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  1. jmf421

    Error when upgrading

    How can I do that? The page inside of blesta is broken where I would remove installed modules. Is there another way I can remove this module? I obviously can delete the folder on the server but there is still some code saying it's installed.
  2. jmf421

    Error when upgrading

    I am trying to upgrade Blesta to the latest version and I get this error: Something went wrong. Declaration of cpanelextended::cron($package, $service, array $vars = Array, array $post = Array) should be compatible with Module::cron($key)
  3. jmf421

    Upgrading question

    Ok this may be a complete noob question but I cannot figure it out and cannot find an answer online. When upgrading I have two options on my mac using transmit. Merge or Replace. If I replace the folder it will replace the existing folder with the new folder which I do not want. I just want the files inside of each folder to be replaced. Both of these options dont seem to work especially going several folder levels deep, what am I missing? Whats the easiest way to upgrade blesta?
  4. jmf421

    Undefined Offset

    I already have my debugging set to on in the configuration file - Configure::errorReporting(-1); Is there somewhere else I can see further info?
  5. jmf421

    Undefined Offset

    I have a client that keeps telling me he gets an error "Undefined Offset" when trying to login. No other users report this. When I log in as an admin and click on this clients account, then select "Login as client" I also see the "Undefined offset" error. https://cl.ly/899275432151 When I do that same thing for another client, I do not get the error and it allows me to successfully login as the client. Any ideas to what could be causing this?
  6. jmf421

    Registration Page Edit

    I had someone create a theme for me a couple of years ago and I just noticed there is a typo on mydomain.com/order/signup/index/registration For the life of me I cannot find this file to edit the heading - https://cl.ly/2A1P1O3z430r
  7. jmf421

    Stripe Radar

    I have a client who's payment was declined the other day. This client has paid me several times already and for some reason its now being declined. I am using Stripe. I think its the standard component, see below. Stripe support tells me that I cant review this payment through their Radar option because I am "not using Checkout, Elements, Stripe.js or any of our mobile SDK integrations". The Stripe rep basically states that I am not passing enough info to be able to review or approve the charge on my end. Is anyone aware of a way around this or maybe another Stripe integration solution that may be available? Current Stripe integration" Version 1.4.1 Author: Phillips Data, Inc.
  8. My application is a constant refresh that I cannot figure out and my customers cannot access information in their account using certain browsers. Looking for someone who can help me trouble shoot and fix this. I will pay you for your time. It only seems to happen when you're logged in and trying to edit your account so I can set you up with credentials if you're able to help.
  9. jmf421

    User data mixup!

    No nothing at all. These customers signed up manually through my signup link, no third party extensions or anything.
  10. jmf421

    User data mixup!

    I just had a new client register in Blesta. Another client of mine sent me an email and said "Hey I think I just got the welcome email from another client of yours." He had forwarded the email from the other customer that just registered. I have no idea how this happened. When I logged into Blesta and viewed my clients, they actually have the same exact customer number. When I click the new customers customer ID, it takes me to the others guys account. How does this happen and how do I fix it??
  11. jmf421

    Recurring invoice bug

    Not sure if this is related or not but I just had a customer try to pay an invoice and he get this error: The code its referring to on line 380 is <img src="https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/<?php echo md5(strtolower(trim($contact->email))); ?>?d=mm" alt="avatar"> <i class="fa fa-angle-down"></i>
  12. jmf421

    Recurring invoice error

    Yes it was resolved, thanks!
  13. jmf421

    Recurring invoice bug

    Ok that worked! I just updated the code in my.cnf and then restarted the mysql server. Then tested two separate customers and it seems to be working fine now. Thanks a ton!
  14. jmf421

    Recurring invoice bug

    Looks like its now happening for another customer so this may be the process moving forward. Not sure what happened recently but hopefully there is a fix.
  15. jmf421

    Recurring invoice bug

    Yeah up to this point all of my customers have the same type of invoices created with no issues. This customer never had an issue before either. Whats interesting is if I check the box for "taxable" the invoice is created successfully. Then I go to the database and change the "1" to a "0" in the taxable column. I guess this works for now..
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