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  1. Merchant gateways in Blesta only accept credit card and ACH payments. I'm not super familiar with iDEAL but if it doesn't fall under those categories than it is not supported.
  2. Jono

    Plugin page broken

    You need to uninstall it before removing the files from your system. Either re-add the files and uninstall or manually remove the plugin from your database. If you do it manually make sure there are no tables that were created by the plugin since those should be removed as well.
  3. Then you would do {service.direct_admin_password | escape} I believe.
  4. Correct, two packages for ordering either subdomain or full domain. We are working on features to accommodate this. I believe it is planned in the eventual domain manager release, but more immediately there is a task for Namesilo to automatically generate/update packages based on current pricing.
  5. As far as the sandbox, I believe the results are based on which domains are already taken specifically in their sandbox environment. Care to describe your first error more? At which step does it redirect you back to the search? Is there any error message or anything?
  6. So plugins will usually have a parent controller that their other controllers inherit from that has a name in the format my_plugin_controller.php In that file/class there should be a method called preAction and you should add that code at the end of that method.
  7. Orders are different than services. Orders are made by the client through the order system and can be viewed in the order widget under Billing > Overview
  8. An iframe huh? That sounds gross X) Anyhow, you can look at plugins/order/views/templates/wizard/checkout_complete.pdt, ../ajax/checkout_complete.pdt, ../standard/checkout_complete.pdt. At the bottom of each you will see: <div class="col-md-12"> <div class="btn-group pull-right"> <a href="<?php echo $this->Html->safe($this->base_uri . 'order/main/index/' . $this->Html->ifSet($order_form->label));?>" class="btn btn-plain btn-sm"><i class="fa fa-arrow-left"></i> <?php $this->_('Checkout.complete.order_more_btn');?></a> </div> </div> So you'll want to update that.
  9. ?? Authorize.net, Paypal Payflow, Braintree, and Converge all support EUR and definitely do not operate only in the US. Am I misunderstanding your question?
  10. Any chance this installation is in maintenance mode? That is the only circumstance I've found that can account for this error.
  11. X) How are you outputting it? $contact_numbers is an array of objects. I guess in your case you are looking for a particular number so maybe just grab the first one <?php $verify_phone = $this->Html->ifSet($contact_numbers[0]->number); ?> <script> window.intercomSettings = { app_id: "app_id", phone: "<?php echo $verify_phone; ?>", name: "<?php echo $this->Html->_($contact->first_name, true) . ' ' . $this->Html->_($contact->last_name, true);?>", email: "<?php echo $verify_email; ?>", // Email address user_hash: "<?php echo $email_sig; ?>" // HMAC using SHA-256 }; </script> You may also want to submit the $type argument to Contacts::getNumbers() to get only 'phone' type numbers.
  12. Yea, so you would load the Contacts model inside your controller. You said you want this to be passed to structure.pdt? I assume this is for client interface? You can update client_controller.php in the preAction() and load the contacts controller: $this->uses(['Contacts']); Then set the numbers to the structure: $this->structure->set('contact_numbers', $this->Contacts->getNumbers($this->client->contact_id)); That will make the $contact_numbers variable available to app/views/client/bootstrap/structure.pdt
  13. I believe this can be accomplished through the $options parameter for Emails::send(). Specifically you'll need to determine to which client the email belongs and set $options['to_client_id'] = $client->id;
  14. See Contacts::getNumbers(); should be what you need
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