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  1. Yea this module was built a couple years ago. I believe at that time they were still in the process of developing their current API. You can see that the endpoint structure is completely different between the examples, so the module must be working off of an old API. I'll go ahead and create a task to look into updating the module to use the new API. CORE-3217
  2. Jono

    User Info appearance

    Both the white space (CORE-3181) and the tooltips remaining open (CORE-3201) are resolved in the final release of 4.6. They should now remain open for 2/10 of a second unless you hover over the body of the tooltip in which case it will remain open until you mouse off.
  3. We've created CORE-3206 to do just that
  4. Hi there, if this is the same thing you private messaged us about then knowing the actually key is not necessary, you can using the API as we described. However, if this is in fact a plugin, and not external software, then you should follow the documentation here for creating a Blesta plugin. It should make you life easier by giving you easy access the Blesta models, helpers, and components without having to go through the API.
  5. Jono

    Multicraft daemon

    Care to elaborate on what bugs you are referring to?
  6. As @Blesta.Store said, it is found in the last line of config/blesta.php. The line looks something like: Configure::set('Blesta.system_key', '{system_key}'); You can get retrieve this value within the Blesta code by calling Configure::get('Blesta.system_key').
  7. @furioussnail In progress. Hoping to get it finished in time for a beta 2 or final release of 4.6.
  8. @furioussnail I believe @Lampard used the "Instant Notification Service (INS) secret word", is that correct?
  9. Awesome! Glad to hear it. @furioussnail perhaps this will be a solution for you as well. I believe we will continue to move forward with CORE-2964 since the old API (though apparently working) is officially discontinued.
  10. @Lampard Haha no I was actually asking because I could not even get the payment page to successfully load, so I wanted to see what you were doing right X) I'm currently creating a task to support the new API though and I'll link to the task here when it is created.
  11. @Lampard Are you having the same issue as @furioussnail, where you can submit a payment in 2checkout, but a successful transaction is not recorded in Blesta? I ask because I have not been able to even make a payment. The fields in 2checkout do not seem to line up with the credentials asked for in Blesta. What mapping are you using? "Merchant Code" => "Vendor Account Number"? "INS Secret Word" => "Secret Word"? Thanks for your help, I think it's becoming more and more clear that we need an update to the gateway that allows you to choose which version of 2checkout you are using.
  12. So to confirm, the interface you are working with looks like the first image and not the second? Just want to make sure I'm testing the right stuff.
  13. Hi, sorry for the delay. It sounds like this may be some new 2Checkout API? I have been looking at existing functionality but it sounds like that may be a new thing altogether. I hope to have time to investigate that possibility either today or tomorrow.
  14. @furioussnail Am a correct in thinking you are working with the sandbox right now? Are your notifications set up here https://sandbox.2checkout.com/sandbox/notifications/? I kinda assume so since you have those logs, I'm just double checking.
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