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  1. Blesta support the tag {num} in invoice, it would be nice to add a numbering format like (0001) or (001) . for example if i set the fallowing {year}{num}, the output will be like this (20191, 20192,...... 2019251 .....ect ), we need to add some zeros leading to get a nice numbering like (20190001, 20190002,...... 20190251 .....ect ) . hope we can be gin the new year invoice numbering with this feature. i simple str_pad() or sprintf() functions can do the trick .
  2. Resolved, it was the server limits, all the servers in the group has reached thier limit, so for that it return a null response. So to close as no bug.
  3. the steps, Create a multiple servers, assign the servers to a Server Groups . create package for cpanel, select the created Server Group and cpanel package, then create the package . go to order form and order the package, in Checkout page, we select the gateway and we check the agreement, when we submit the order we get the error An internal error occurred. The module row is unavailable. it only accept the order if we change the package from selecting the server group to Any. any one can reproduce? or confirm .
  4. i think you have misunderstand me, let make a simple example with logicboxes module, create a package for a tld that need a custom fileds like .le or .asia . from admin side in client profile page, got to add service, then select the package for that TLD, then only the standard fields will be shown, the custom fields will not be listed .
  5. when a client is logged in, blesta set the client info to the global structure view, but for staff is not the same, we can't get the staff name, email ... ect in the structure, this info is only available in the edit setting for profile. sample case, we need to show a welcome message (Hello mr xxxxxx, ....) in our theme . i think the code should be like this, and it should be done in the app_controller.php asi think, adding it to the admin_controller.php is not take any effect that because all admin_xxx file inherit from AppController directly $this->uses(['Staff']); $staff = $this->Staff->get($this->Session->read('blesta_staff_id')); if ($staff) { $this->structure->set('staff', $staff); } or the magic option is to allow as inject vars to the structure view from preAction event or any new similar hook, let say i want to inject a list of PM's to the structure to use it in our custom admin theme .
  6. Hello Sir if i remember well i have updated the components, but i'm not sur if the guys has added it to the download section, let me check for you . Edit : Hello again, i found that the plugin was updated already to 3.1. Edit 2 : i see that you claim about cronjob delivery, sorry for the misunderstanding, i will try to produce it, i have tested the manual delivery and it work for me, i will let the components active to see the error logs . do you have any error logs for this cron?
  7. ome plugins add/edit/delete entries in the menu, after the upgrade the modification is not viewed instantly, we need to clear the cache after every upgrade to see the change .
  8. We have not tested with 4.6 yet . we will do it soon and release a update .
  9. Hello Sir we are working on a hetzner dedicated server module (robots) not the cloud one.
  10. We have Pushover, Hipchat and Discord integrated; if you need a mobile notification i think Pushover you will love it. for Onesignal we will integrate it after the next release .
  11. it would be nice and totally usefull to have filters in transactions page (billing/transactions/) . some times we need to filter by a gateway, amount or by dates ... ect. with the actual view i not possible we have ony option to order by or search option.
  13. are you sue the amount in the invoice is 120000, sometimes there are some value that is rounded by the currency formatter class.
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