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  1. Merry Christmas from CubeData! and what better time than christmas to get holiday deals? Starting today(12-15-17) to 12-26-17(the day after christmas) we will be doing a 50% off promotion on all of our owned licenses using this coupon code: iw0qLjyi Though due to these promotions being so great, we have to inform you because of the potentially high fraud/chargeback rate, if you cannot pass our automated anti fraud system, you will not be able to take part in this promotion, sorry.
  2. just wanted to update and say I haven't seen a core task for this yet as I am sure everyone would prefer this be put in the core files instead of me including it with my module files @Paul
  3. Hello We would like to announce we are in progress of making a new module for blesta, we will be making a DCIManager Provisioning Module for Blesta Release ETA is unknown(sorry we do not say at all when anything is released as we do not rush work, and saying a date and/or time is setting a deadline which rushes work which we do not do.) It will be priced at our usual regular prices of $7/month or $100/onetime(for owned licenses not including updates after 1st initial year which can be renewed thereafter each year at $25/year) Do Note when this comes available it will be on sale on our website only, though please do not ticket us asking for any sort of "override" on any order stopped by our anti fraud system, those will be closed out instantly with no exception made, as with maxmind, if you get stopped, you got stopped for being high risk of chargeback/disputes/fraud and therefore you didn't just get stopped for nothing which is why we stand firm on our policy of no exceptions on our anti fraud system denial's.
  4. This is the forum where CubeData Official News & Announcements will be posted. We have another form for peer support on our products/services.
  5. What do you think about cryptocurrencies?

    it does, but I got tricked once recently to set it to review instead of reject and they paid through paypal and not but 10 days later in nov they charged backed not through paypal but there chinese card company and it cost me $100 plus paypal's $20 "chargeback" fee. which is why I have gotten tighter now telling anyone who asks sorry but if the fraud module blocked you I don't want you(well of course not saying it that direct but you get the gist) and that stopped all chargebacks before & it stopped them now, I feel dumb for even including a option in it to "review" orders instead of outright just rejecting them before they get to any gateway like paypal which would be the chargeback point which my fraud module stops that completely as they won't ever get to that point to start with if they get flagged by it in the default "reject" mode which prohibits chargeback's to start with since if they never get past the cart to complete the order with payment or get the service that prevents the chargeback's right there. I have never had chargeback's whatsoever with the default explicit "reject" mode set as the fraud module will explicitly reject anyone if they get flagged from even getting anywhere which is why it has saved me multiple times protecting me from that. I know that from both my piwik software & smartlook analytics.
  6. Blesta 4.0 Breaking API changes

    would have been better to have contacted @Paul on his livechat.
  7. What do you think about cryptocurrencies?

    I hope so, my wallet cannot handle anymore "chargebacks"
  8. $antifraud = $this->Html->ifSet($order_settings['antifraud']); try { $fraud_detect = $this->Antifraud->create($antifraud, [$order_settings]); $status = $fraud_detect->verify([ 'ip' => $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], 'first_name' => $this->Html->ifSet($client->first_name), 'last_name' => $this->Html->ifSet($client->last_name), 'email' => $this->Html->ifSet($client->email), 'address1' => $this->Html->ifSet($client->address1), 'address2' => $this->Html->ifSet($client->address2), 'city' => $this->Html->ifSet($client->city), 'state' => $this->Html->ifSet($client->state), 'country' => $this->Html->ifSet($client->country), 'zip' => $this->Html->ifSet($client->zip), 'phone' => $this->Contacts->intlNumber( $this->Html->ifSet($client->numbers[0]['number']), $this->Html->ifSet($client->country) ) ]);
  9. I told @Paul I would remind him the monday after we spoke of this but I am forgetful and well forgot to remind him so I am just going to post it here as well so hopefully paul remembers and I don't forget again lol http://requests.blesta.com/topic/first-name-and-last-name-fields-passed-to-anti-fraud-module
  10. Ioncube Error

    it doesn't not when I tried.
  11. Fraud Record

    not anymore since everything is run directly off blesta now https://cubedata.net
  12. The php 7.1 support will be coming soon due to the needed ioncube upgrade been procured finally.
  13. Blesta 4.0 Breaking API changes

    which is why you need a dev license you can get free from @Paul
  14. SMTP issues - Blesta 4.1

    then talk to the developers of swiftmailer directly then? or use a cc processor that doesn't require you to use tls v1.2? as I usually only use paypal gateway since it handles both and each is handled off on paypal's site so I don't have to deal with no pci compliance which is why I am guessing you are enforcing tls v1.2 only on your mail system.
  15. SMTP issues - Blesta 4.1

    read the github issues on that: https://github.com/swiftmailer/swiftmailer/issues/598 which is suggested to do this instead: https://github.com/swiftmailer/swiftmailer/blob/5.x/lib/classes/Swift/Transport/StreamBuffer.php#L95 change this from: public function startTLS() { return stream_socket_enable_crypto($this->_stream, true, STREAM_CRYPTO_METHOD_TLS_CLIENT); } to public function startTLS() { return stream_socket_enable_crypto($this->_stream, true, STREAM_CRYPTO_METHOD_TLSv1_2_CLIENT); } that will force swiftmailer to only use tls v1.2 not any other version.