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  1. @vedova the smart search was already doing great + for the accounting we are doing it on monthly basis so everything is on track (we have connect it with 3rd party accounting software which follows the local tax requirements and makes the work easier for our account department), for Vies and VAT MOSS the same but yeah still lagging. "I didn't choose Blesta for pricing reasons " - Me nether, I like supporting new projects and companies plus I'm not fan of closed source (back then, blesta was still new on the market with not much price difference with the main competitor). "Times are changed and affiliate is important but not all. If you are not a hosting giant, these will cover not more than 2-3% of your total annual sales." You do realise that 1 to 3% of total annual sales is not that small. This is why I said that affiliate and even 1% of annual sales profit can cover side expenses like the yearly price for the competitor solution. We focus on both SEO & Ads and Facebook. Facebook/Twitter are actually driving tons of traffic / shares and sales. Anyway again I love blesta and I'm against going with the masses but that doesn't mean that should lag with the basics.
  2. @vedovaWe are delaying our affiliate due to the very known reason. Seriously if I knew that Blesta will delay so much a must have feature... I don't like the idea using 3rd party affiliate systems because there is nothing better than having one coming with the billing system. It is really shame watching updates with new features like "invoice filtering" when we are lagging behind with other more important one. And the crazy part is that.. Blesta devs are not asked to invent the hot water .. affiliate systems are not something unique .. Of course domain manager is complicated and should be perfect before released but affiliate system? I really hope to see it with 4.11 if I don't I wont renew my support license and will consider leaving Blesta. The competitors monthly prices can be covered from the new customers within affiliate marketing. Just don't want to deal with migration .. I hate migrations.. Flower stores have affiliate marketing...
  3. @Paul not pushing you but.. you do understand that this must become a High PRIORITY .....
  4. Yes buddy, Oh my.. And I'm referring to @Tyson and his "from a development point-of-view"". There is reason to choice Blesta over WHMCS ..
  5. @Blesta.Store you should definitely mind your words! Regardless if the topic is old I faced that issue now since I upgraded my Blesta now... Your responses are not acceptable. This is not kindergarten
  6. @Paul Hey buddy, can you please give us more information here.. What is going on?
  7. Hello Paul,

    Please let me know if we will get the update which fixes some GDPR issues BEFORE the deadline.

    Thank you

    1. Paul


      We are very close to a beta. It may come after the deadline, but if you get any requests you should have time to upgrade and comply. We are also available to help if needed.

  8. @MineHarvest66 If you are looking on BitPay as a girlfriend then yes, she is not talking that much . BitPay just works + they We are using coinpayments.net and their module can be found here https://www.coinpayments.net/merchant-tools-plugins
  9. @CoinGate That FB and Twitter user feedbacks @MineHarvest66 use bitpay or coinpayments.net
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