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  1. Make sure that the directory for your gateway is in the component/gateways/nonmerchant folder and that the main file has the same name as the directory (ex. components/gateways/nonmerchant/mygateway/mygateway.php).
  2. It should still be valid. If you upgraded Blesta, perhaps the change was overridden?
  3. Reading your post more carefully, you said that the problem is with recent accounts. My suggestions still apply if you are using the "Stripe" gateway, let me know though if you made the switched to "Stripe Payments" because that will be slightly different.
  4. This is really gonna depend on how you set up Stripe in Blesta. So first, since these are from some time ago, it's safe to say that they are using "Stripe" rather than the new "Stripe Payments". One thing to note is that one time payments will not have an associated Stripe customer. Only payments made with payment accounts stored in Blesta will have that association. The first place I would look is in the gateway settings under Settings > Company > Gateways when you click Manage on the Stripe gateway. Is the "Store Card Information Offsite" box checked? If not then the customer never would have been created in Stripe. If the box is checked, then I'd say to look at your database in the accounts_cc table. Find one of the payment accounts associated with stripe (you can compare the gateway_id to the stripe id in the gateways table) and see if that record has a value for the reference_id column. If it does not then it was created at a time when the box was unchecked and thus would not have a matching customer in Stripe. If it does have a reference_id then you should be able to use that as the id to search for the client in stripe. If the client doesn't exist in stripe then it must have been deleted from outside Blesta. Hope this was helpful
  5. Those are all included in the {ticket} tag which is listed in available tags. Occasionally there are undocumented tags though, you are correct. The update_ticket_url tag is currently only available in the Ticket Updated email that is sent to the client, though https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-3347 adds that to the Ticket Received email as well. If you would like similar links to be included in the admin emails, you can create a feature request here https://requests.blesta.com/.
  6. Are you speaking of the email sent to staff members when a ticket is updated? That tag is not available in that email template. When editing an email template, the "Available Tags" section just above the text/html input lists all tags that are available to the template.
  7. This is controlled by the "Invoice Days Before Renewal" setting which can be edited under the client group or Billing/Payment > Invoice and Charge Options settings. This setting also determines the number of days before a service or recurring invoice renews to generate an invoice.
  8. Hmm, well I have been unable to reproduce this. But if it does happen again you should be able to go into the admin interface and find the pending service, then click to manage it. Then empty whatever value is in the username field and activate it. That should generate a new username and provision fine.
  9. Cool The fact that you are using the order form does narrow things down quick a bit since that means the service will only be provisioned by the cron (if an admin creates an active service through the admin interface then the service is immediately provisioned, the cron only provisions pending services with paid invoices). I wasn't able to immediately recreate the issue, it seems to properly recognize that the username is used and select a new one. That being said you clearly are getting an error so I'll keep poking around. One thought I had is that the username is determined when the order is placed, but the account is not created till the cron runs. Is it possible that the username is being taken in the time between the order being placed and the cron running (doesn't seem likely but I figured I'd ask)
  10. Never assume that steps to duplicate are obvious. I can think of 4 different methods of provisioning a service in Blesta off the top of my head, and issues like these may affect only one method. Are you using the order form? Are you creating it through the admin interface? Is it being provisioned immediately or later by the cron? If you are creating it through the admin interface are you entering a username or leaving it empty so that the module will generate it automatically?
  11. Jono

    Issues with blesta

    Check out custom reports under Billing > Reports. You can see the docs here: https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Generating+Reports. The following query would give you something like what you want if you have a 'cutoff' field in your report: SELECT `contacts`.* FROM `clients` LEFT JOIN `log_users` ON `log_users`.`user_id` = `clients`.`user_id` AND `log_users`.`date_updated` > :cutoff INNER JOIN `contacts` ON `contacts`.`client_id` = `clients`.`id` AND `contacts`.`contact_type` = 'primary' WHERE `log_users`.`id` IS NULL
  12. Another option is to use the field in the same way that VPS.net does, watching for a field to change and then submitting the form via JS with this field set to 'true'.
  13. Not a perfect solution, but a while ago we added the option to include a refresh_fields field which would allow you to submit and refresh the fields without receiving errors. Could look something like this: $label = $module_fields->label('Refresh Fields', 'refresh_fields'); $refresh_fields = $module_fields->fieldCheckbox( 'refresh_fields', 'true', (isset($vars->refresh_fields) ? $vars->refresh_fields : 'false') == 'true', ['id' => 'refresh_fields'] ); $label->attach($refresh_fields); $module_fields->setField($label);
  14. Jono

    mulitple Company Feature

    Here is the doc page for adding companies https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Creating+Companies
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