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  1. UP, really we every time a big trouble with client for this. if a upgrade is not paid why blesta suspend the service and we have already Queue Service Changes Until Paid checked,!!! another action is to cancel Queue Service Changes + invoice after x days when we have Queue Service Changes Until Paid checked.
  2. cpanel support suspension reason, normally when blesta can suspend a service in non paiement, and sometimes we suspend the service manually, and it would be great to send the suspension reason, that way the admin server can know the reason for suspension (request by client, spam, verification ..ect )
  3. just testing the new version 5 in a dev server, i found that the table is ugly specially with the borders in TD tag, it return us to tables in the 2000, i prefer a clean tables without borders like the tables in b4. Edit: talking about tables in client side.
  4. we have some overloaded calendar for other projects, but in our mind to port them all when Blesta messengers support all events.
  5. I'm talking about the company copyright, and in some cases we need to do some trademarks remarks in the footer and specially in the client side, so is not only the blesta copyright, for me is not important to disable or hide, the important to have a custom footer text and never touch the template files in upgrades.
  6. Blesta is not yet fully supporting domain market, so case like this won't have a solution now, you need to setup as active, after the transfer you need to sync domain renewal date. now you should go to logs, cron and see what is the module response, if not try to activate it manually and normally you should see the error returned by the module .
  7. +1 for this, i have requested so many times before, maybe this time we found a response!
  8. yes, is a subscription plan, is one payment that allow you get all the add-ons in the selected plan.
  9. we would like a option to manage the footer text, we would to add our reserved right with year established company near to blesta copyright, changing from template file cause the change to be overwritten in upgrades. maybe a text editor in the same place in the company info page . for branded license may be blesta should disable changing/removing the blesta copyright.
  10. we don't find how we can change clientWidgets() function in blesta 4.12, in the past the function was in client_controller.php, so we have the option to disable some core widgets we don't want to be injected in the client main page. now after upgrading to 4.12 we don't find it. also no option from admin side to choose wich widget we wwant to allow for client. how we can control the widgets in blesta 4.12?
  11. as title say, make the Signup Content multi languages .
  12. any ETA for this or a simple patch, in this last month the issue for this has increased dramatically. please do not put it in the long term or short them, we need it next release . just a question to understand, is this behavior introduced in lat versions maybe v4.10 or it was from the old releases ?
  13. the client itself generate invoice for upgrading service from actual package to another package. so why blesta has the option to upgrade/downgrade the package !!!!! we didn't allow services upgrade until the invoice is paid. so if the client has not paid the invoice the service is suspended, and already the client has paid the service, is like we punish the client because he is not paid a upgrade that is in the original a optional action. we have the option to not perform upgrade until the client pay the invoice, but why the service will be suspended if the client has not paid
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