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  1. [BUY] Improved LogicBoxes Module

    Looks like what you want is in the plans. @Kronz
  2. [BUY] Improved LogicBoxes Module

    This should actually be in domain system overall for every possible reseller module.
  3. Namesilo Plugin

    I would set it up in the test system and try it.. you have a test system right. I think the blesta license allows for this right @Paul
  4. Namesilo Plugin

    It looks like Ryan Matthews @mrrsm forked it here. To pull in all available tlds. I haven't tried it yet. https://github.com/mrrsm/Blesta-Namesilo
  5. Namesilo Plugin

    Isn't it just adding them in the config/namesilo.php. Or is more to it? Keep in mind I am just asking.
  6. Who Am I

    Thanks and welcome... True we all will make mistakes. I just prefer to know and try to understand before I start. I know I can't get it all in and done. True anyone can sign up for business. Going in blind is not how prefer it.. again just me. I also agree over the next 5 years Blesta will be as good or better than the other guys.
  7. Vertualizor Module v2

    Don't know if you all use Virtualizor. They just updated their module. http://virtualizor.com/wiki/Blesta_Module_V2
  8. Who Am I

    See it's all about learning. I learned about your module. You learned your info isn't up to par for regular old joes like me... it's all good now. Remember from now on you never know where next few buck may come from... So can I use the native maxmind with it as well? Or can I only use one or the other?
  9. Who Am I

    I love sabayon... it's one of my all time favs. I am not a purest though. I wish Arch was more popular... love me some Pacman. Oh and thanks nice to meet you to...
  10. Who Am I

    Yes sir I am.... I am glad you noticed. We won't discuss that here. I would simply ask you to tell me about your module? You know like to someone who might want to purchase it. Feel free to email me back😎. Shall we say Take 2...
  11. Who Am I

    Well like I said still in the research and investigation stage. In general shared hosting, and domains maybe. I am not a coder so no dice there.. I have currently tried or studied: debian, red hat, centos, ubuntu, arch, gentoo, and bsd My Current choice is CentOS 7 Interworx, directadmin, cpanel, plesk, vestacp, webmin, and CWP I like and would use CPanel and Plesk. Currently using CPanel. Blesta and clientexec. Haven't tried whmcs or hostbill (seems costly.) Currently using Blesta. I have accounts at NameCheap, Hover, Gandi, InternetBS, NameSilo, Resell.biz and Enom. Not sure I prefer one. Currently use NameSilo as a user not reseller. learning about KVM and Virtualizor maybe SolusVM next.... Have looked into Maxmind, FraudLabs, and Fraud record. Seems like Maxmind is the favorite. From the business side. I have looked into becoming an LLC. Looked at Paypal, Stripe and Square. Also looked a Xero and Freshbooks. (I don't see integration there in Blesta). Well I am sure I left out a bunch of stuff.. Anyway its no rush just learning. I like the community here.. No body has yet to bash me.. so seems comfortable. Relationships matter to me. Thanks
  12. [Plugin] Resend Welcome Email

    Oh I assume he would. I am just learning and testing. currently... BTW love your site...
  13. [Plugin] Resend Welcome Email

    Thanks will uninstall. Wonder if this is on the Request list...
  14. [Plugin] Resend Welcome Email

    Does this work on Blesta 4.1 and PHP 7. All I get is a blank page?
  15. Who Am I

    All: I wanted to say Hello. I wanted to intro myself. I am Brent Dacus. I live in Tennessee. I have been in IT for 19 years. So I am not a kid...actually I am fairly old. (Mike I had to get that in ). I love computers and technology. I like to ask questions and help out where I can. I am not a programmer. I can test well. I want to also state I am not in the industry of web hosting or infrastructure. I don't own a company. I don't support clients. I don't know all the terms or even the popular 3rd party apps. I am trying to learn even at my age...haha. Why because I am interested in learning it all and may want to enter the industry on a very small scale some day. Anyway I really like Blesta. I have tried the "others" some have things Blesta needs some don't. I don't need a lot of plugins...actually I may not even know what I need. Feel free to give me advice, tell me to get out now before I go crazy or just ask me to help out. Thanks for your time.