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  1. we have two plugins, the first one is multilanguages is released, the second one is not yet released, is one used by two clients and you one of them .maybe we will release it soon .
  2. you need to change in the core files . no way from admin side . blesta has renewal price = activation price .
  3. Hello, yes, you should create the server manually in ovh and add it info when activating the server for client in blesta. there is a obstacle that we can't make it auto, you should puy the server in ovh first then it will be activated after some minutes or days depending in ovh stock . https://blesta-addons.com/plugin/support_manager/knowledgebase/view/3/how-to-create-package-for-ovh-soyoustart-and-kimsufi/3/
  4. after some look at blesta code, i find that the GatewayPayments->getBuildProcess() is not setting the errors, it only return the html returned data, in this case is a empty value . we have made a simple fix, in two files . components/gateway_payments/gateway_payments.php line 162 change from return $html; to if (($errors = $gateway_obj->errors())) { // If no response given and errors set, pass those errors along $this->Input->setErrors($errors); return; } return $html; file controllers/client_pay.php line 868 change from $this->set( 'gateway_buttons', $this->Payments->getBuildProcess( $contact_info, $total, $payment['currency'], $apply_amounts, $options, $payment['method']['pay_with'] ) ); to $gateway_buttons = $this->Payments->getBuildProcess( $contact_info, $total, $payment['currency'], $apply_amounts, $options, $payment['method']['pay_with'] ); if ($errors = $this->Payments->errors()) { $this->setMessage('error', $errors); } $this->set('gateway_buttons', $gateway_buttons); with this way, any error returned the the buildproccess will shown to the client . like invalid zip code, empty state ...ect
  5. we have a gateway that set a error if returned from the gateway and set it to the returned data, but blesta is not showing the returned error . i have made a simple test and made the buildprocess return a error, but blesta client side is not showing it when the client want to pay with that gateway. $this->Input->setErrors($this->getCommonError('invalid')); return; is blesta not showing the returned errors in process view, or we have missed something ?
  6. if you have europe account https://eu.api.kimsufi.com/createApp/ if you have canada account https://ca.api.kimsufi.com/createApp/
  7. Hello Sir have you the user account with Soyoustart Or Ovh?
  8. Beta, but is fully working, for upcloud at the moment no , because we are updating some other plugins/modules .
  9. you should create an app for ovh API here https://api.ovh.com/createToken/ for soyoustart https://eu.api.soyoustart.com/createApp/ more info and tuto are here https://blesta-addons.com/plugin/support_manager/knowledgebase/index/3/
  10. Hello Sir. what is your issue?
  11. Hello Sir this post for Hetzner module not OVH module, please respect the forums rules . if you have any issue open a ticket .
  12. it was a issue in the getPackageFields($vars) function, in previous version Blesta return i think empty or 0 . now Blesta return by default 'select', i don't know from where it come this select, just to note it's the same result in cpanel core module also . but we have resolved with a simple condition .
  13. No, this some fields that is need only in some actions. i can give you a real case from our last module hetzner, in case of upgrade, the user can choose to keep the hard disk size or not, if the user choose to keep the same hard disk size can do a downgrade later, but if he choose to get the new hard disk size he can't downgrade later. other providers ask for a agree response that should be shown to user and not only sent as true with the API, it should be shown to the final user to confirm the request. other providers allow users to select between kinds of option that will be added when the upgrade run . i believe so many others case exist.
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