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  1. According to the info here: https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Order+System#OrderSystem-LinkingtoaSpecificProduct It is possible to make a link like that: /order/config/index/label/?group_id=1&pricing_id=5 With general type of order form, it works fine. As I need to offer client a domain name too - I choose "Domain and other". Now either I have a link to exact product and it works as "General" type (no domain check window), or I can use link: /order/config/preconfig/label that does not have capability of pointing to the exact package or pricing. Is there a way to have both (domain check window and having a link to exact package)? p.s. passing domain variable in url address would be nice too
  2. When I click "Pay" on Pro Forma invoice, i get payment options, which are not translatable. It takes payment options from mysql database, not from language files: I cannot translate payment options.
  3. When user fills up the registration form, DirectAdmin module password part is visible:
  4. As far as I understand the icon in first column of email template list is to identify which of these email templates are enabled and which are not. I disabled few of them, and result is in screenshot - nothing changed. edit: Ok I've found more related info: It seems like it's not checking the default language. I've other language installed, and that 'other language' is a default one. When I disable that template in 'default language', the template list doesn't change (template list is checking if the english version is enabled only). Maybe it's worth to do a global disable/enable checkbox for all the languages?
  5. Blesta seem to have a Custom Fields option, but I do not see a feature to add this field to an invoice. Full company details in our country consists from Company name, Company registration number, VAT number if exist and address. I've added Company Reg. No. as a customfield to a client, but it's not being added to a clients invoice.
  6. When new user does the registration, it has to fill in the contact info over and over again. First info is for a module in use (DirectAdmin module in my case), then he must fill the info for a blesta account info, and then he has to fill in the info for the order. The last one actually has a small dropdown menu, with just created user info, but I've noticed it only when I was half way done with filling all the info. It's a big chance the same may happen to a user in hurry too. May all the forms be autofilled with the info by default if the 'contact user' is already created? This would give less frustration with the whole registration and ordering process. If user needs to fill new contact info, he will just create a new user. Much bigger probability is that user will use the same account info over and over again, than a new one each time, so why not to fill that info by default and decrease the amount of clicks?
  7. I use only DirectAdmin module, so I'm not sure if the same thing is on other modules. When a new order is being created by a user, he must fill the username and password of the future DirectAdmin account. As this part doesn't do any checks - nobody knows if the account is going to be created successfully (an actual account creation happens only after invoice is paid). After these credentials, user has to fill the username and password again, this time for blesta account, but that's a different story. I'd suggest to implement ability to autogenerate username with some preffix + autoincrement, and autogenerate password for that new account, that user wouldn't even have to see that part in registration process (the less clicks for user, the bigger chances of getting a new customer).
  8. When new account is being created, and it fails for some reason (password doesn't meet requirements, domain already exists on server, username already exists on server, maybe a connection to directadmin server fails) - blesta give only that error happened. That's it. This makes blesta manager to test all the variations of possible causes or if that person have enough permissions - go to directadmin server to check the log. I'd say it would be much easier if blesta could output an error message that DirectAdmin API gives.
  9. It's not good to delete invoices just like that, as in our country the law also requires that all the invoice numbers would go sequentially. Deleting older invoice would give a missing invoice number. So plugin that deletes all the voided invoices is a "no go". Rather that, I'd suggest having ability to delete just the latest invoice. For example You created invoice for a wrong user or made some different kind of silly mistake. Maybe You tested something new. Deleting the latest invoice wouldn't be against a law, it doesn't break the numbering idea, it's wouldn't be related to any service yet, and You have ability to keep everything tidy.
  10. The topic name pretty says everyting. Ability to test connection settings in DirectAdmin module. Currently it doesn't have that, and if some problem with product creation occurs, You cannot be sure if that's a module issue or a core issue.
  11. It's a popular payment gateway in Europe, that allows to collect payments, gives low rate transactions to the whole Europe. It can help collect payments from credit cards, even via banklinks in different countries. It already has ready to use plugins for systems as magento, exid eshop, zencart, whmcs and so on Most of the plugins are created for eshops, but there is also whmcs in the list: https://www.paysera.com/banklink_cms_plugins.html They provided development info on how the payments are made: https://developers.paysera.com/en/payments/current I don't know about the quantity of users that would love to have this, but I thought I add it to feature request. Maybe there will be more people that would be willing to see this payment gateway available.
  12. I've enabled DirectAdmin module in Blesta and added a DirectAdmin server. Then I tried to add service, and I got error about missing IP address, which was not present in a dropdown menu. The issue was only wrong credentials, but I didn't see that error anywhere, I just guessed the issue right. Showing error somewhere near the dropdown list would have helped me to solve the issue much faster. Also, DirectAdmin module could have a "test settings" button present. This would allow to make sure that everything is fine with connection and credentials itself. Other issue - when user is making order, he must fill the username and password for his new directadmin account. If the domain name or username is already present - the creation process fail without any error. May the DA error be shown in blesta in order to debug the issue faster? Also, autogenerating unique usernames and passwords and skipping that step in registration process would be even better (for example I could just specify some preffix in settings panel, and all the usernames would be incremented). With current order process user has to specify his new username and password 2 times. After registration process if he presses to pay his invoice - new contact details form appears again... This page actually already has a small dropdown menu with just created user, but still, I didn't notice that menu at first and started filling the same info again(may that info just be autofilled by default with that newly created user?). That may happen to rushing clients too, and that refilling info over and over makes me In order to have more successful orders and more clients, this part should go very smoothly and as less clicks as possible. Long story short (the #4 request idea came when I was writting about DA module, should I create a separate thread for it?): 1. Show DirectAdmin error outputs. 2. "test connection settings" in DirectAdmin module 3. Autogenerate unique user and password invisibly when creating DirectAdmin account (may be autoincrement with a prefix). 4. If user already filled his contact info - fill all the next forms automatically with the default user details, do not require to specifically select it.
  13. oooohh cool It has even more features that I've planned to post here I't try it for sure! p.s. maybe "reply" and "reply to all" feature exist in Your future plans ?
  14. So make a setting, were You can choose to autoupdate setting or not. This setting may even be in personal profile.
  15. Is it possible to implement auto ticket status to "awaiting reply" when answering the ticket? Currently an extra click after each answered ticket is required to change status. Also if ticket is not assigned to anyone, after replying the ticket, it would be nice that it would be assigned to the person that answered it.
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