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  1. Client Missing Widget?

    Thanks! @Blesta Addons, @Tyson and @activa, it was one of the modules, apparently there was a rouge 'd' character in one of the files. Once I removed it, everything is back to normal!
  2. Client Missing Widget?

    Thanks for the replies! My installed Blesta version is 3.6.1. I've enabled the php error logs, but I see anything wrong in error_log files. I've also tried the developer tools on Safari and noticed something weird. There's a "d" in front of the JSON for services for clients that doesn't show the service widget. Clients that has the service widget doesn't have the "d". Regards.
  3. Client Missing Widget?

    Hey everyone, I need some help here. I have no idea what happened? I haven't touched the database/pdt files. Yet for some odd reason, some clients have service widgets showing and some do not. All clients have services bound to them, I can see the widget if I type in the URL with "[website]/admin/clients/services/[client_id]/" but if I go back to the normal URL "[website]/admin/clients/view/[client_id]/", the service widget is missing. I've asked a client to check on his own client dashboard and he is missing the service widget as well. Can someone point me in the right direction? Regards.
  4. The form token is invalid. Client login page only.

    Thanks for everyone's help! This has finally been solved. I hope this thread will help someone in the future. The problem was the cache server didn't have my domain as an exception. I'm not sure if it's because the cache didn't work, causing the session not to work, resulting in the CSRF token being generated on each refresh. But the fix was to add the domain to the cache server exception list and everything works normally. So no need to disable any services or add the following to .htaccess.
  5. The form token is invalid. Client login page only.

    I'm able to disable the Zend OPcache. But it still doesn't resolve the issue. Zend OPcache Opcode Caching Disabled Optimization Disabled There are any logs from Blesta that I can follow up on? I'm sure it's due to the settings/configurations on the web server, I just need to know where Blesta gets the return error, so I can see what service is causing this. Regards.
  6. The form token is invalid. Client login page only.

    I'm using the default theme. It's a fresh install with one staff account that was required to be created in the installation page, other than that everything is default. The _csrf_token changes every time I refresh the page. I add the following code into the Blesta folder .htaccess, it should stop all caching. Sadly, this still doesn't solve the issue. Now I'm trying to see if I can temporarily disable the caching, so that I can at least confirm if it is or is not the root of the issue. Regards.
  7. The form token is invalid. Client login page only.

    Anyway for me to confirm or fix this? I've just tried opcache_reset(), but the result appears the same. Also my session of phpinfo() shows that the session.cache_expire is set to 180. Also this problem has been going on for a couple of days, as I've been trying to fix it.
  8. The form token is invalid. Client login page only.

    I don't think I'musing xCache, according to my phpinfo() I'm using Zend OPcache.
  9. Hi! I'm having trouble with the client login page. For some reason, no matter what I input in the client page, it only returns "The form token is invalid.". The admin page is working fine tho. Things I've tried Reinstalled 3.6.2 and 3.6.1 Configure::errorReporting(-1); - No idea where to see the logs Configure::set("System.debug", true); - No idea where to see the logs Configure::set("Blesta.verify_csrf_token", false); - Works, but I rather have CSRF enabled Current settings are cPanel using Softaculous to install Blesta. Has anyone encountered this error? Or can anyone kindly tell me how can I find out what's causing this?
  10. Hi, http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3471-redirect-base-url-to-clients/ Basically trying to get clients to be redirected to the login page unless they are logged in, which redirects them to the dashboard. Note: My Blesta is installed in a sub-directory and I've disabled the Portal plugin already. Regards