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  1. [How-to] Add Privacy protection to logicboxes module

    Not tested, but the price calculation is something related to blesta not to modules.
  2. Getting "redirected you too many times" when setting up multicompany

    where is the second domain, you need to add it to your nginx conf
  3. Hello Blestars,alot of users ask for the privacy protection , i will sgare with you what i have done in my blesta system to support privacy protection, this tuto is broought to you by Blesta-addons , the source link is located here add privacy protection to Logicboxes module . 1 - First we need to add Configurable Options Group, let call it Protection ID 2 - Create Configurable Options , type checkbox, with Client can Add and Edit, in label put what you want like 'Privacy Protection', in name you should put 'purchase-privacy', in option set the name and in value put 'true' , set price, select group 'Protection ID' . a screen shot like this 3 - Now, edit the domain package to support Configurable Options that we have added, save . at here we have finished the easy task, now we will attack the hard part, as we need to add some code in the logicboxes Module , we should open components/modules/logicboxes/logicboxes.php , in addService() function then search $domain_field_basics = [ 'years' => true, 'ns' => true, 'customer-id' => true, 'reg-contact-id' => true, 'admin-contact-id' => true, 'tech-contact-id' => true, 'billing-contact-id' => true, 'invoice-option' => true, 'protect-privacy' => true ]; Replace with $domain_field_basics = [ 'years' => true, 'ns' => true, 'customer-id' => true, 'reg-contact-id' => true, 'admin-contact-id' => true, 'tech-contact-id' => true, 'billing-contact-id' => true, 'invoice-option' => true, 'protect-privacy' => true, 'purchase-privacy' => true ]; Search $vars['invoice-option'] = 'NoInvoice'; $vars['protect-privacy'] = 'false'; replace with $vars['invoice-option'] = 'NoInvoice'; $vars['protect-privacy'] = 'false'; $vars['purchase-privacy'] = 'false'; search $response = $domains->register(array_intersect_key($vars, $domain_fields)); replace with // Add Protect privacy to the domain if (isset($vars['configoptions']['purchase-privacy'])) { $vars['protect-privacy'] = 'true'; $vars['purchase-privacy'] = 'true'; } $response = $domains->register(array_intersect_key($vars, $domain_fields)); in editService() function, search $service_fields = $this->serviceFieldsToObject($service->fields); under add // Set any config options $vars['configoptions'] = (isset($vars['configoptions']) ? (array)$vars['configoptions'] : null); // Only provision the service if 'use_module' is true if ($vars['use_module'] == 'true') { // Update config option fields if (isset($vars['configoptions'])) { $response = $domains->details( ['order-id' => $service_fields->{'order-id'}, 'options' => ['OrderDetails']] ); $this->processResponse($api, $response); $order = $response->response(); // Add Protect privacy to the domain if applicable if ($vars['configoptions']['purchase-privacy'] && ($order->privacyprotectedallowed == 'true') && ($order->isprivacyprotected == 'false') ) { $data = array( 'order-id' => $service_fields->{'order-id'}, 'invoice-option' => 'NoInvoice' ); $response = $domains->purchasePrivacy($data); $this->processResponse($api, $response); } } if ($this->Input->errors()) { return; } } in renewService() function , search $vars = [ 'years' => 1, 'order-id' => $fields->{'order-id'}, 'exp-date' => $order->endtime, 'invoice-option' => 'NoInvoice' ]; under add // Rnew Privacy protection if added to the domain if (isset($service->options) ) { foreach ($service->options as $option) { if (($option['option_name'] == 'purchase-privacy') && ($order->privacyprotectedallowed) ) { $vars['purchase-privacy'] = 'true'; } } } save the change, now you are done . if blesta team found this helpfull i hope they can add it to the official module .
  4. Adding Domain Privacy after Domain purchased

    it will not work, as the module it self now didn't support the addons addons, i will post my modification of the module to allow it support the privacy addons .
  5. Adding Domain Privacy after Domain purchased

    wich module you use ?
  6. i see you mention a module for xtreme codes is this in production working yet as very interested 

  7. Dockerized Blesta

    Nice Job
  8. date creation of service is not date of activation

    the only change i have made the code that was provided by @Jono in this thread no other core file changed .
  9. Renew Services Before Thier End Date

    exist with planned status https://requests.blesta.com/topic/core-2058-advanced-service-renewals
  10. Renew Services Before Thier End Date

    we really miss this feature ...
  11. date creation of service is not date of activation

    still this is not resolved, i see CORE-912 is resolved, but today i have found that a service was ordered Aug 08, 2017 and paid "Aug 10, 2017 12:13:16 AM", date renew is Aug 08, 2018, date created Aug 08, 2017 !!!
  12. Migrating Virtualizor

    you should mke mapped file for importer . or migrate service from universal module to virtualizor module .
  13. Help - Sad with Licensecart Support

    @Licensecart is always here , maybe something who preventing him from response. just be patient, your issue is a simple and the fix is also simple.
  14. [Resolved] invoice paid, client still recieve overdue emails notice

    We have found the issue . another instance of the VM was running in our cloud servers, it was a stuff mistake , he cloned our VM instead of a client VM , for this reason the cloned VM send email from our server (as smtp) so it exist entry in the mail log and no entry in blesta . for the suspension, as the invoice is paid and closed in our server, but not in the cloned one they was suspended in the cloned one . SO Sorry for this trouble, it has takes from me about 4 days of searching and searching until i found a client claim that he was not received any info about his cloned VM, when i have checked i have found that the VM has the same hostname as our server, so we finally get the issue, it was stressed days.
  15. [Resolved] invoice paid, client still recieve overdue emails notice

    Something is totally strange, blesta suspend website that are already paid, today we have received another case, we have now 5 service suspended but they are paid !!! we have not added any new plugin or any new modification . the only thing we have do is upgrading the last month to v4.0.1 .