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  1. Hello all, I have finally finished the module you can use to resell SSL Certificate through SSLTrust: https://gitlab.com/ssltrust/besta/-/wikis/Installation https://www.ssltrust.com.au/
  2. the documentation is the biggest issue i have. it requires a lot of implied knowledge on blesta, which i do not have as i am not the creator. And everything, including blesta staff, just keep saying look at the other modules and what they did. well what if they did not do what i want to do? I gave up developing a module for our service 2 years ago. i thought i would give it another try. But i am just about to give up again and scrap the idea of having a blesta module for our resellers.
  3. the documentation on module development i am finding to be very disappointing. It requires a lot of implied knowledge on blesta, that i would not have as i am not the creator. So i am getting stuck at almost every part of our module development. So far i am wanting to update a module_row_meta key value from other functions in the module. This is because our API uses a rotating API auth tokens. So each API call replies with a new token, thus it needs to be updated in the database to be used on the next API call. Does anyone know how to update the module_row_meta table from other
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