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  1. Blesta Addons

    Initialise Logger outside Models

    another solution if (($container = Configure::get('container'))) { $logger = $container->get('logger'); $logger->info('this is me'); }
  2. Blesta Addons

    Module WHMAMP?

    cpanel + WHMAMP installed .
  3. Blesta Addons

    [Services] Add renew to Actions

    it would be nice to see a renew action to the services list actions, sometimes we need to lunch the renew action for the module without login to remote service, like renew, domain, SSL, license ... ect at this moment blesta didn't have option to allow client renew their services before their end date or invoice generated, so at least give the staff to create invoice manually and then execute renew command throw service actions .
  4. Blesta Addons

    providing discount & coupon code

  5. Blesta Addons

    validateHostname Should Accept Uppercase Characters

    mabe modules like Plesk, Interworx, Proxmox, centoswebpanel, tcadmin ...ect i think it would be preferably if the function is added to module.php, then any other module can herite the fucntion and call it when is needed.
  6. Blesta Addons

    remove files with uninstall plugin

    Some plugin when installed is not removing the files from the upload directory, like support manager, client document . when those plugin uninstalled, they should remove files that was used by the plugin .
  7. Blesta Addons

    Force email as username

  8. Blesta Addons

    Product Out Of Stock

    wich blesta version you are using ?
  9. Blesta Addons

    Product Out Of Stock

    i think this should be already done!! ot do't allow you ot order when the products is out of stock .
  10. Blesta Addons

    new admin dashboard

    it could be a issue with the serer that host the images, try now, i can see it. the theme only for admin side, client side not yet implemented .
  11. Blesta Addons

    Get/Fetch Client Data by Ajax Request

    Hello Sir change $this->uses(["QuotesSystem´╗┐"]); by $this->uses(['Quotes.QuotesSystem']); try now.
  12. Blesta Addons


    you need to do it from routes.php
  13. Blesta Addons

    Configurable Option (Type Quantity) with Setup Fee per unit

    Not tested, but your logic is the logical logic and blesta calcul should be the same as you have described
  14. Blesta Addons

    new admin dashboard

    When we are sur it has no bugs, we are testing now and implementing new functions as widgets. Coreui is the fab mate
  15. Blesta Addons

    Php 7.2 cPanel Module

    with php 7.2, in cPanel module when adding server it return error count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable on line 72 in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/blesta/components/modules/cpanel/views/default/add_row.pdt a simple fix $num_servers = count($this->Html->ifSet($vars->name_servers, []));