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  1. Blesta Addons

    Cron tasks stuck

    how you can get more info ? 1 - disable the suspend cron task . 2 - after about 24 hours, change the suspend cron task time to the next 5 min from now time then disable the auto cron entirly from cPanel or plesk panel 3 - enable error reporting from bleta config 4 - run the cron from the CLI command the you will discouver the error output .
  2. Blesta Addons

    Invoice 2 page PDF include heading table

    i have a template that show the table header of lines only one time in the first page, if there are multiple page it show only the lines or the rest of the table .
  3. Blesta Addons

    Cron tasks stuck

    wish module installed ?
  4. Blesta Addons

    Invoice 2 page PDF include heading table

    i'm not talking about the header (client info and invoice). i'm talking about the table heading of invoice lines (Description,Quantity, Unit Price, Cost) this table heading is duplicated in every page even if the page has no lines to show . if i get time i will send a example tomorrow when i enter the office, simply you can make a test and create a invoice with 17 lines and check the pdf generated . already i have made my own template and i have fixed it with other issues like identify the last page to show company stamp.
  5. Blesta Addons

    Invoice 2 page PDF include heading table

    blesta staff has decided to make the table header part of the header and this something that should be corrected . logo, return adress and invoice info is ok to be part of the header . Logically and normally the header table should be shown one time and if the second page has more invoice lines to show , if no lines so no header table again in the next page, the invoice return with a ugly design and no sense that hosw header table (description, quantity, unit price,..) under it shown only totals !!!! and this is what other billing system do (tested by me) .
  6. Blesta Addons

    Invoice 2 page PDF include heading table

    when we have a long invoice, it render in two pages, in some case when the left part to print in second page is only the subtotal and total, it show the heading table also , this should not included in the second page .
  7. Blesta Addons

    new TCPDF class with tecnickcom

    in the file tcpdf_wrapper.php the file call a wrong file location Loader::load(VENDORDIR . 'tecnickcom' . DS . 'tcpdf.php'); the correct path is Loader::load(VENDORDIR . 'tecnickcom' . DS . 'tcpdf' . DS . 'tcpdf.php'); blesta is not triggering error because the class already loaded with autoload status file .
  8. when a service is unsuspended, the suspension_reason still filled with the old suspension reason, i think it should be null after the unsuspension action by admins or by cron .
  9. you should contact your host to activate the option for you to get packages via API .
  10. Blesta Addons

    Staff Groups SQLSTATE error

    We will replicate the issue and a fix will be released soon.
  11. Blesta Addons

    Staff Groups SQLSTATE error

    we have the plugin installed and running in two production server from our side + 2 other testing servers, we have tested the edit staff group permissions in 4 servers without any issue . we will very happy to get more info from the OP to reproduce the issue and issue a fix if a issue was identified. can you reinstall the plugin and try again, make sur you have the latest plugin version from our website .
  12. Blesta Addons

    Upgrade and Renew Service

    but what hapen if the invoice paid and term changed before the cron run ? and this is what i think has been happen . Payment done in Jan 04, 2019 2:21:03 PM Maybe service term has been changed between 2:21:03 and 2:24:59, so here no open invoice Cron Renew in Jan 04, 2019 2:25:00 PM what i suggest never allow change term if there a re a renew process can be occur, Or add a new option to disable change term in certain packages. another thing is how the domains work, normally domain we can renew 1 year or X year, and this should have another approach than change term. to be hones, blesta should take care urgently for domains process, we are now waiting years to see a new thing from Blesta about domains, if Blesta won't do anything or it need another years to do something just tell us, and we will happy to switch. Everyday we find that Blesta is so far from hosting industry, others are making a huge improvement in this subject and here we are just waiting for the basics !!!
  13. OVh - Soyoustart - Kimsufi

    Is this module a sales-only server? Still VPS

  14. Blesta Addons

    Upgrade and Renew Service

    today, a client payed a invoice for a domain, and the domain was renewed for 2 years. after we have made a deep look and called the client what has done in his client area we found the fallowing case . Service Domaine with term 1 year has already a generated invoice on 2019-01-04 for the period (Jan 12, 2019 - Jan 12, 2020) . service renew date Jan 12, 2020 the client from client area has changed the package term from 1 years to 2 years in the same day 2019-01-04 . no invoice was generated and the service was switched to 2 years term, expiration date still Jan 12, 2020 . after he paid the invoice the domain was renewed for two years . and renew date still Jan 12, 2020 without any change . Payment done in Jan 04, 2019 2:21:03 PM Cron Renew in Jan 04, 2019 2:25:00 PM what i don't have trace in blesta is where the change package has been done, after the payment or before the payement . what do you think in this ?
  15. From 2019, we will release a new version of our widget plugin, this plugin will be required for any other upcoming addons to be installed, this plugin has been improved and rewritten to support our upcoming features, like auto update or manual update with 1 click, manage subscription ... ect. activating the widget in dashboard is not necessary, but installing the plugin is necessary for other addons to be installed/upgraded.