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  1. Chances are that it is on a non-active service and was overlooked because of it. The pricing id can be found be going to the package edit page, right clicking on the term test box and opening your browsers inspector. Right above the term field you will see a hidden field called pricing_id. You can take this pricing_id and search your "services" table for it. That should be the one you are looking for.
  2. It has come to our attention that under some circumstances in Blesta 4.7.0 (e.g. when a client is adding an addon service through the client interface) users can receive a fatal error "Undefined property: Services::$Clients on line 5159 in path_to_your_blesta\app\models\services.php". This is a bug that will be resolved in 4.7.1 (CORE-3271). You can fix this issue by changing app/models/services.php lines 5112-5114 from if (!isset($this->Packages)) { Loader::loadModels($this, ['Packages', 'Clients', 'ClientGroups']); } to Loader::loadModels($this, ['Packages', 'Clients', 'ClientGroups']) Or you can override app/modelsservices.php with the attached services.php file services.php
  3. Probably want to create a new thread for that or post in the discord channel.
  4. Pretty sure the problem with the coupon is that it is only set for the NAD currency
  5. Hmm, you can update line 256-260 of gocardless.php from: if ($this->ifSet($_GET['pay_type'], $_POST['pay_type']) == 'subscribe') { $pay_type = 'subscribe'; } elseif ($this->ifSet($_GET['pay_type'], $_POST['pay_type']) == 'onetime') { $pay_type = 'onetime'; } To: if ($this->ifSet($_GET['pay_type'], $this->ifSet($_POST['pay_type'])) == 'subscribe') { $pay_type = 'subscribe'; } elseif ($this->ifSet($_GET['pay_type'], $this->ifSet($_POST['pay_type'])) == 'onetime') { $pay_type = 'onetime'; } I'll create an issue on the GitHub repository for this
  6. Jono

    Blesta TCAdmin problem

    Would you mind updating components/modules/tcadmin/api/tcadminapi.php line 68 from: if ($host_name_output != false) { to if ($host_name_output != "<?xml version='1.0'?><document></document>") { The visit the page again and post the log. It looks like the module has an bug with logging errors properly, I've created a task on github to fix this.
  7. The docs should probably be more clear. It says that vars "may include following". The client_id is not guaranteed to exist (the validation rule uses an if_set on edit), so if no client_id was submitted to Services::edit() then none will be available to the event. That being said, you can always fall back in the old_service client ID if one does not exist in vars.
  8. Jono

    Blesta TCAdmin problem

    Hi there, A couple quick questions. What version of Blesta and the TCAdmin module are you using? Have you checked the module logs under Tools > Logs > Module to look for errors? If there are any errors in those logs can you share them here?
  9. Are you saying that you want to view the client profile in their preferred language? Or you just want to see what it is? The first seems a bit odd, because you might not even understand whatever language they chose. Maybe we could have a language selector but default it to the admin's language. The second can be accomplished by editing the client through the admin or client interface.
  10. Hi, just to chime in on this. Obviously it is still a work in progress but our goal in this process is to create a stripe integration that will address any security concerns that people have with the current one. Primarily this includes adding 3DS through Stripe and using Stripe.js to save payment details without them every touching the Blesta server. Both can be accomplished through the use of Stripe Elements through Stripe.js. When I mention adding the ability for a gateway to modify the credit card form, that means for stripe it could use those things. The 3DS process is already a part of Stripe.js and stripe elements as long as we set things up correctly. That is not specifically laid out in the task so I hope to be able to update it and say more specifically and in depth how it will be implemented.
  11. Yea this module was built a couple years ago. I believe at that time they were still in the process of developing their current API. You can see that the endpoint structure is completely different between the examples, so the module must be working off of an old API. I'll go ahead and create a task to look into updating the module to use the new API. CORE-3217
  12. Jono

    User Info appearance

    Both the white space (CORE-3181) and the tooltips remaining open (CORE-3201) are resolved in the final release of 4.6. They should now remain open for 2/10 of a second unless you hover over the body of the tooltip in which case it will remain open until you mouse off.
  13. We've created CORE-3206 to do just that
  14. Hi there, if this is the same thing you private messaged us about then knowing the actually key is not necessary, you can using the API as we described. However, if this is in fact a plugin, and not external software, then you should follow the documentation here for creating a Blesta plugin. It should make you life easier by giving you easy access the Blesta models, helpers, and components without having to go through the API.
  15. Jono

    Multicraft daemon

    Care to elaborate on what bugs you are referring to?
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