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  1. Jawanet that would be nice as a pop up soon after the initial setup. Good thinking ..
  2. hi Blesta team, Can we soon have the release of Alpha for Blesta core. We have been patiently waiting and testing this for some time. Can you please tell us the latest and greatest release of this thanks.
  3. How to stop your Blesta system reply to a auto reply. This keeps going for a long time. When two systems from two servers send a email every single time. Whats the best adjustment to stop this from happening now and into the future??????
  4. Is there anyone else having issues with editing the email templates ? Just curious thanks
  5. The PHP Mailparse PECL extension is required for parsing email tickets. no matter php version, can this be fixed for all future updates ? Salt and vinegar.
  6. Whenevet you see lounge on forums you too might want to chat about those things that may or not be interested. Lounge time folks. plain, salt and finger, bbq, cheese ., woohoo
  7. when you open a fresh packet of Smiths salt and vinegar, you have a fresh bread roll, and you place those chippies in layers into the roll. You compress all this to add just a few more. You unlock your jaws and prepare for a bite. Do you see where Im coming from ?
  8. I am currently eating salt and vinegar chips from Aldis. Is anyone else having good reports from tasting these chips. Are you a salt and vinegar person ? Please let me know its of utmost importance.
  9. Server Name io cPanel Version 58.0 (build 32) Apache Version 2.4.23 PHP Version 5.5.38 MySQL Version 10.1.18-MariaDB Architecture x86_64 Operating System linux
  10. Kerio, thats great to see some good responses. Im sure Blesta team and reading all this. Thank you.
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