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  1. any latest update regarding blesta-onapp integration?
  2. still not working module just upload ssh key to digitalocean but not create new droplet
  3. as i tried before, the digitalocean api php file was the problem
  4. got this problem with cpanel root user works nice with reseller account thanks @naja7host, one of my staff enabled error reporting after moved to aws last saturday
  5. i got this error while trying to add new server Oh noes! Undefined variable: ip on line 130 in /home/supermikrocom/my.hostmikro.com/blesta/components/modules/cpanelextended/api/cpanel_api.php this error while trying to change package status Undefined index: meta on line 978 in /home/supermikrocom/my.hostmikro.com/blesta/components/modules/cpanelextended/cpanelextended.php
  6. it's weird because it's not only happens once, i try to create some dummy accounts and suspend them all of them are terminated i'm using whm 58 btw,
  7. never use modulesbakery's digitalocean module, but can you code the module which looks like hypnoticmonkey's whmcs digitalocean module? it's really user and admin friendly pm me the cost and it's 'license agreement'
  8. i don't know why the problem happens, but it's already solved itself and i did nothing @Paul, @cyandark, blesta official cpanel module and cpanel extended module doesn't know the difference between 'Suspend' and 'Terminate' I've just suspended a client's cpanel service but Blesta Terminate (delete) the service from my cPanel server it's gone and he (client) got mad at me lucky i have backup
  9. thanks @naja7host, so it's just change the product to 'Inactive'
  10. I want to remove package which is no longer sale All previous order already canceled but when i try to delete the package, this warning shows × The package could not be deleted because a service is currently using it. Anyone can help?
  11. the 'Log In' link at services list just open new tab, not open cpanel login page tested using cpanel 11.58
  12. cancel is equal to suspend cancel service = terminate account suspend service = terminate account
  13. sorry, i mean i'm using SMTP in Settings > Company > Mail Settings and "Piping" in Support > Departments mail piping not working with this configuration, no email imported but while i was using PHP mail in Settings > Company > Mail Settings and "Piping" in Support > Department, it was working, mail imported well i've checked credentials, port and security setting it is working in my other script/cms, but not in blesta i can send email from "Client > Account Actions > Email client but mail piping is not working
  14. i've configured blesta to use smtp with my own account (smtp server - smtp account - etc.) i configured 'Piping' in 'Mail Handling' but mail piping from Support/Ticket not working ticket created not forwarded to email did anyone use smtp for mail settings in blesta and working mail piping?
  15. also interested with this module pm me the price
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