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  1. To be sure, you are saying that that recurring payments are being received in PayPal (I assume through a subscription), but are not sending anything to Blesta?
  2. Jono

    Error during Backup

    Looking at past forum posts people commonly experienced 1 of 3 issues: 1. The exec() function is disabled 2. The escapeshellarg() function is disabled 3. The web server cannot run mysqldump, either because mysqldump is missing from the system or the web user doesn't have permissions. I think based on your error it could be #3 since I believe the first two would cause a php error message of their own.
  3. "Client Cards" are provided by plugins. Currently, no plugin has implemented an admin-side plugin, though they will in the future.
  4. First of all, please do this ^^^ You certainly can send the files (under components/gateways/nonmerchant/paypal_payments_standard), but they shouldn't matter until you have made custom changes.
  5. Technically that looks like it would work. That being said it would usually look something like this in Blesta: <p><?php echo $this->Html->ifSet($package_group->description);?><p> This does of course assume that $package_group was fetched in the controller and passed to the view.
  6. #7 is complete as of 4.12 with the new Extension Generator. This tools will let you enter simple extension information and generate much of the code for you, along with some helpful comments to help in development.
  7. Ah, now that is an interesting case. The answer to your question in this case is no, it does not account for daylight savings. If you set the time to 07:00 PDT then the datebase saves at as 00:00 UTC. Then outside daylight savings the cron will see that 00:00 UTC as 08:00 PST and I suspect that's also what it would show in the interface so you would have to manually adjust it to 07:00 PST (which would then be stored as 23:00 UTC)
  8. I assume by frontend you mean the client interface and by backend you mean the admin interface. It is important to note that there is a separate structure.pdt files for each at app/view/client/bootstrap/structure.pdt and app/view/admin/default/structure.pdt respectively. If you have not already, make sure you update that second one in the admin view directory if necessary. Disclaimer - I have no knowledge of this specific plugin x)
  9. Just make sure the folder is not under your root web directory. Certainly could, though I wouldn't call it a major security issue since filenames are already overwritten and there is no way for the files to be accessed unless someone has access to your server. Still, https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-3903
  10. 1) Make sure your uploads directory is not publicly accessible and this should not be an issue 2) Max file upload size can be controlled through your php.ini file using the upload_max_filesize option
  11. Well it has always had partial consideration because dates are stored in UTC so when these dates are displayed we always convert them to the current timezone (daylight savings or not). But some of the other issues of saying "today +1 month" and that considering daylight savings was taken care of by using PHP's DateTime class which we started doing in 4.2 https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-2378
  12. Jono

    Stripe zip code

    Don't see why not. https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-3901
  13. Instead of "| escape}" use "| safe}"
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