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  1. Namesilo Plugin

    no way now, blesta has a feature to allow modules set their own cron, uthen is possible to add a sync domains function in the module.
  2. cPanel - Force Server Limits Question

    i think it was from the first release.
  3. Blesta Addons Widget

    we can't control the latest blesta version, and we didn't want to maintain the latest version from our side, maybe if blesta can provide a url to check the latest blesta version we can implement it . if you mean update from admin side, so no ETA now, but is planned and need a great work/time .
  4. Order Form - Is the label length truncated?

    a error message should appear instead of success .
  5. Order Form - Is the label length truncated?

    your custom label work for me in 4.2.0 b1. when i edit the label to a long label name like "truebusiness-id-wildcard-system-with-longlabel" i see the successfull message, but the label is not updated .
  6. [Module] Proxmox Reloaded - Beta Release

    This module was only optimized for openvz . not sur if still work for both.
  7. What you want to see in our next work ?

    hi @Defoe, not yet read, we will use them when w will begin the work in it.
  8. What do you think about cryptocurrencies?

    i will test, and why not a gateway for blesta
  9. What do you think about cryptocurrencies?

    why not invest the blesta-addons revenue in it . i have some friend that investing in exchange, they have profit but need a lot of time and observation, that i haven't so i decide just watching others making profit and feel happy for them
  10. What do you think about cryptocurrencies?

    wish site you bought from ?
  11. Blesta Addons Widget

    Yes, some addons need a review, and we will complete the update before 2018 .
  12. Blesta Addons Widget

    Hello All, a lot of users claim about the quick releases/updates we made, and they can't search every time about what was released and what was updated. so we have made a new plugin that allow all our clients see what was released and what installed addons from us has a update. The widget is free, in some next release we will add a 1 click update, install of all our addons from admin side .
  13. The one-time password entered is invalid.

    that was the cause, thanks, resolved .
  14. Rounding errors

    so my analysis is wrong, in first i have thinked it worked that way, a fter a small look in the code, i found the function return two value; the "amount" with the real somme and "amount_formated" that is converted and formatted to the currency. and it appear is rounded.
  15. What you want to see in our next work ?

    Ohh my god, is a counterattack . you are welcome