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  1. Blesta Addons

    Ovveride the structure view from plugin event

    Thanks @Jono. you are talking about the view in the plugins. i'm referring to view in the client area . sample example . i have two theme folders, bootstrap and bootsrap1 . i want for client group X use the boostrap1 , and for client group Y use the bootstrap . i know the template folder is saved in the company settings called 'client_view_dir' . i have made a dirty way to update the client_view_dir from preAction event, but it appear that the event trigger for PreAction called after the setDefaultView() function . any other way ?
  2. Blesta Addons

    [Plugins] Unpaid Order Reminder

    This for Cashbox Plugin i think, i will make a look at it soon . Thanks
  3. is there a way to override the theme directory from a plugin? in preAction ?
  4. Blesta Addons

    [Plugins] CashBox

    Cashbox Plugin is a tool that convert your blesta into a real cashbox, so you can with your staff manage the received cash and the spent money from this cash, you can see all transaction with dates, amount, staff ..ect, you can add a spent transaction. The plugin has a permission staff group, so you can check wish staff can list transaction, Add Spent transaction, Edit Transaction, Edit Settings. It Important to set a date of begin , that will start the transaction from in the setting page. The Plugin has a widget for admin staff to show the current money in the cashbox for every currency . The Plugin Require Pro Subscription
  5. Blesta Addons

    [Plugins] Unpaid Order Reminder

    we have liked your idea .and added today , waiting your feedbacks . New Release 1.2.0
  6. after a check for blesta code, we have found that blesta use two language difinition description. for new created service $lang['Invoices.!line_item.service_created_description'] = '%3$s%1$s - %2$s'; // %1$s is the name of the package, %2$s is the name of the service, %3$s is the addon identifier set only for addon services that result in Package Name - Service Label for renewal service $lang['Invoices.!line_item.service_renew_description'] = '%5$s%1$s - %2$s (%3$s - %4$s)'; // %1$s is the name of the package, %2$s is the name of the service, %3$s is the service's renew date, %4$s is the service's next renew date, %5$s is the addon identifier set only for addon services the result Package Name - Service Name (Apr 12, 2018 - Apr 12, 2019) but all invoices generated have a one format , is the renewal one . i have missed something in this ? or is a bug ?
  7. Blesta Addons

    Blesta Generate Renewal Invoice for Pending Services !!

    we have found the issue, is not related to generating invoice for pending services, is only a mal treated invoice, it was for a new ordered services, as exist another active service with the same label and his expiration not yet arrived, they thinked is for the ordered service. anyway, we have forced this case before and i already requested a feature to show the invoice is for new or renewal service,. this way we can on the fly understand the invoice is for new ordered services or for a renewal services .
  8. Blesta Addons

    Blesta Generate Renewal Invoice for Pending Services !!

    Just wait, it appear is other issue leading to this issue. i'm still investigating the real cause of this .
  9. We have a service that was pending. blesta has generated a invoice for the renewal of this pending service . Normally pending services should not be subject for renewal .
  10. Blesta Addons

    Age (birthday), and gender for contacts

    why the read only field are applied to signup also? is should only for edit profile
  11. i hope if blesta add the option to allow admin select which fields are required (this already done), and allow them to choose wich fields are allowed for edition or not, in custom client fields we have option to disable edition (read only), but this apply also when the client signup so he can't add a value.
  12. Blesta Addons

    Unable to register domain from back-end

    can you try disable it? also try to print (dump) the $service var in the services.php model and the $vars in admin_clients.php.
  13. Blesta Addons

    Domain Manager - We need your feedback on domains

    The domains in blesta is totally different from whmxx . that depend wich module you are using in whmxx, and i believe you need to create package from every extension and setup them in blesta. The domains in blesta still a big issue in blesta, we still waiting a solution and it appear is not a priority of blesta team.
  14. Blesta Addons

    Unable to register domain from back-end

    are you using prorate for domain package ?
  15. Blesta Addons

    [Module] Generic Domains

    You should have subscription in Blesta Addons website. you can add the subscription from this link https://blesta-addons.com/order/config/index/subscription/?group_id=7&pricing_id=42