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  1. Blesta has a logs for contacts and clients logs. This logs are kept for a X days depending the settings in Blesta. it would be better if we can have a separated settings for number of days to keep contacts/client logs, we preferable to have more than 1 year, in some case we need to check if the contact was modified or any settings was changed during last X months, also it would better to add link in client Account Actions to check log for the client account only, as now it difficult to find a record for client X in the logs.
  2. the caches invoice is not updated auto, and i thin this is the goal from make cache invoice, if the invoice has changed in the system, cached one is intact until the admin force make a new cached version.
  3. Hello Sir you can select membership level from this link https://blesta-addons.com/plugin/membership_club/main/
  4. here you can list it https://marketplace.blesta.com/#/
  5. Hello All, We want to announce that we are almost finished the development of our new module for Hetzner Dedicated Servers, the most wanted module for server resellers in europe, the module will handle the most important actions from admin and client area. with this module we have covered the big 2 companies in europe for dedicated servers (Ovh, Hetzner).
  6. this kinds of confrontation happen frequently in the life. Apologize publicly is a proof that you are a nice man .
  7. those URLs is probably a robot exploit crawling. they are many and they fetch for urls that are their database. normally when url is access and no entry was find in blesta, the error is logged and 404 error page returned.
  8. it will be a fix for next update or every update we should do this?
  9. admin tools plugin has this option.
  10. Hello Jono, i have recorded a video and sent it to you in PM. as you can see it has the service_id filled, tested 3 times and the same result.
  11. it was by core, no extra plugin, the blesta used is 4.10.2 .
  12. if client X was signed in company A, and after he want to sign in company B it should allow them to send, even if the unique username is activated. the unique username should be effective in each company and should not be across multiple companies. for me it still has no sense to share clients between multiple companies, at least this is against GDPR law. the only way to do this is to make it public in terms, something like envato network or google products, one login for multiple website, in this case that isn't multi-company as is multi services/products. i vote to separate clients/usernames between companies, or at least a option to enable/disable this behavior.
  13. with my respect, allowing users to select wish company is a ridiculous feature. normally when we set multiple company is to separate things, and to make every company standalone and separated totally from the other company. normally the client should not know that the company X has relation with company Y.
  14. and even more easy if you use our custom css plugin, just from admin side
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