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  1. Would be interested if you can sell it for 200$, and a staff verify his license is valid Just my own bid, you can accept it or not, I'm not forcing anyone either. But personally, with 220$, I can purchase a branded license + 3 years in support, so it's not worth it to go for anything above especially when blesta monthly pricing is ~$8.5.
  2. My typo I've set it to be suspended in 1 day, but it always suspends service after 2 days (edited on #1)
  3. Hi! Currently I've set all service to be suspended 1 day after due date but for some reason, it always suspend services in 2 days 😕 One of my client service: Due date: Aug 08, 2018 - Suspended date: Aug 10, 2018. I've double checked client group config and it's set to company setting. Cronjob run at default setting (Suspend services in 1 AM) of Blesta, never changed it since I installed though. I'm not sure what is my mistake at this point
  4. I know this has been posted quite long time ago and I'm here to bump it up Personally, I think affiliates feature is essential for a billing system as that helps increasing sales, finding new customers. Blesta truly need it own affiliate system. I know there is https://www.idevdirect.com/ plugin but look: 1. Its license cost 2x more than Blesta alone. 2. Their interface is buggy, no way that would match with Blesta. (main one) 3. Missing proper functions such as automatic payment for affiliates, recurring commission, sales tracking for affiliates, ... 4. Blesta w
  5. 1. Blesta built-in affiliate system. 2. Paypal with billing agreement. 3. Gateway locks for users (So if a user is not verified, they won't be able to use Paypal for example. Or user who use proxies will only able to checkout using bitcoin etc) @PauloV
  6. Hi, Can I ask if the module still working? I'm planning to resell from DO but not sure if it works since the last update was nearly a year ago. If it does work, I will buy Blesta license and use it right away. Some confirmations would be perfect!
  7. Okay so when will you free? I don't usually use email I think we can do it through live chat! Tell me your online time!
  8. Hi, I have a coupon that people can use one of my service for trial, but it is not good if the client keep using it again again :| So I open this topic to request the feature "Once per client" in Coupon settings It would be great if Blesta has this feature in next version
  9. Contacted you on email Waiting for respond
  10. You can test it! If you can, implement the Openstack API into your Opennebula modules! It would be greattt!
  11. Yea, you can sell it's license! WHMCS has Openstack already but I like Blesta more Don't want to use WHMCS Do you have skype? We can talk about this on skype and I will give you a free cloud to research about that
  12. Can anyone here develope an Openstack module for Blesta? Many Hosting/VPS provider is usung openstack for their bussiness now And I'm one of those people It would be great if anyone here can make an openstack panel for Blesta , I've seen many people request this on many forum before but still I don't see any that support openstack Thank you so much Blesta commuinity
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