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  1. [Plugin] Stats & Reports

    is the service has a child services? (addon packages), that is the only case i can think in it.
  2. [Plugin] Stats & Reports

    Interesting, in the canceled tab, it show the 32 total service? but 101 + 32 = 133 in total . and what about the other clients, is the count ok ?
  3. [Plugin] Stats & Reports

    Yes, it not include non marchent, because they are in Top Revenue by Payment Types. Tested in and tested in some installation , it include only the active server in the active tab, any screenshot or proof of error to see what we can do .
  4. Logic of upgrade + coupon

    This is other real case that show blesta need to be adapted for hosting industry. if i have a client that is ready to pay for extend his service to 12 MONTH , blesta bill him only for what the diference between now and end date of the actual term . so if teh end date of the term is in the next 3 month, we will cover only 3 month, and after maybe his can change mind and do not renew !!! and before he was ready to pay for 12 month so we will lose 9 month of payment only because blesta do this like this !!!! Normally blesta should do us the fallowing : Calcul how mush we should return to the clients as credit to make the end date now create new invoice for the ne full term, and and the credit to invoice, allow client to pay then update the renew date to reflect the Now + the ne term chosen . and of course it should make in consideration that the actual term is monthly and the old term is yearly ect ...
  5. [Module] Epp Registrar

    The module is open source format .
  6. Hello Cyan, the new blesta versions allow modules to set their own message, so you can override " the data was successfully sent"
  7. Directadmin module Bug

    normally the API should not return a html page contents, it should return only response in json or xml format .
  8. How do I uncancel a client's cancelled service?

    Check My admin tools plugin ; it has a feature to re activate a canceled service .
  9. We want you! :)

    9000USD, my car cost me arround 700USD , but my car will not return me money and from time to time i spend money to repair something !!!!! What is your budget?
  10. We want you! :)

    ask blesta team to sponsor the extra features . they love such thing .
  11. we have made the same login instead for the last step, we have made a cronjob to check the stock if is > 0, then a email is sent. as in that date it was no events for packages
  12. the idea to add a wishlist to the order form, we have done a similar work with a plugin, but it need some change in the order form. if the order form has events for GUI button, we can convert our old plugin to work with it. but if it is in the core is more better, +1
  13. View Invoice and Deliver Invoice via Email Not Working

    error 500 related o server configuation, you should see apache logs
  14. Blesta to WordPress SSO

    don't forget to add a cron to sync users with no active service to a "X Inactive" group under wordpress, that mean if a user purshase a service this month, after 3 month he didn't renew the service, then he should marked as inactive in wordpress . what happen if the user change the password in wordpress profile? it should has a reverse action . my last question, why you should use wordpress ? NOTE, we don't use WordPress or willing to use it in the future .