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  1. Hello - I just migrated my install over to a new host and switched over the DNS and I am getting a "Too Many Redirects" error. The only difference is that before I was on WHM/Cpanel and the install was installed in a subdirectory, and now it was moved to Cloudways/Digital Ocean and set up as a separate application in a root directory. I don't remember if I had to change something in a config file somewhere in order for it to work in a subdirectory or not. Of maybe missing something stupid. Never had this issue before when I moved it the last time. Anyone have any ideas what could be ca
  2. Yep still using the theme, just had to update a couple files when we updated to 4.9. Was pretty easy to do.
  3. Just FYI - I had originally purchased this add-on some time ago as an individual add-on, then when it had to be included in a "subscription", I paid the $10 again just so I can use the add-on. Then, I performed an update to Blesta which rendered the add-on useless and was no longer compatible. This happened over a year ago and we're just now getting a "working" version? No thanks, even if it is $10 it's not worth the hassle IMO. Sorry, but if you are going to make add-ons for a piece of software that you can't keep up with to ensure compatibility, then maybe you need to scale back an
  4. @Blesta Addons What versions of Blesta is the updated version compatible with?
  5. I couldn't even force manual delivery on invoices, it was just getting stuck until I disabled or switched to the default. The only errors showing in the logs were pointing to app_controller.php.
  6. Hello - I haven't been able to use this plugin (which I have paid for) for some time now because it is behind on compatibility with newer versions. No offense, but I would think that because you specifically develop plugins and add-ons for Blesta that you would be more on top of new releases and making sure everything you sell is compatible with these newer versions when they are released? All of my clients got used to the old version that displayed the invoice right in the Client Dashboard and have been reverted back to the old way of downloading PDFs. When do you expect to have a workin
  7. @Blesta Addons - So I have updated to Blesta 4.6 and PHP 7.2 and found that if I have the HTML Invoice selected in Invoice Customization, it causes delivery issues with the Deliver Invoices cron task. When I disable it, that cron task runs fine. Just thought you should know.
  8. Weird, just came back to my desk after a few hours and it finally ran and delivered the test invoice I had created. Will continue to monitor.
  9. Hello - Just upgraded to Blesta 4.6 and Invoice Delivery stopped working. They are being generated and are viewable from both Admin and Client sides. Just not being delivered. Anybody have any idea why this is happening? Thanks
  10. Guess I will wait to see what Paul says just to make sure. Mcrypt isn't bundled with PHP after 7.1 so you would have to do some workarounds just to install it. Don't want to go through the hassle of having to revert everything back if it doesn't work out. Thanks.
  11. Hello - Was looking into upgrading my PHP version while also upgrading to Blesta 4.6, however after some investigation it looks like they dropped support for mcrypt in PHP 7.2. Is this still required to run Blesta are is it fine without it? Thanks
  12. Ah, it makes sense because I saw that the guy who originally developed the client theme I am using posted in that same thread. Thank you @Tyson
  13. Hello - I setup a brand new install of Blesta 4.6 and configured some stuff similarly to my production site running 4.3.2 to test out my custom client theme and I found that in my dev environment, a directory "client_data" was missing from my plugins directory. Does anyone know what plugin this directory is/was associated with? Was it absorbed into another plugin in a recent update or something? My client theme is trying to pull data from it like "number of open invoices" and "number of open tickets". Here is some example code: $this->Javascript->setInline(' $(document).ready(f
  14. Purchased a Lifetime/Unbranded license directly from them, I'll submit a ticket. Thanks.
  15. Hey - I have a license already and have been using Blesta for some time now. However, I do have a custom client theme and my Blesta version is 4.3.2. Is it possible to download Blesta and set it up in a test environment locally so I can test my client theme to make sure it is compatible or if I have to make changes so it is. What is the process for this? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks.
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