpress, joomla, and others to come sooner or later after initial release of the product. No ETA is planned for this product as with all of our products we never give out ETA's on when a product might be launched to avoid stressing out our developers to meet release dates which insures our products come out tested and known to be perfected and work.
  6. you have to have a owned blesta license for buying the license manager. to quote paul:
  7. seems to work fine for me, just tried it on a http api tester I use http://hurl.eu/ are you sure you are doing it as POST? as I tried it doing test.com and it returned a license key fine. all I can tell you to do is talk with @Paul or one of the other blesta developers or just open a ticket here: https://account.blesta.com/client/plugin/support_manager/client_tickets/add/3/
  8. this is currently in the works by CubeData, someone already requested it and besides needing to setup a Pterodactyl panel for testing the api calls & seeing if they work, it might be soon released, though before you ask I will not give a ETA of when it will be released, the last time I did that it failed, so I will not release any ETA to save the pressure to meet a ETA.
  9. You know you aren't helping us help you because we have no clue what provisioning module you are using as I doubt that is configuration option, seems to be defined by the module. Though since you might need more help than I can provide I am going to tag @Paul @Blesta.Store
  10. Or use some fraud prevention like my fraudrecord anti fraud module for blesta or fraud labs pro max mind etc
  11. did you also disable selinux if you have it on your linux distro? as I have known selinux to cause multiple issues like this including blocking licensing calls,etc as selinux is such a pain that by default if any process tries to write to any directory, it stops it the best way to test is do this setenforce 0 getenforce => "permissive" once it states permissive, you should be able to try again and if it fixes that, hey selinux was your problem. of course those commands might be specific to centos though, as I don't know if ubuntu or any other non rpm based dis
  12. Have you checked the permissions making sure apache or nginx whatever server software you use has write access to it? As you can check using ls -l /tmp && chown -R apache:apache /tmp && chown -R apache:apache /home/username/billing that is the command for centos it us the same for ubuntu except you replace apache with www-data That command will output the long listing of the directory including which user owns it and then chowns or changes ownership of the entire directory including subdirectorys including files and should fix the permissions issue
  13. are you on shared hosting? because it appears some php functions required by blesta aka exec(),etc has been disabled on that shared hosting server, which would explain why you are having issues.
  14. so how is development going mike? haven't heard anything on development and when we are able to use it on our own blesta installation yet mike. Got anymore development updates? @Blesta.Store
  15. okay, well if anyone is looking for a blesta<->wordpress bridge check out @mrrsm 's wordpress bridge, as I remember him saying something about it here on the forums.
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