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  1. Blesta Addons

    Paymet Gateways

    if you want to see profetional way, look at OVh, Hetzner, Online, scalway, gogetssl, thesslstore ... ect, you can select how you want to pay blesta has 3 options in one page 1 - for ACH 2 - Gateways 3 - Credit (Solde) the other grouping all the available payment in a single list then the user select wish one he want .
  2. Blesta Addons

    Today I recommend Blesta in the group.

    Hello; you can use math captcha that is a inline html, you need just to integrate it and is done for you. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41591755/how-to-use-captcha-before-submit-the-form-in-html-javascript
  3. Blesta Addons

    Paymet Gateways

    Hello @digifx, for your first issue i have signaled it a 5 years ago, how the payment options displayed is not a professional way, and is less professional if the client has credit, try to add credit to client and then you will see another part added to payment page with credit, even you can't pay with credit without selecting a gateway . 2 - the gateway should support the currency of the invoice, and should be enabled and selected in the order form. 3 - exist another modified stripe gateway that has more support and features, is hosted in GitHub just search it in the forums you will get it.
  4. Blesta Addons

    [Gateway] Blesta Mastercard Mechant Gateway

    Great work. i think you have missed to upload the mastercard .php file in the root folder?! also the folder in the non gateway folder in blesta should be named mastercard and not Mastercard .
  5. Blesta Addons

    [Plugin] Notification Center

    we will redesign our website and pages totally after we complete the credit note plugin and observium module .
  6. Blesta Addons

    4.4.0 dashboard issues

    wish template you are using? i have faced the same issue but in the order page wizard list, and resolved by putting the blesta-client jquery file in the header look at this thread
  7. i have not verifier it, but it was installed with cpanel.
  8. Blesta Addons

    [Plugin] Notification Center

    Hello Sir in the row you should add Api token (without the 'bot' leading) and the channel name with the @ leading, if your channel called Joseph_h you should enter @Joseph_h . another thing is to add the boot as administrator of your channel . How to add the bot as administrator to my channel? The process it’s simple, you first need to go to your info channel and click on Administrators, By clicking on Add administrator you will be prompt with a search section, search your bot by using the format @yourbotname
  9. we are using MariaDB 10.2 without any issue.
  10. Blesta Addons

    is it possible to get two routes in the same config

    you are welcome.
  11. Blesta Addons

    Telegram Notifications

  12. Blesta Addons

    [Plugin] Notification Center

    new release 1.4.0 , - added logging system to blesta monolog - new notification app, Telegram
  13. Blesta Addons

    Reports - Tax Liability Error

    is like the it take the first line of the invoice only .
  14. Blesta Addons

    Telegram Notifications

    and someone has developed it yesterday we are going to officially support this in out notification center plugin .
  15. Blesta Addons

    [Plugin] Notification Center

    i will add this to our todo list, and will reply when i get speaking with the guys. EDIT : this option is for clients and not admins or staff . i think this will need us to make more change in the plugin or write a new plugin for the SMS part.