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  1. no wonder the owned license I have with whmcs is so expensive to renew the support and upgrades for and why I dumped whmcs to use blesta instead as I can get a whole year of blesta upgrades for less or more than half of paying whmcs just for the 6 months updates
  2. well our licensing error with this module has been resolved please download version 1.0.20 with the fix please.
  3. OpenGamePane; Module

    yes didn't see this post before as I can surely make one since this panel is likely free and wouldn't cost money for development then. no comment on when this will be released,etc. Shelved for now due to budgetary restraints.
  4. Gateway Module

    I don't use google analytics I use piwik instead? https://piwik.org/
  5. Are you closed? banner attention grabber

    this has been removed along with other notices due to @Paul suggesting that since I have no clue if it is related to my anti fraud module or the notices but I haven't seen any paid orders in a while and will try @Paul suggestion on removing that since it is likely I will just answer the ticket whenever I can anyway
  6. Gateway Module

    Blesta isn't as nearly as ioncube encrypted as WHMCS is so you don't need module for google analytics and I would recommend you check out piwik instead(both have javascript trackers and can be easily integrated into your installed blesta's client view structure.pdt file.) I don't know what Blockchain v2 is unless it is related to bitcoin which in that case I suggest checking out coinbase as @Paul has suggested that to me for bitcoin payment processing. Gateway Fees which I assume basically add the paypal fee's you pay to the client's invoice as a tax is what I have heard before(which in paypal's own terms is against their terms of service) so will not help you with that. the payeer & perfect money module I don't think one is available yet but you could ask @Paul if he could add that as a feature request
  7. Accessing Server Behind Double NAT

    I am glad you found out CentOS 6 is better than Debian 9 lol
  8. Accessing Server Behind Double NAT

    try this https://serverfault.com/questions/431531/tunneling-a-public-ip-to-a-remote-machine and note I don't recommend hosting a server or servers from your house these days unless you have DDoS protection due to port scanning, DDoS attacks etc that made it not worth it to run any servers from my house which is why I have all of my physical dedicated servers in datacenters usually with DDoS protection to get around that and well my internet isn't powerful to handle running a public server anyway
  9. Allow Modules To Add Cron Tasks

    I agree if it was possible to put required cron tasks directly in the module instead of making a filler plugin to do the cron only that would be easier for me to make my dedicated/colocation servers module.
  10. Vultr For Blesta Provisioning Module

    we are aware of the issue of documentation missing for the module and would like to clarify some feedback we received that this module and others like it aren't unsupported and while we may have confused some people on our support policy we didn't mean to and would like to clarify that all modules are supported and any issues from them will be resolved if it is directly related to the module now if it isn't directly related to the module as being the root cause of the issue and the fix can be found easy on google we would refer you to google to solve the issue though if the root cause is related to our modules and is the root culprit of the issue then we will support the module and resolve any and all issues like that though you must tell us of the issue and provide someway like screenshots to show us the issue happening so we can better resolve the issue(s) in a support ticket. otherwise if we cannot reproduce the issue(s) ourself on our own systems and aren't provided any screenshots or something showing the issue(s) happening then we will not be able to find the root cause without further information and ask you please be detailed in your requests please.
  11. Are you closed? banner attention grabber

    Ok thank you I have implemented your changes ^ that should be good correct?
  12. Are you closed? banner attention grabber

    well they can place orders all they want as that is automated and therefore isn't required for me to be there. and that banner was basically related to support tickets only kinda like I see @Licensecart has been seen doing. of course I could have reworded it I guess saying support tickets will not be answered until tomorrow or until monday depending on which condition is there. I did update the op though to reflect this changes as I did not think about that I did use this: https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/ to display the alerts now though.
  13. I just made modifications to my structure.pdt on my custom theme on my website to include a big "attention grabber" on whether I am closed or not I designed this after seeing @Licensecart similar approach though I wanted to make sure it is very hard to miss the message so it is specifically made large and very visible(as I wanted to make sure there was no question whether I was closed or not)
  14. BEWARE: LicenseCart - Do Not Buy!!

    @Licensecart if I was you I would just hide and lock the thread considering this "review" is uncalled for considering that when they try to claim something that isn't true and try to hurt a provider's image that is actually could be fraud since that would be saying something that isn't and like I see on lowendtalk if you cannot prove beyond a doubt that what you are claiming is actually the case on both sides of the story then the thread is useless and is more like biased against one side and therefore the "scam" the person is claiming is a false claim and the thread usually is locked & hided and the user usually banned because of trying to say one thing when the other is true. and if due to people claiming it would be biased for you to handle this thread @Licensecart then it might be best for another moderator like @BeZazz to handle it instead since he isn't personally linked to licensecart and no one can cry woof that the moderator handling it was biased and related to the company in question then.
  15. well I haven't even thought of that so thank you paul for reminding me