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  1. Are you using cPanel? If so make sure your System PHP matches your Domain PHP. I have seen where if Domain is 7.2 and System is 7 causes issue.
  2. Thanks so much this is great. Are you going to pass it back to NameSilo? They have the original posted on their site.
  3. @bw1 Yep its been out a while. I think a few are using it seems to work well per others. It will also be a while for Blesta to implement a "way it should be done" gateway. Its not High on their list as it will take a rewrite on the merchant gateway system.
  4. bdacus01

    CPanel ACL

    I would log a SR. You might email him as well. I would also put it here https://requests.blesta.com/
  5. All: I am trying to Display my tld prices. This post is the only one I could find. I am not a Coder... I have loaded the api file from https://github.com/phillipsdata/blesta_sdk I have created a API user in the application under API access. I have a working Blesta 4.2.2 install. on php 7.1 I created a file prices.php and put the below in it. All I get is a White screen... What I want to do it to be able to link to a Page and all the info display. Like domainpricing.html <?php require_once "blesta_api.php"; $user = "my user "; $key = "my key here"; $url = "https://my domain/blesta/api/"; // Fetch the packages $api = new Api($url, $user, $key); $model = "packages"; $method = "getAllPackagesByGroup"; $params = array('package_group_id'=>'2'); $response = $api->get($model, $method, $params); echo "<table>"; if (($packages = $response->response())) { foreach ($packages as $package) { echo "<tr>"; $pricingsArray=($package->pricing); foreach ($pricingsArray as $pricing) { $priceArray = ($pricing->price); echo "<td>". $priceArray . "</td>"; } } } echo "</table>"; ?>
  6. @CherrySorry to keep bothering you... Looking at Janitor now. I uploaded it under plugins. However it doesn't show under available? I tried chown'ing it even though it looks good. I even flushed my cache. What am i missing PHP 7.1 B 4.2.2
  7. Oh ok great..
  8. @CherryLogin to your Stripe account> down to Business Settings > expand look for PCI Compliance. If you are in America you have to Update it every year...
  9. Welcome to the group.. Hope it all works out well..
  10. @CherryDo you find that this Improved Gateway. Meets the requirements for Stripes PCI requirements? After your 20 required transactions did you all receive the pre-filled A questionnaire from Stripe? Anyone else as well?
  11. Actually I wasn't talking about your Plugin. I was referring to the OP code. I will say I did notice you versioned your Resend Welcome Email. So I singed up for your Basic service to get it just in the off chance its was compatible with PHP 7. It was!!! Thanks. You might add PHP compatibility to your site under the requirement or specs.
  12. All: Its a bit off topic and I am sure you all could improve on this alot.. Since I needed to do a few servers. I wrote this KernelCare bash script. I have tested it against supported and unsupported kernels. It does seem to work. Feel free to use or improve. Already updated to read apache user and gid. Change the txt to sh.. kernelcare.txt
  13. Thanks this mod still works on 4.1.2 I will use this until it reaches core..
  14. Does Stripe Not support Subscription? Seems it does https://stripe.com/subscriptions Maybe you mean Blesta Payment Gateway doesn't support Subscription which looks like it doesn't.. https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Stripe Paypal supports subscriptions. I am sort of asking about the Blesta Payment Gateways in general as well. In general this my general understanding.. What I am seeming to see is None of the Blesta Payment gateways outside of Paypal and maybe Square are PCI compliant EG fully tokenized. So what payment gateways do you all use? Have you all that use as example Stripe gone through PCI compliance testing?
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