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  1. austenite

    CPanel ACL

    Sorry I forgot to update this, the only values in addition to those already passed by the cpanel module when creating a reseller would be those that I've screenshoted.
  2. austenite

    CPanel ACL

    What I'll do is double check and report back, I work with cpanel everyday so am pretty confident however am no developer. Also, it wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong! 😂 I'll let you know mate, thanks for the response.
  3. austenite

    CPanel ACL

    Hey Paul, It would be a request to add those features into the package tool within Blesta and then those values be passed on upon account creation within WHM. With blestas current implementation of this resellers can create an unlimited number of accounts that utilise unlimited space and bandwidth. So resellers aren't limited at at all, whilst the reseller themselves can be limited through a package on WHM, that only limits the reseller themselves and not their resold accounts. The values that need to be passed are per my screenshot, the other permissions are managed through an ACL list. I'm happy to create a reseller account on my server for you to take a look at if you'd like. I'm not much of a developer so wouldn't be able to provide any evidence of what specific things you'd need to tweak. Simply saying this as an end user of blesta.
  4. austenite

    CPanel ACL

    Was kind of hoping for official acknowledgement of this or at least a response. @Paul are you able to chip in at all?
  5. austenite

    Jumping Ship

    Welcome to the club
  6. Could also be permissions, navigate to your docroot and run the following: find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \; && find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;
  7. austenite

    [Module] WHMPHP Module

    If you're purchasing a master reseller you can basically guarantee the server you and your clients will be on is massively overloaded, even more so with the introduction of these super master alpha reseller things whereby you can resell master resellers who can subsequently reseller reseller packages. Lost yet!?
  8. austenite

    Plesk Onyx ,graceful restart and pending orders

    You need to alter the restart interval in Tools & Settings > Apache Web Server change it to something like 30 seconds and then retest.
  9. austenite

    CPanel ACL

    Any feedback on this at all?
  10. austenite

    CPanel ACL

    Hi there Never sold reseller accounts until recently so have only just came across this issue, but the core Blesta CPanel module doesn't appear to pass the ACL (Account Creation Limits) onto the account creation, it can create a reseller account according to the package you've assigned it. However the ACL is something that isn't defined by the package and is something I'm having to modify post account creation. These also aren't defined per the ACL Lists but have to be passed to the server on account creation from Blesta. See my screenshot for the values I'm describing, note that these values aren't defined anywhere when creating a package, nor is there any way to edit or set a 'standard value' for these within WHM. These values are set per account and therefore these have to be set at account creation, is there anyway the core module can have this sort of behaviour implemented and what are others doing to overcome this? The WHM API token has full access. This was previously brought up here - https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7417-setting-up-whm-reseller/ but no fix actually provided, instead the poster used CPanel extended which done the job. I don't want to use the third party module, mainly because it keeps being broken, then fixed then broken and would like to stick to the official module.
  11. Any update on this?
  12. austenite

    CPanel Account Creation

    Thank you! This also resolved the issue of reseller privileges not being assigned at account creation. These API tokens seem to have taken the place of the Remote Access Key.
  13. austenite

    CPanel Account Creation

    Hi there Hoping someone else can help or has at least had this issue, reseller accounts that are meant to be activated in WHM with reseller privileges don't seem to be having the privileges applied, meaning they end up only having CPanel access until I modify the account to be given WHM access within WHM directly. Blesta 4.2.2, CPanel module version 2.6.0, anyone else having other issues at all or able to offer some insight? I've also provisioned a couple of test accounts within Blesta with no luck, the account type within the package is set to 'Reseller'. EDIT: I have also added another ACL in case the privs aren't being set correctly however this new ACL isn't being picked up by the CPanel module in the edit package interface when I try to switch the package to this ACL.
  14. austenite

    Upgrade Error

    So I sorted this, I was being a moron.
  15. austenite

    Upgrade Error

    I was hoping someone here could lend a hand with some issues I'm having with an upgrade, currently we're running 4.1.2. I have downloaded and performed the upgrade to both the 4.2.0 full release and to 4.2.2 and both are reported as successful although it doesn't seem to actually stick, see steps below: [austenit@server22 myaustenite]$ wget https://account.blesta.com/client/plugin/download_manager/client_main/download/104/blesta-4.2.0.zip [austenit@server22 myaustenite]$ unzip -o blesta-4.2.0.zip [austenit@server22 myaustenite]$ php /home/austenit/public_html/myaustenite/index.php *hidden*/upgrade ---------------------------------------- Blesta CLI Upgrader ---------------------------------------- Upgrade from 4.1.1 to 4.1.2? (Y/N): It's the same result regardless of which version I download, how can I upgrade past 4.1.2?