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  1. throttle

    New Blesta User

    THank you all for the awesome welcome. I may offer reseller hosting sometime in the future. Amit, I am loving it.
  2. throttle

    New Blesta User

    I started using Blesta a couple weeks ago. http://www.throttlehosting.net I am really liking it. Much better than our previous billing system
  3. throttle


    What a sweet piece of software. Took me a little time to see how it works. Looks solid.
  4. throttle


    I am going to do just that. I'll install via softaculous then try it out. Thanks.
  5. throttle


    I am planning on getting Blesta to automate my site. I run a hosting company and been looking at Blesta. Is it better to install a trial and then buy a license?