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  1. @furioussnail I believe @Lampard used the "Instant Notification Service (INS) secret word", is that correct?
  2. Awesome! Glad to hear it. @furioussnail perhaps this will be a solution for you as well. I believe we will continue to move forward with CORE-2964 since the old API (though apparently working) is officially discontinued.
  3. @Lampard Haha no I was actually asking because I could not even get the payment page to successfully load, so I wanted to see what you were doing right X) I'm currently creating a task to support the new API though and I'll link to the task here when it is created.
  4. @Lampard Are you having the same issue as @furioussnail, where you can submit a payment in 2checkout, but a successful transaction is not recorded in Blesta? I ask because I have not been able to even make a payment. The fields in 2checkout do not seem to line up with the credentials asked for in Blesta. What mapping are you using? "Merchant Code" => "Vendor Account Number"? "INS Secret Word" => "Secret Word"? Thanks for your help, I think it's becoming more and more clear that we need an update to the gateway that allows you to choose which version of 2checkout you are using.
  5. So to confirm, the interface you are working with looks like the first image and not the second? Just want to make sure I'm testing the right stuff.
  6. Hi, sorry for the delay. It sounds like this may be some new 2Checkout API? I have been looking at existing functionality but it sounds like that may be a new thing altogether. I hope to have time to investigate that possibility either today or tomorrow.
  7. @furioussnail Am a correct in thinking you are working with the sandbox right now? Are your notifications set up here https://sandbox.2checkout.com/sandbox/notifications/? I kinda assume so since you have those logs, I'm just double checking.
  8. Still looking into this, but I just want to note here that the some of the fields being used for validation (i.e. demo, order_number, and total) are expected to be in the POST data. Instead your logs show them being sent to Blesta as part of the GET data. In fact it may be that all the data shown as GET parameters in the logs should actually be POST data. Not sure yet why 2checkout would be doing that.
  9. Are you saying that Blesta is receiving a INS call from _2checkout and creates a transaction, but marks it with an error status? If that is the case the you should start seeing some logs under Tools > Logs > Gateway now.
  10. Nice! Looks like you may have another typo in the success message. It says 'you can how submit a support ticket'.
  11. Well I kinds depends. If you are looking to do it through the API then you should first call SupportManagerTickets::add() like this $ticket_data = [ 'vars' => [ 'department_id' => 1, 'staff_id' => 1, // This field is optional 'service_id' => 1, // This field is optional 'client_id' => 1, // This field is optional 'email' => 'firsttes@mailinator.com', // This field is optional 'summary' => 'Something is terribly wrong', 'priority' => 'critical', 'status' => 'open' ] ] $ticket = $api->post("support_manager.support_manager_tickets", "add", $ticket_data); On the other hand, if you are within Blesta you should be able to use the loader to access the model even though it's from a plugin. In a controller that would look like this $ticket_data = [ 'department_id' => 1, 'staff_id' => 1, // This field is optional 'service_id' => 1, // This field is optional 'client_id' => 1, // This field is optional 'email' => 'firsttes@mailinator.com', // This field is optional 'summary' => 'Something is terribly wrong', 'priority' => 'critical', 'status' => 'open' ]; $this->uses(['SupportManager.SupportManagerTickets']); $ticket = $this->SupportManagerTickets->add($ticket_data);
  12. Task is here CORE-2861. The updated module is available on github https://github.com/blesta/module-cyberpanel. A warning however, this module can only work if you are running CyberPanel v1.7.* and up since only then were the necessary api methods made available. Cheers Also thanks to @Usman Nasir for his help in this endeavor.
  13. There could be an issue with your callback configuration. In 2Checkout I had to set Approved URL to http://[yourdomain]/callback/gw/[company_id]/_2checkout/ under Account >> Site Management >> Checkout Options for it to work. Also make sure Direct Return is set to "Given links back to my website" or "Direct Return (Our URL)".
  14. Jono

    Centova Cast module login

    Oh got it, you are referring to the module rows (i.e. servers). I incorrectly assumed you were talking about services. Created this task to look into it CORE-2952
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