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  1. we don't find how we can change clientWidgets() function in blesta 4.12, in the past the function was in client_controller.php, so we have the option to disable some core widgets we don't want to be injected in the client main page. now after upgrading to 4.12 we don't find it. also no option from admin side to choose wich widget we wwant to allow for client. how we can control the widgets in blesta 4.12?
  2. as title say, make the Signup Content multi languages .
  3. any ETA for this or a simple patch, in this last month the issue for this has increased dramatically. please do not put it in the long term or short them, we need it next release . just a question to understand, is this behavior introduced in lat versions maybe v4.10 or it was from the old releases ?
  4. the client itself generate invoice for upgrading service from actual package to another package. so why blesta has the option to upgrade/downgrade the package !!!!! we didn't allow services upgrade until the invoice is paid. so if the client has not paid the invoice the service is suspended, and already the client has paid the service, is like we punish the client because he is not paid a upgrade that is in the original a optional action. we have the option to not perform upgrade until the client pay the invoice, but why the service will be suspended if the client has not paid
  5. it appear that blesta suspend services that have any open invoice past due, even if is not a related to a renew. so normally a upgrade invoice should not be a cause to suspended service, the client has the right to pay or not.
  6. Blesta Addons

    Friendly URLs

    this not a smlall task, it need some work and edit in the support plugin, first it need a slug field to map the url. we have made this in a private/custom plugin for a client . also our Cms Pro plugin (not yet released has this built in feature). finally +1 for this request
  7. in our projects we use a button with label 'info', when client click it the table expand more info, that way the client has more visibility to what he has as options .
  8. with our plugin admin tools, you can edit the 4 dates , date added, date renew, date canceled, date last renew with the plugin you have a lot of staff that you can do it from the plugin that is not possible with blesta
  9. and not only for transaction, it should be for invoices and services also .
  10. this feature was in blesta 1 until blesta 2.5, from blesta 3 it was removed and i have missed it 😪
  11. almost of time i log from mobile, so didn't care about PM or i miss them, our ticket system ork and we have ticket and we reply to them. are you opening ticket from your account or via email?
  12. a plugin to force some clients fields before using the client are will do the work.
  13. we are testing the latest version of Blesta 4.12, but we don't find any link in clients navigation for affiliate system . is thier any option we should activate before we use the affiliate system?
  14. i think @Jono has replied to your request, but if you still need help, we can help you.
  15. as addition to @Jono note, you should delete your navigation cache of Blesta from uploads folder. Blesta has some events, but unfortunately it not covered all blesta areas, we hope to be more events not only for actions but also for view like wordpress or laravel or whmxx .
  16. when a client upgrade service, new invoice generated, service upgraded only if invoice is paid. Blesta suspend that service if client not paid the invoice . this wasn't occur in the past, we have noticed this happen when upgraded to 4.10 . this should not happen a the upgrade is a optional, so if the client pay the invoice the service will upgraded, if not the service remain in it''s actual package .
  17. you need to undo the change made to some files during multi-language install plugin, those files are \lib\ini.php .htaccess once you overwite those files with bleta core files your are done, note you need before any change need to uninstall the plugin from plugins manager.
  18. we have this done in our admin tools plugin, you can move service/invoice from to a new client .
  19. the has arrived to complete the domain improvement management or we should wait another 5 years ?
  20. this another story, the task talk about disount, we are here talking about adding some fee to the invoice .
  21. what is the content of input and output ? mask any password in the log when you paste it here
  22. you can use our plugin admin tools, you can change the admin uri from admin dashboard.
  23. From config/routes.php
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