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  1. Is there any plugin that can change Due Date a few weeks after the Recurring Invoice Renew Date ? Currently it seems Invoice Date =  Date Renew = Date Due for Recurring Invoice. We would like to extend a few weeks to customers, so they don't have to pay Invoice immediately, but they can pay a few weeks afterward. Do you how to remove Date Due in the invoice template?

  2. in the email history table, the summary is truncated, but is not respecting the UTF-8 character. it show a ? in some chars, look to this simple 'مرحبًا سعيد، تمت ال�...'
  3. Hello Sir we have changed the link, thank
  4. the late fee plugin generate one late fee for each invoice . so if you have a past due invoice and arrived the late fee date, it will generate a late fee invoice, after that no other late fee are generated . No, the late fee plugin has option to generate a new invoice of merge the line with the original invoice . the late fee invoice is not attached to any service, and has relation with the original invoice, so no suspension are made if not paid . (this case is only if you have selected to generate a new invoice for late fee) .
  5. we don't offer a 24H answer guaranteed . but we grant answering all tickets we have . your issue was fixed and resolved.
  6. new Version Release 2.1.0 . + added support for the new download system by maxmind, a license key is now required .( you can get it free by registering account with maxmind)
  7. i can confirm the issue come from the format, when we change the currency format it save successfully . make a look to the format and why is causing this issue .
  8. we have requested this last year
  9. we have this issue in the past, but it was occasional, we have discovered the origin or the real issue, since it not repeated and it was 2 times during this and last year i haven't made any action. but i can confirm this issue exist and occasional .
  10. can you open a ticket with us ? the fact blesta is not allowing plugins to inject their own function to extend container, we are forced to make some file modification to allow blesta support our multi-languages plugins, we will make a look deeper to see what we can improve in extending the container.
  11. we are using the same version in our websites, you can chek them in our main website blesta-addons.com .
  12. Wish multi-language version do you installed ? after uninstall the plugin you need to revert the lib/init.php file to it original state .
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