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  1. Imported Data questions

    Hi there, I'm currently running a test with Blesta and have imported my WHMCS 7.1 data successfully, however I have a few queries regarding certain issues. I use tokenized Stripe - all of my current Credit/Debit card customers are marked as 'Credit' so the income is not reflected on reports. In addition to this, none of the recurring agreements have pulled through; it says that the person has 'Auto Debit' enabled, but with a strike through as there is no agreement behind it. Am I able to pull these agreements through? Along with PayPal recurring agreements. Do I need to set up the Stripe payment gateway prior to importing for this? Am I able to mass change all Stripe transactions to show as 'income'? As I heavily use both Multicraft and TCAdmin, am I able to pull these through so the Billing ID matches the TCAdmin side, and so SSO works from within the Blesta Client area? Problem 1: I've installed the TCAdmin Plugin and set up my master server to it - there is no 'test connection' option. Problem 2: I'm unable to change my pre-existing Game packages from the 'Universal Module' to 'TCAdmin' as there are already services assigned to the package. Am I able to set CPU priority as a configurable option, as I was with a script for WHMCS? It seems like this option is hard-coded into the Module options for each package What is 'Supported TCAdmin servers'? I've added my Master, which then chooses which remote server to push the client's game server onto - this option is blank. Where do I put the GameID, where the PHP config file is (which allows us to have custom variables pushed through) among other things. TCAdmin users numbers to determine which location to place a server, in WHMCS we would use Number|Name, such as 1|Miami, United States - this would show publicly as 'Miami, United States' but would push 1 through to TCAdmin to determine the location. How do I do this in Blesta? All of the imports just show '1|Miami, United States' publicly. Is there any documentation surrounding TCAdmin in Blesta? I have locations as a configurable option of a 'package' - I changed the pricing of one of my locations, and now when I try to put it back in the Member Group, it doesn't work - when I go back to try again, it's no longer in a member group. I will probably come across many more issues as I go on, but I feel like I must configure the Multicraft/TCAdmin/PayPal/Stripe etc plugins and modules before the import (even though the import instructions state to do so on a fresh install) or the agreements don't link up to the relevant modules. Essentially, I'm looking to minimize downtime across the migration rather than having to import the data first and then set everything up after, whilst maintaining all payment agreements and module automation. In addition, is there any client area we can access without being a paying customer, to get direct support relating to this before a move over, rather than asking in a public forum? Tagging @Paul Many Thanks.
  2. Blesta.store Suspend my License

    I was speaking more in general, quite a few threads around I've seen full name disclosure without explicit permission from the individual being named.
  3. Blesta.store Suspend my License

    Please can posters here abide to GDPR laws? I see so many full names, information and transaction IDs posted in this public forum - they need to be blurred out and all personal information redacted. https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/data-protection-reform/overview-of-the-gdpr/
  4. WHMCS to Blesta

    Thanks. Currently playing around with Blesta however it's producing a white screen on the installer (mid way through, I've applied the PHP7 fix). I'm booting up another QA web server to test. Regarding G2A, they're a payment processor (https://pay.g2a.com/) who are fairly popular for South America and Asia, as they don't charge extortionate fees for those regions, and they accept lots of local payment processors and banks. WHMCS doesn't allow discounting based on configurable options, you have to hack it into the basket using the .tpl and .php files - not something we like to do. It would be very much appreciated if this was a native option. (Having a base price and +$ for most locations is not especially great from a marketing standpoint). NB: Does TCAdmin transfer relatively well from WHMCS to Blesta?
  5. WHMCS to Blesta

    Cheers Looks like I'll be waiting a little longer then unfortunately.
  6. WHMCS to Blesta

    I can't test half of what I asked, I've also emailed sales with zero response.
  7. WHMCS to Blesta

    Hello, I'm looking to move over from WHMCS to Blesta and do a full migration of current WHMCS data. I need to know if the following are supported in Blesta please! G2A Payment Gateway Stripe Payment Token Gateway - including current recurring agreements Existing PayPal IPN recurring payment profiles Full TCAdmin support, which includes: Marrying up the product ID with the TCAdmin billing ID (automatically when importing) as WHMCS has a product IT which matches what's in TCAdmin Hostname, Public Password, Private Password, Location, Slots, CPU Priority, Default Port Options SSO between Blesta and TCAdmin Multicraft Support, which includes: Marrying up the Server ID into the customers Blesta Product ID Full Multicraft support (creation/suspension/termination/jar etc) Ability to have promotional codes for specific product options, ie. We have server player slots priced, and locations at $0 - we want it so that when a particular location is chosen, it can have a discount in % applied to the overall product price. Knowledge Base import from WHMCS Support Tickets and full data import from WHMCS Theme integration Thanks!
  8. ETA on v4 release?

    Very nice tim, cheers. Will wait for v4 however! Also, @Paul if you're not logged into the forums and click the 'Visit the Forums' link (blue button) on https://www.blesta.com/2016/09/15/blesta-4.0-beta-released/, it will take you to an Access Denied, as you need to be logged in.
  9. ETA on v4 release?

    Hi, it's been a long time now - any eta on when 4 will be available? Will TC Admin support also be added, there was a thread about it, but it's not been mentioned in any news posts/updates recently.
  10. Tcadmin Module?

    Ditto, an update would be cool. Looking to move over to Blesta when 4.0 hits.
  11. OVH Server Manager

    Hi there, It'd be handy to have an OVH Server Manager addon which made use of the OVH API to: Assign dedicated servers/virtual private servers Server Management (restart/reinstall/shutdown) etc Pipe through emails from OVH with template customization Usage graphs etc There's currently a WHMCS addon we use made by bstack, found here: http://bstacknetworks.com/whmcs-ovh-api-manager.php Thanks,
  12. Tcadmin Module?

    Following up on this; any eta? I'd think many of us lurkers are holding out on the move over from WHMCS to Blesta are waiting on this module capability.
  13. Trial License

    Cheers Paul.
  14. Trial License

    Hey, I just re-installed Blesta on the same box (having only used 3 days of the 30-day license) and it's saying License key invalid. Any way around this? Edit: Nevermind, emailed Support after reading around.
  15. Full Wordpress Integration

    Has anyone got around to making a fully fledged Wordpress bridge between itself and Blesta? I've been looking around for this kind of functionality and it appears that people have played around with it, but haven't managed to get an end product together. This is one of the key factors myself and I believe many others are looking for before making the decision to take Blesta over other software such as WHMCS (for example).