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  1. nolaghosting

    PHP7 Blank Page

    Actually, I just checked permissions and now it's loading ok! So, just in case anyone has this issue... I recommend the following from: MySQL keeps crashing: InnoDB: Unable to lock ./ibdata1 make a copy of the original files (ibdata1, ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1...). mv ibdata1 ibdata1.bak cp -a ibdata1.bak ibdata1
  2. nolaghosting

    PHP7 Blank Page

    Yeah, I did move everything for sure. I got it up and running - at least the admin pages. It ended up being a mysql issue - finally checked the mysql logs and found a ton of errors. I ended up needing to move the ib data files to the new server's mysql folder... I backed up /var/lib/mysql to mysql.bak copied the old server's /var/lib/mysql unlocked all ib* files in /var/lib/mysq/ and /var/lib/mysql/mysql with cp -a I got the admin pages up and cron running - but my order pages do not show and there are no errors in the logs: https://account.nolag.hosting/ Any other ideas?
  3. nolaghosting

    PHP7 Blank Page

    My web server got corrupted and I had to rescue the db and move to a new install of Blesta. I'm running PHP7, applied the patch and the errors went away - but now the pages are not loading at all. There are no errors in the logs, but the site just appears to be totally blank. Any advice?
  4. nolaghosting

    [Template] Professional Client Side -Admin Lte-

    Is this updated to v4 yet? I would love to use this! I'm happy to donate to development.
  5. nolaghosting

    [Module] Proxmox Reloaded - Beta Release

    Does this support the newest versions of Proxmox?
  6. nolaghosting

    Blockchain API Gateway

    Was this built yet? We would be interested in using this as well.
  7. nolaghosting

    [Rewrite] Proxmox Modules

    Just wanted to see if this Plugin supports the newer version of Proxmox 4.
  8. nolaghosting

    Pay Now link in email broken

    Thanks for the quick reply. I set the Root Web settings back to the full path and now it is working! /var/www/vhosts/www.domain.com/html/
  9. nolaghosting

    Pay Now link in email broken

    I'm having a similar issue with the Blesta payment link. My payment_url appears to have the full path of my installation "/var/www/vhosts/hostname/www.domain.com/html/client/etc..." I don't see how to correct this - does anyone know?
  10. nolaghosting

    Manual Payment Option

    nevermind! we found it.
  11. nolaghosting

    Manual Payment Option

    I have some clients paying by check - is there any way to enter manual payments?