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  1. in blesta, yes and you can customize the params url as you want yes, possible, you need to handle this in your gateway module https or not is something related to hosting settings.
  2. 1 - clone mailer mass job, it would be nice to have option to copy the mailer job, so we can resend the email again with other filters or same filters. 2 - delete mass mailer job 3 - allow inserting full HTML page, enable source button as old version in blesta. 4 - batch sending number in every cron, so we are safe of spam, and the spool mailer is clean and safe. 5 - option to stop running jobs.
  3. it would be nice to have option to delete mass mailer jobs, or at least the export type jobs.
  4. after upgrading to blesta 5, we want to send a newsletter to our client using mass mailer plugin as we do always, blesta updated WYSIWYG editor, this editor didn't allow us to inset our full html page, we need to write in the editor. in the old version was a option (named source) that allow inserting/editing the full html code, now is impossible, and this si not a good behavior for mailer system. can blesta team add Source toolbar button as default param in all blesta.
  5. i think if blesta has a option that allow us send our translation from blesta admin side it would a rock, we can send our translation every time we update or add new translation, then blesta accept to merge or refuse it. the actual mechanism of translating language is ugly, we prefer translate language files inside blesta than go to blesta translator. if i had time i will package our Arabic translation and upload it and post the link for you.
  6. are you referring to notification URL? something like paypal do, check the paypal gateway to get more info about IPN. it think you are merging with cancel, success, notification URL . success URL : the URL who the user return after a successfully payment return/cancel URL : the URL who the user return when he decide to cancel the payment callback/notification/webhook URL : the URL who the gateway send a callback after a payment is done Note: blank page only shown in callback url.
  7. the plugin is working, and tested in so many client's site. if is not working in your site is related to your account and not to the plugin itself.
  8. Really didn't think in a place for it, but maybe in the services list in billing, a new status like pending changes can be acceptable. or as a widget so staff can add it in the home dashboard or in the billing overview page. regarding the button is also nice to add a cancel action. we would also add another settings to auto cancel no paid pending service change after X days.
  9. Some client reported that in some cases the client pay but is not clicking return to blesta website and then blesta is not recording the transaction. we have confirmed the behavior, and we are working in a solution but it will be as plugin. normally blesta is not allowing gateway to add their crontab, so the only option is to make it as plugin. the idea is to fetch all the payment done via checkout and loop throw it, if the payment is not present in blesta the cron add it. Stripe support web hooks, but is globally, so if you are using 3 website with stripe, the web hook will notify only one URL, and can lead to payment issue for the other website, we suggest using web hooks only if you are suing stripe only in one blesta installation. anyway the two option will be provided and every user should select wish one to implement.
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