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  1. Can't agree more with Blesta Addons
  2. @Paul Hey buddy, can you please give us more information here.. What is going on?
  3. Hello Paul,

    Please let me know if we will get the update which fixes some GDPR issues BEFORE the deadline.

    Thank you

    1. Paul


      We are very close to a beta. It may come after the deadline, but if you get any requests you should have time to upgrade and comply. We are also available to help if needed.

  4. @MineHarvest66 If you are looking on BitPay as a girlfriend then yes, she is not talking that much . BitPay just works + they We are using coinpayments.net and their module can be found here https://www.coinpayments.net/merchant-tools-plugins
  5. @CoinGate That FB and Twitter user feedbacks @MineHarvest66 use bitpay or coinpayments.net
  6. Happy 2020 guys ! Would be an amazing year for all hosting providers
  7. The most important one is affiliate .. end of the story
  8. Make it all-in-one for WordPress like plugin and you my friend will become the next millioner xD
  9. BlestaStore: Why the heck you are comparing lowend (and also free one) billing system with Blesta? And by the way I would advise you to rethink the way you are talking with the people who are actually PAYING for Blesta. After all, we are the one who are pushing Blesta and WE are the one who support this project! I didn't heard you complaining when you take my money right? As long Blesta is targeting the hosting industry it should cover everything! End of the story. Still waiting the native affiliate system which can be done in one day. Still waiting for better coupon system... needless to say the amount of $ we have lose . There is no reason deffending Blesta from those who are using it.... @Paul I see no happy end with such attitute !
  10. We will implement this one for sure
  11. +1 for webmoney Maybe will be available soon?
  12. Thank you @Paul We have SSL just not forced. We had to replace the .htaccess last week and seems that we had naked links somewhere
  13. @Paul naja will release aff module for blesta. He will release it with the final version. This is why I'm asking for the final release of v4
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