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  1. Confirmed. Try updating app/models/invoices.php around line 1528 from: $items[] = [ 'service_id' => $service_id, 'qty' => $item->qty, 'amount' => $this->Currencies->convert( $item->price, $service->package_pricing->currency, $currency, Configure::get('Blesta.company_id') ), 'description' => $item->description, 'tax' => !empty($item->taxes) ]; To $items[] = [ 'service_id' => $service_id, 'qty' => $item->qty, 'amount' => $this->Currencies->convert( $item->price, $service->override_currency ?? $service->package_pricing->currency, $currency, Configure::get('Blesta.company_id') ), 'description' => $item->description, 'tax' => !empty($item->taxes) ]; I've created CORE-4441 to handle this.
  2. Just to confirm, you have set an override price/currency on the service?
  3. To resolve, edit plugins/support_manager/views/default/css/styles.css and add: .card .ticket-reply p { margin-bottom: 1rem; }
  4. This seems to happen on php7.4+. To fix replace vendors/blesta/Parsedown/Parsedown.php line 130 from: $CurrentBlock = null; To $CurrentBlock = ['type' => '', 'element' => ''];
  5. Confirmed: CORE-4430
  6. I've created CORE-4428 to deal with this.
  7. This query should do the trick: UPDATE acl_acl INNER JOIN acl_aco ON acl_aco.id = acl_acl.aco_id SET acl_acl.permission = 'allow' WHERE acl_aco.alias = 'admin_system_staff' AND acl_acl.action = 'editgroup' AND acl_acl.aro_id = 1; Then you can visit admin/settings/system/staff/editgroup/1/ to make sure all appropriate permissions are enabled.
  8. I've created CORE-4412 to address this. In order to patch the current version edit components/invoice_delivery/invoice_delivery.php line 224 from: $this->language, To $invoice->client->settings['language'] ?? $this->language,
  9. I was able to reproduce by performing an upgrade in the admin interface (not able to replicate in client interface). To resolve change app/controllers/admin_clients.php around line 5656 from: $invoice_data = $this->makeInvoice( $client, $serviceChange, $pricing->currency, true, $service->id ); To $invoice_data = $this->makeInvoice( $client, $serviceChange, $pricing->currency, true, null ); Cheers
  10. Here's a video of a basic test that I performed on a 4.10.2 installation. https://www.loom.com/share/40f5cd5005cb4799976f603b5175f1b8 As you can see, a queued upgrade created an invoice with no invoice_lines.service_id set. Do you have any suggestions for what I might do differently to reproduce your issue?
  11. Just want to note here that if you don't sell domains you can remove the client card and nav links for the Domain Manager under Settings > Company > Look and Feel > Layout/Navigation.
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