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  1. Hello, I am trying to use directamin module but on the getPackagesUser i have no success. I can access on the browser to the CMD_API_PACKAGES_RESELLER endpoint and have a response. Using the module i can see the reseller packages but not the user packages. This is the log response from the module when listing packages from reseller and users User Input: myDomain.net|getPackagesUser Response: myDomain.net|getPackagesUser a:0:{} Reseller Input: myDomain.net|getPackagesReseller Output: myDomain.net|getPackagesReseller a:1:{s:4:"list";a:1:{i
  2. Same problem here, reseller packages show, user packages in browser yes, in blesta no
  3. I would also appreciate a more easy migration. If not possible under what tables in db should i be looking? Thanks in advance
  4. https://github.com/BrixSat/blesta-centos-web-panel
  5. activa thanks for the print_r that i know, but debugging "echo style" is not an option, with x-debug improving the area why go old way? That i cannot do.
  6. It is delicious it is called "beijoca" wich means "kiss" in portuguese So if you guys would have to choose a free cpanel what would it be? I was porting blesta to centos web panel since i was expecting to use it as production, but now im a little afraid by the security. Having a error in the addservice on my module and having the security flaws in thinking on not using it. But i would apreciate a free solution. PS: Ispconfig is not an option, i kind of hate it i have 30 websites under ispconfig and ..... laks php support but it works.
  7. the Configure::errorReporting(E_ALL); and the blesta config catch's errors and does not allows me to view varaiables and debug.
  8. why would you not trust their panel?
  9. Hello, Im doing a module for blesta, so it can work with centos web panel. But at some point i need to debug, xdebug but i was not able to do a debug session, it starts at line one of the index and if i say continue to run then it never reaches my breakpoints and gets stuck at loading the webpage in browser. How do you guys debug? I use php-storm and netbeans booth with x-debug.
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