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  1. dweiruk

    my Blesta.store Experience

    Hi everyone my name Is David I have been with the company since Licence Cart days Never had a issue with Mike or his team in fact they have been one of the best company I have had to deal with Also liking the looks of the new forum feature what they have planned Ps thanks to Mike and the team for everything
  2. dweiruk

    Interworx Intergration

    Hi I have emailed the host re the firewall and yes I got @Licensecart to check the setup to make sure It was correct
  3. dweiruk

    Auto Install On New Order

    Was the Softacolous addon ever made
  4. dweiruk

    Interworx Intergration

    I have the software firewall enabled the default one on Interworx
  5. dweiruk

    Interworx Intergration

    Hi everyone I am having major issues Blesta does not want to connect with interworx I contacted the licence Supplier @Licensecart and they have helped me out but it seems they cant also do the same
  6. dweiruk

    Forum Intergration

    I am thinking a ipboard bridge for logins
  7. dweiruk

    Vestacp + Blesta = Awesome

    Was this ever added
  8. would be good if you can import your domains from your accounts for example from resell.biz or Reseller Club aka Logic Box
  9. Hi does this module still work
  10. dweiruk

    Forum Intergration

    Hi I am wondering if their is a way we can add a forum intergration for login as a support option as would be good or even as a addon from a developer or 3rd party