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  1. It's possible to accept ACH payments using Stripe https://support.stripe.com/questions/accepting-ach-payments-with-stripe https://stripe.com/docs/api#bank_accounts Has anyone extended the Stripe gateway to do this?
  2. Seconding your wording. The limitation you point out is how most contracts are stated, so I would think that is acceptable. Another thing I didn't think about -- some carriers pro-rate their ETF. I'm not planning on doing so, but something to keep in mind if/when you guys implement this feature
  3. Request: term commitments that still bill at shorter recurring intervals. For example, a client commits to a 2-year contract but service is billed monthly. I am using Blesta in a situation that involves dedicated physical equipment to support clients' packages. The above scenario is one option I have for new customers so they can amortize their equipment. For now, I set the packages in question to need approval to be activated. I also created a restricted 'contract' add-on package that staff manually add as a step they perform as part of activation. It achieves the desired behavior, but it would be nice if Blesta supported this scenario out of the box
  4. But each have one charge covering the whole term as opposed to a monthly charge with a contract guaranteeing a duration
  5. Any idea where in the database the navigation options for the bootstrap client are? I see in the pdt where it's iterating through them, but not familiar enough with this yet to know where those come from
  6. Doing it this way would bill the client for the year up front instead of a monthly invoice for a term. Eventually I will implement a contract plugin, but for now I am handling this with similarly to the ETF with manual activation steps.
  7. I'm customizing Blesta for the ISP I am launching this upcoming spring. I'll have an option for customers to commit to service terms for free equipment. To avoid the plugin for now I set service activation to require approval and created a restricted contract add-on package that staff will have to add manually for the ETF.
  8. If a client chooses an option which indicates a contract length, I'd like to waive the setup fee. Is this possible?
  9. Is there any built-in way to use the termination fee for a service as an ETF instead of unconditionally charging it?
  10. I'd like to modify the navigation menu for clients slightly. Remove the "Contacts" link Change the client name dropdown to just be a display of the name Move a couple of the menus that were in the manage account section to the main menu How do I make these changes?
  11. I've created an order form which allows clients to select between multiple packages in a group. Each of these packages only has a single option of term and price, so the selection of it is redundant and doesn't need to be visible. How can I remove it?
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