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  1. We have not tested with 4.6 yet . we will do it soon and release a update .
  2. Hello Sir we are working on a hetzner dedicated server module (robots) not the cloud one.
  3. We have Pushover, Hipchat and Discord integrated; if you need a mobile notification i think Pushover you will love it. for Onesignal we will integrate it after the next release .
  4. it would be nice and totally usefull to have filters in transactions page (billing/transactions/) . some times we need to filter by a gateway, amount or by dates ... ect. with the actual view i not possible we have ony option to order by or search option.
  6. are you sue the amount in the invoice is 120000, sometimes there are some value that is rounded by the currency formatter class.
  7. 180 is logical for you? six months i think is a better option and a good period limit to cancel services.
  8. Blesta use container, and from v4.0 it's possible to extend the container. but we can't extent it globally unless we load our class in config/services.php . extending the container from preAction event is not working. any chance to allow us developers to load our classes in the system without hacking the core files (init.php file or the services.php file) ?
  9. i know that, but i prefer to be in the core, every time we upgrade we need to make our modification again and again, the more in the core the less change we need to do in every upgrade . 60 days in some services is not a sufficient time to cancel the service .
  10. in Blesta 4.6.0 new option has been added that allow Void Open Invoices on Service Cancellation, but the option has only from 0 to 60 days. is their any chance to allow admin add custom days or make the list extend to 365 days .
  11. Admin Tools Plugin has the ability to do it from admin side, for invoices also .
  12. image with uppercase extension is not recognized as image attachements to show thumbail in the reply. a simple fix is : $image_extension = strtolower(end($image_name_parts));
  13. i have in my a log a warning about a custom plugin, after a search a found the warning about a missing array index in service edit event . $params = $event->getParams(); $client_id = $params['vars']['client_id']; from docs page the service edit event a client_id is returned in the vars array .can the staff check if their is something with this event and returned data .
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