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  1. in your module file, you will find the fucntion public function getClientAddFields($package, $vars = null) add the fallowing code $user_name = $fields->label('Enter Username', 'username'); $user_name->attach( $fields->fieldText( 'username', $this->Html->ifSet($vars->username), ['id' => 'username'] ) ); // Set the label as a field $fields->setField($user_name); for blesta password, you can't get the password, if you can got it, then you can send a exploit CVS to blesta
  2. this bug has turned us crazy ... we are modifying a existing invoice that has just 1 line that is attached to a service, what we do is add ing a new line with the same description and price and we delete the old line, after saving the invoice is closed when empty description and price as shown in the screenshot . we renew manually some service for some clients, and to avoid another renewing when they pay the invoice, we delete the old (attached line to service) and adding new line . this behavior now is every day happen and only if : - Invoice has 1 line. - Blesta version 4. in blesta v3, has no bug, and if blesta v4 in invoice with multiple lines didn't happen .
  3. the two server has the same mysql version and php version ?
  4. sometimes when we edit invoice, and apply changes, the invoice is closed and the amount is 0, after we see the invoice we found nolines in it like this screen . this isue is only when we have upgraded to v4 . and is occasional .
  5. clear the task, disable the cron task 'Auto apply late fee for invoices' for 24 hours. after 24 hour activate the error reporting then activate the task and run the cron manually . as, you have php 7, this can be related, to quick resolve it move to ticket instead .
  6. the found the probleme, in formatResponse() i have removed the check for array , changed if (property_exists($value, 'plan') && is_array($value->plan)) { to if (property_exists($value, 'plan') /*&& is_array($value->plan)*/) {
  7. with the solusvm module the getPlan() always return a empty data; when we have checked we found maybe something wrong the parseResponse. a dump for the whole fucntion $this->parseResponse($plans_api->getDetails($params), $module_row) return stdClass Object ( [status] => success [statusmsg] => [plans] => ) the correct data well fetched from the solusvm, a dump for the fucntion $plans_api->getDetails($params) return SolusvmResponse Object ( [xml:SolusvmResponse:private] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [status] => success [statusmsg] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( ) [plans] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [plan] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [id] => 1 [name] => Starter [ipv6subnets] => 0 [automatedbackups] => 0 [cpus] => 4 [ram] => 2147483648 [swap] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( ) [disk] => 85899345920 [bandwidth] => 1073741824000 ) ) ) [raw:SolusvmResponse:private] => success 1 Starter 0 0 4 2147483648 85899345920 1073741824000 ) this is in service creation .
  8. in edit mode , we can't change the assigned server, the probleme with the returned data . check my post
  9. i think col-md-6 is better , two articles per line is better than 3 articles per line.
  10. if you have mysql 5.7 , this can help MySQL 5.7+ MySQL changed the default behavior in version 5.7.5 to enable "only_full_group_by". If you are using a version newer than that, or if you had changed your MySQL configuration file to enable "only_full_group_by", you will need to remove it. You should update your MySQL configuration file to disable "sql_mode", i.e., don't have it set to "only_full_group_by". You can run the following query to determine what the sql_mode is: SELECT @@GLOBAL.sql_mode, @@SESSION.sql_mode;
  11. the actual design to list KB articles in admin side has downside effect when title are long, so it should be adjust to feet any needs. a sample display for Kb with long titles i think of two solution : 1 - fix the <a> title width and overflow the rest text . 2 - make the width of the #articles dd 100%, so every article in 1 line .
  12. for taxes we can have solution and quickly i think, i will try to push this in our top list to make it available maybe the next week or at a late date the end of this month . so we can confirm for you that tax issue we can resolve it, we ill ad a new option in the plugin to make late fee taxable or not . we have also searched alot before we begin the work on this plugin, and never we have arrived to a case like yours, all the late fees case we found is a fixed or percentage amount (taxable) and after a XX day . making it recurring that should another work, as we need to conserve the core functions of this plugin. as told before we will try to add your request, if we found it will break the normal usage we can negotiate another plugin only for you .
  13. so from your case, only and only the late fee are applied to the original amount , and the new invoices for late fee are excluded from a late fee? the idea here is clean and simple, but as i told before with the actual code is a bit complicated to merge all the functionality in one plugin, maybe we will arrive in the end with a new plugin only for the Quebec market . Hostbill or whmxx has this functionality ?
  14. i can't accept or decline the request, as we need to discuss this internally, because this special request need a database modification and some extra coding to accomplish this. so you need to apply a late fee every XX days, the late fee should be added to the same invoice? the late fee amount should be also incremented every XX days ? the late fee should be calculated from the invoice base total, or exclude the previous late fees added ?
  15. is working normal when we make a manual example. what i have arrived to make it work, with this small change "key":"<?php $this->Html->_($data['name']);?>", to "key":"<?php echo $this->Html->ifSet($data['name']);?>",