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  1. DONE! works now after i have change dregister_argc_argv = off to register_argc_argv = on Thank you.
  2. I have re-checked 3-4 times last time. I re-installed the software and there is still issues... I will change register_argc_argv = off to register_argc_argv = on and after that ill see how this work.
  3. I get back this: An internal error occurred. The module row is unavailable.
  4. Yes. I disable 404 erro, to see what page cant blesta find or what is the error. And that is the error...
  5. I cant find what is missing.. If it is a page, i dont know what is the page name and were to search for it..if it is from my setup.. I have re cheked 3 times so far... Does the rewrite httaccess could create this issue?!
  6. What page should load blesta, when i hit checkout and pay?!
  7. Using my mobile and cpanel. I can do almost same thing i can do on pc from my phone.
  8. I use only my phone. No PC or Laptop.
  9. I do use last version of Blesta. 3.6.1 I do use PayPal Standard. I did setup them correctly...the payment gateway it is in order form.
  10. Hello. I have installed Blesta today, and after i spend a day to setup everything, i get this error.. I order a free package, and when i try to checkout and pay, i see this: 404 - cant find this page
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