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  1. There is likely an erroneous call to Language::_() in your module. Argument 1 take a language key (e.g. 'AdminClients.add.name'), Argument 2 is boolean true to return the language and store it in a variable or false to output it to the webpage, argument 3+ are values submitted to sprintf (e.g. language is 'My name is %1$s' and the call is Language::_('AdminMain.myinfo.myname', true, $name)). Likely you've accidentally submitted an object in argument 3+
  2. The transaction was made in GBP, but the USD credit is being displayed. It should appear if you look at the GBP credit
  3. Jono

    Postal Methods 2.0

    https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-4168 will resolve this
  4. Jono

    Postal Methods 2.0

    Anything in the Blesta error log files?
  5. You can set a logo url on the theme. When you change to a theme Blesta uses whatever logo is assigned to the theme (or the default if there is none).
  6. I'd have to look more to see why removing breaks it. But for now you could add the 'hidden' class to the div containing them.
  7. Nice! Looks great! Thanks for developing on Blesta, this is how we'll grow A couple notes. It looks like the Power Cycle button on the Rescue Mode could use a margin above it (or below the message). The Reinstall Os tab content doesn't appear to be taking the full width of the screen.
  8. Jono

    client ID change

    Yes and no. You are looking for the "clients_format" setting which is set to {num} by default. You would run a query something like UPDATE `company_settings` SET `value` = 'some-prefix-{num}' WHERE `key` = 'clients_format'; This will do ALMOST what you want, however the prefix is not dynamic. So instead of having IDs like 0001, 0010, and 0100. It would have to be 0001, 00010, and 000100. A couple things to note. First, this is only for the display ID, obviously not the internal ID. Second, when searching for a client you can use partial IDs. So a search for 0100 would matc
  9. This is a known bug in v5.0.0 and v5.0.1 (https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-4137). Please upgrade to 5.0.2 to have the issue resolved.
  10. Looks like this is only a bug for the X Rates integration which is returning a response with an exchange rate of 0. I've created a task to resolve that here: https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-4145. In the mean time any off the other processors should work.
  11. Define "not working". The DA module does not automatically log in a user into DA but simply opens the login page where you can enter the credentials shown in that service info. Are you saying that it is not directing you to the correct page?
  12. Make sure the "Service Creation" email template includes the {package.email_html} or {package.email_text} tag
  13. Ah, you are speaking of the client interface. When using the Blesta svg we impose a css style for a max height of 30px. We decided not to do this with client logos in order to give them more flexibility. You'll need to resize the image before upload. Perhaps we should add a setting for logo height?
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