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  1. with a jpeg logo, the logo appear in all page, only png is not shown in all pages !!!
  2. Tested in two server now with the same result . Installed Version 4.5.2 EDIT: tested now in third server for our dev test with the same result, the Logo only appear in first page.
  3. test with the same settings with only the logo in PNG . the background are showed in all Pdf Pages, only the logo is shown in the first page .
  4. is possible to ad anew currency format for the fallowing style '####,##' '####.##' the actual format has a space between numbers like '# ###,##' .
  5. to be more clear, I'm talking about the PDF attached to the email sent.
  6. i'm not talking about 1 invoice with multiple pages. i'm talking about sending multiple invoices (more than one with the deliver via email from admin side) . to test, create two invoices for client, from client profile, select this two invoice then deliver them via email . the first invoice has logo, the second invoice without logo .
  7. when we send invoices manually via email from admin side, the first page of sent PDF has logo, but other pages has no logo . the logo only appear in first page .
  8. you can buy it from this link https://account.blesta.com/order/config/index/blesta/?group_id=3&pricing_id=351
  9. Blesta Addons

    Open talk

    just for my knowledge, the transfer has a fee of 25$ . some of your claims i understand them and others no, but i believe in transparency and freedom, i'm sorry to see your other post was closed, i hope if @Paul can open it again and let anyone interested in buying the license. Proxmox module should be definitively removed from blesta or at least describe that is for Proxmox V3 only, Proxmox now in v6.0!
  10. it would be better to allow contacts also to have custom fields like clients account. now the custom fields is apply to clients account only .
  11. This module is for Cloud and not for robot. this is already supported, from package creation page you can chose the server base of the package. the cPanel/Softaculous licensing will be implemented like a hook system for the module, we have already done it with our virtualizor extended module, after we will sur is totally functional we will release it and port them to Hetzner Cloud module too. We don't have any public changelog or github reposity now, we have our internal project system. Just to note we also using the Hetzner Cloud module for our other brands and we should update it and adding more futures to our clients and of course the blesta addons users will get this features also . Rescue is in our next release, ISO Images and Graphs will come later, maybe we will ad support for volumes before them as they are very used .
  12. cPanel is the best and rich features control panel in the hosting industry without any doubt, the old prices was totally affordable and insane, other panels less features offering thier panel with the same price as cPanel or a bit cheaper, with the new pricing cPanel want to make a distinct with it and other panels, but the decision to make pricing based on accounts was a catastrophic decision for all web-hosting companies. a lot of them will search a alternative as the new pricing will lead to pay a big amount every year, in our case the new pricing will lead us to pay 2000$ yearly more than the old prices . we don't count our dedicated/vps clients . some companies like OVH has announced they will review and make a decision next week against the new cPanel pricing, if cPanel lose those big companies they will lose a big profit and big partners, and this decision will return a negative results . either cPanel will review their pricing again with adding a unlimited plan price and remain the leading software for the hosting industry, or we will show some old control panel take the market profit from cPanel, until 1-9-2019 sure we will see more episodes in this price model decision .
  13. when we add domain from admin side, and when extension has a custom fields, the custom fields are not shown, they only shown if the validation return a error and the page reloaded again . from the code it appear the tld is only determinate when the post is submited, is not determinate on the fly by keypress .
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