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  1. On plugins/import_manager/components/migrators/whmcs/whmcs_migrator.php line 751 change $this->local->insert('invoices_recur_created', $vars); To $this->local->duplicate('invoice_recur_id', '=', $recurring_id)->insert('invoices_recur_created', $vars); tblinvoiceitems must have records with a duplicate invoiceid-relid pair. Not sure if there's a valid reason for that.
  2. Hi there, just to throw in an update. I'm testing this yesterday and today. Unable to reproduce by simply doing an import with a billable item with multiple invoices. I'll look more into the code and your report to see what specific set of circumstances causes the error.
  3. Confirmed. Try updating app/models/invoices.php around line 1528 from: $items[] = [ 'service_id' => $service_id, 'qty' => $item->qty, 'amount' => $this->Currencies->convert( $item->price, $service->package_pricing->currency, $currency, Configure::get('Blesta.company_id') ), 'description' => $item->description, 'tax' => !empty($item->taxes) ]; To $items[] = [ 'service_id' => $service_id, 'qty' => $item->qty, 'amount' => $this->Currencies->convert( $item->price, $service->override_currency ?? $service->package_pricing->currency, $currency, Configure::get('Blesta.company_id') ), 'description' => $item->description, 'tax' => !empty($item->taxes) ]; I've created CORE-4441 to handle this.
  4. Just to confirm, you have set an override price/currency on the service?
  5. To resolve, edit plugins/support_manager/views/default/css/styles.css and add: .card .ticket-reply p { margin-bottom: 1rem; }
  6. This seems to happen on php7.4+. To fix replace vendors/blesta/Parsedown/Parsedown.php line 130 from: $CurrentBlock = null; To $CurrentBlock = ['type' => '', 'element' => ''];
  7. I've created CORE-4428 to deal with this.
  8. This query should do the trick: UPDATE acl_acl INNER JOIN acl_aco ON acl_aco.id = acl_acl.aco_id SET acl_acl.permission = 'allow' WHERE acl_aco.alias = 'admin_system_staff' AND acl_acl.action = 'editgroup' AND acl_acl.aro_id = 1; Then you can visit admin/settings/system/staff/editgroup/1/ to make sure all appropriate permissions are enabled.
  9. I've created CORE-4412 to address this. In order to patch the current version edit components/invoice_delivery/invoice_delivery.php line 224 from: $this->language, To $invoice->client->settings['language'] ?? $this->language,
  10. I was able to reproduce by performing an upgrade in the admin interface (not able to replicate in client interface). To resolve change app/controllers/admin_clients.php around line 5656 from: $invoice_data = $this->makeInvoice( $client, $serviceChange, $pricing->currency, true, $service->id ); To $invoice_data = $this->makeInvoice( $client, $serviceChange, $pricing->currency, true, null ); Cheers
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