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  1. Hi everyone my name Is David I have been with the company since Licence Cart days Never had a issue with Mike or his team in fact they have been one of the best company I have had to deal with Also liking the looks of the new forum feature what they have planned Ps thanks to Mike and the team for everything
  2. Hi I have emailed the host re the firewall and yes I got @Licensecart to check the setup to make sure It was correct
  3. Was the Softacolous addon ever made
  4. I have the software firewall enabled the default one on Interworx
  5. Hi everyone I am having major issues Blesta does not want to connect with interworx I contacted the licence Supplier @Licensecart and they have helped me out but it seems they cant also do the same
  6. I am thinking a ipboard bridge for logins
  7. would be good if you can import your domains from your accounts for example from resell.biz or Reseller Club aka Logic Box
  8. Hi I am wondering if their is a way we can add a forum intergration for login as a support option as would be good or even as a addon from a developer or 3rd party
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