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  1. from the ticket you have opened with us, you have identified the issue, that has nothing to do with our plugin.
  2. we have updated the plugin to support geoip2 database . just re-download the plugin and upgrade or install it .
  3. new Version Release 2.0.0 . + added support for the new maxmind database v2.
  4. you can open a ticket with blesta, give him more info about your reseller and license key, i'm sure they can move the license to your account or give you another license key with the matched expiration date .
  5. we have package A with term 12 months price 100, Package B with term 3 months price 180. and we have the fallowing service : Date Created: Feb 18, 2019 Date Renews: Feb 18, 2020 Renewal Price: 120 (with taxe) when a client change the package he get the fallowing result, i don't understand how this can be ?!!! Prorated Change from Basic 1 - 10 GB to Prof 1 - 50 GB - xxxxxxx.com (Mar 14, 2019 - Feb 18, 2020) (price 80.00), 96.00 with taxes . the client changed the term in 2019-03-14 ?? any one can explain me this calculation? i have identified the issue. it was a manual upgrade from our staff and they have forget to update renew date . but this issue has lead me to ask if any progress in this request
  6. we also waiting this feature, it will solve one of our issues.
  7. Hello Tyson, from what i have understand it has relation with time and not day, let us simplify it more invoice due : 10-4-2019 12:00, form what i have capted in your answer the first day due will be at 11-4-2019 12:01 and is illegible to suspension from date 12-4-2019 12:01 if the cron are in in earlier time than 12:00. it would be a solution if Blesta will not look at time and use only calendar date, i think here we can save 1 day, with a new option like suspended the service same day, so if we have invoice due : 10-4-2019 12:00, cron suspension run time is 00:00, then the service should be suspended in cron run at 11-4-2019 : 00:00. at least with this we have only some hours of delay not whole 2 days.
  8. i think this could be a solution. perfect
  9. we can know your opinion about this issue? (suspending services 2 days after expiration date)
  10. it would be nice if the mass mailer has a option to set a dedicated smtp for mass mailer plugin rather than using the mail system setting. a lot of us use provider for mailing purpose and another provider or own dedicated email server for usual mails .
  11. Hello, this is not the first time i talk/claim about this, but this is causing us a lot of problems and claims and money lose . we talked in and here but until now no fix is provided . a sample case from us Service Created in 10-4-2018 14:00 . Renew date are 10-4-2019 14:00 Invoice Due Date 10-4-2019 00:00 Suspend Services Days After Due 1 Day this service will be suspended in 12-4-2019 when cronjob run . as you see we have here 2 days of latency in suspension system, we need the service to be suspended the same day if invoice is not paid (in our example should be 10-4-2019 14:01) , i wouldn't talk about times in blesta as we have talked a lot and we have arrived to no solution, my ask if blesta staff can make a new setting or anything to achieve this simple request? we need the service to be suspended after their expiration date immediately, in some services letting services for two days active (and this is the minimum in blesta) before suspending them will consume a lot of resources and licenses fees.
  12. we have tried to show it in the invoice but as the credit is changing every time we have a new credit the invoice is changed, and then we have opted to save it in the invoice line, but we have a big problem also, when a invoice is generated the credit shown in the invoice is not the same as after the invoice is paid . we should look for another logic to do this.
  13. order number is enough, for clients/invoices/services already they are in the search system.
  14. not applying to invoice , i'm talking about printed invoice to client. the clients need to see if there are a credit left or solde left after the payment applied to invoice. the remaining amount to pay is shown in the invoice as balance (positive), and normally he should be negative because we own money to client . if client owe money to us then the balance should be shown with positive value . this is what we do in our accounting system in our country, not sure if this is the same as USA .
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