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  1. New Support Ticket Status: On Hold

    I hope so, this is the only reason I updated everyone since I am like everyone else hoping v4.3 comes along and removes this manual editing requirement for this(this is just to help people achieve the same effect until then).
  2. New Support Ticket Status: On Hold

    just to update everyone the lines have changed a bit in blesta v4.2 plugins/support_manager/models/support_manager_tickets.php Add after Line 300: where("support_tickets.status", "!=", "on_hold")-> Add after Line 1200: 'on_hold' => $this->_("SupportManagerTickets.status.on_hold"), the rest is the same as above in op.
  3. Directadmin module Bug

    I fixed the bug by doing this in direct_admin_api.php: 'suspendUser' => array('POST','','CMD_API_SELECT_USERS',array('suspend'=>'Suspend','location'=>'CMD_API_SELECT_USERS')), 'unsuspendUser' => array('POST','','CMD_API_SELECT_USERS',array('suspend'=>'Unsuspend','location'=>'CMD_API_SELECT_USERS')), from: 'suspendUser' => array('POST','','CMD_API_SELECT_USERS',array('suspend'=>'Suspend','location'=>'CMD_SELECT_USERS')), 'unsuspendUser' => array('POST','','CMD_API_SELECT_USERS',array('suspend'=>'Unsuspend','location'=>'CMD_SELECT_USERS')), that was likely a oversight on the blesta dev's part but is actually easily to fix as shown above, since directadmin's api information here: http://www.directadmin.com/features.php?id=807 states the default CMD_SELECT_USERS will not return the standard json api response like the module is expecting, CMD_API_SELECT_USERS does return the standard json api response and therefore it works finally, tried to find the module on github to submit a pull request to apply this patch to module but didn't find it so thought would just post it here instead. thanks to @Doctrine for providing the directadmin panel to patch the issue and make sure it works. information redacted for security reasons.
  4. We want you! :)

    PM answered
  5. Directadmin module Bug

    read the below, it shows why that isn't the correct command.
  6. Directadmin module Bug

    that is what I was getting at.
  7. Directadmin module Bug

    looks like a api issue, possibly just needs to be patched to support any newer api directadmin is using maybe? since usually api's aren't supposed to output html like that. I can try patching it for you and post it here for you, though do note I don't use directadmin and therefore won't be able to test it for you, since at best would be following directadmin's api guides and hope it works. after further investigation it looks like it isn't logging into directadmin api as seen by this header? <title>DirectAdmin Login</title>
  8. We want you! :)

    that is what I was told by blesta for a dcim module like hostbill 50k like I or anyone else for that matter have that money lol so I decided instead to make it myself. though I haven't and don't use directadmin so I am not aware of it's problems though if you are willing to "sponsor" the panel and required licenses,etc to make a better module I could possibly easily do so for you as the usually the way I usually do module development like this is the person wanting the module basically provides all required "stuff"(like the panel there wanting the module made for,etc) and once the module is done the person who "sponsored" the development of the module gets a owned license free for the module and it is then put up for sale on cubedata's site at normal pricing. though since this is PauloV's thread pm me since I don't want to detract from his thread though.
  9. this is actually discourse hosted on my vps infrastructure it is free if you host it yourself. yea I know I need to work on how to word it where it doesn't come off tough but gets the message across through.
  10. it is discourse it already exists paul https://www.discourse.org/ though yes I had to be serious only so people know I don't like drama and trolls and that I won't tolerate that kind of behavior at all.
  11. https://forum.cubedata.net @dweiruk is one of our moderators on the forum to keep order,etc.
  12. BlestaForums Development

    I know it is a different plugin to the cms but it is something that I thought was missing to start with since if you have the cms but no forum you are missing something important in my opinion considering not every host wants to have a external forum to have to work out SSO with blesta for especially if you are using your cms mike as I have found out with modx integrating SSO with blesta is harder than it looks and at this point would rather just have it all integrated and not have to build custom SSO bridges,etc to make modx and blesta talk to each other. since with the cms and this forum plugin it would share logins with blesta and therefore make SSO(single sign on) even easier which is why I said at this point I am looking for easy solutions not having to build both a modx plugin for SSO to integrate sharing logins between modx<->blesta.
  13. BlestaForums Development

    great! this means I can move back to blestacms soon to have my own forums I had to move to modx for.
  14. CentovaCast

    in my signature?