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  1. Translate top navigation

    you can use the multi-languages system plugin, you shouldn't change anything in database
  2. [Module] Proxmox Reloaded - Beta Release

    anyone want to donate are welcome, we will begin the work next week, the more donates we receive more time we dedicate to the module. so our plans will be fallowing. - updating the actual core module to support latest version of proxmox. - adding basic support to LXC (add/suspend/unsuspend/terminate) - enhancing the features for LXC - add more features for KVM when we finish the work maybe we can create a cloud module to allow reselling vps for clients. Just to note, Donates will not give you the right to have a copy of the module, the module will be added to our subscription levels maybe, that depend of how we receive as donates, if we receive more maybe we can put it in the Access (Free) level or the Basic (Bronze) Level. if not we will make in in the Vip (Gold) level . and of course OPEN SOURCE, no encoded files. if anyone can help with a Proxmox server are welcome .
  3. Domain Availability Result Issue after upgrade to 4.1.1

    normally the tlds should be shown in the domain lookup page !!
  4. Multi-Company: Are user registrations shared or completey separate?

    limiting the username in 1 company is reasonable, but limiting in in multiple companies is not reasonable, the behavior can be change as i think, and when make the validation should be related to the company not the whole system . i have not used the multi-company fro some issue i have fronted in the past, like the themes and the users ids and the usernames and others i can't remember them now, so i have opted for other license . i will not open any feature request as i think what is opened now is more priority that that one
  5. Domain Availability Result Issue after upgrade to 4.1.1

    from your order page, you din't have any TLD set or a package set for domains ?!!
  6. Multi-Company: Are user registrations shared or completey separate?

    just my opinion, for me it has no sense to have restriction in usernames in multiple companies, if i'm user of company 1 with username "blesta" or "paul<atttt>blesta.com", and i want to purchase from another company i will make my habitual usernames "blesta" or "paul<attttt>blesta.com", seeing this already used is something that make me confused. i'm as a user company A is not company B . and it has no sense for me if in my account in company A seeing or i'm impacted by something else in Company B. i'm as CEO or owner i don't need to reveal that i have 2 or 3 companies has the same database or they are related. normally and logical company A is not Company B, and blesta should take care of some issues like those, or the multi-company has no sense or no advantage at all .
  7. Cron ob_flush(): failed to flush buffer

    i can't believe it related
  8. [Plugin] Resend Welcome Email

    New Release 1.2.0 rewrite of the plugin, now the plugin in opens source, compatible with php 5.4 and above, tested also in latest blesta version 4.1.0.
  9. HTML Service Welcome email not sent

    i think we have found the issue, the email is sent, but in the client mailog is show only the text version, so for that we think the email was sent empty .
  10. [Plugin] Monolog Viewer

    nice, ok we will try to add it, i will forward to the team this request. beside this we are working in a blesta widget that show you in admin side a notice if exist a new version of installed addons from us.
  11. v4.1.1 Logicboxes Renewal

    maybe you are right, from thier log "endtime":"1587519994" that mean the renewal date is 2020-04-22 01:46:34 .
  12. HTML Service Welcome email not sent

    we have 3 languages installed. we have filled the HTML welcome package email for those 3 languages. we have no content in TEXT welcome package email for those 3 languages. we have sent HTML email enabled in the mail settings . the welcome email sent to the users are empty, no content from the HTML welcome email. when we put something in the TEXT version, the Text version is sent successfully . Not sure what is happen, can anyone duplicate this issue ?
  13. [Plugin] Clean Unpaid Orders

    v 1.2.0 released. Some users has reported that some invoices has not voided, so we have added a new option in the manage plugin to show open invoices for canceled orders that need to be voided, also we have added the option to mass voided invoices for canceled orders. we have also prepared the plugin to support the option to notify client about the pending orders that need payment (most wanted feature), so next release we will ship the plugin with this features, and we will add a client widget to see his orders history.
  14. Cron ob_flush(): failed to flush buffer

    the solution has worked, if ($echo) { @ob_start(); echo $new . ($this->is_cli ? "\n" : '<br />'); @ob_flush(); @flush(); @ob_end_flush(); }
  15. Cron ob_flush(): failed to flush buffer

    in cron file , i don't see any initialization of output buffering , so i have added @ob_start(); on top of @ob_flush(); and i will watch what is happen.