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  1. Looks nice, mate. Maybe consider a little more aggressive wording on the main slogan... "Make your wordpress site AWESOME", or "Take your wordpress site to the next level!". When I read "be better", while that is appealing, it's not enough to move me to action. Just my 2 cents. Nice work!
  2. I abandoned all CMS, and just went with plain old html5, with my IDE to perform my page content edits. Performance is better, and much less overhead.
  3. Follow-up on this solution: It broke the checkout page at the "Continue" button. Probably don't want to use this.
  4. No worries, mate. I am using uptimerobot now, and it is working a treat for my use-case. Thanks.
  5. Excuse me, but had you read the recent posts on that thread you'd have seen 1. My post, and 2. No response from the author of Cachet as to the status of a blesta integration.
  6. Nice, nice. That worked a treat. I did have to remove a few more lines in order to get the entire array, but it worked as promised. Thanks for that! I'll post the snippet I removed below: $base_uri . "accounts/" => array( 'name' => $this->_("Navigation.getprimaryclient.nav_paymentaccounts"), 'active' => false, 'secondary' => array( $base_uri . "accounts/" => array( 'name' => $this->_("Navigation.getprimaryclient.nav_paymentaccounts"), 'active' => false, 'icon' => "fa fa-list" ), $base_uri . "accounts/add/" => array( 'name' => $this->_("Navigation.getprimaryclient.nav_paymentaccounts_add"), 'active' => false, 'icon' => "fa fa-plus-square" ), $base_uri => array( 'name' => $this->_("Navigation.getprimaryclient.nav_return"), 'active' => false, 'icon' => "fa fa-arrow-left" ) ) ),
  7. Hi everyone. I don't use any merchant accounts, and thus have disabled the ability for any "Payment Accounts" to be created by the client. A problem exists, however. The menu link still exists, and takes the client to a page with disabled functionality. I wish to hide this link. I suspect I can do this conditionally with a bit of PHP. Before I go poking around in template files, I wanted to know if I am missing something which already provides a method to hide this link... like an addon or even a... built-in toggle within blesta? If not, what is the template file to work in?
  8. Marking as solved, thanks again.
  9. Thanks, mate. This isn't news to me. I am familiar with the entire saga. A new customer requested them, and as we're hungry for new business, I intend to at least try 2CO for that reason Cheers.
  10. @Licensecart Thank you, sir. Maybe they've improved. Guess we'll see, eh?
  11. Hi everyone. I am setting up 2Checkout non-merchant payment gateway. 4 Fields with unintuitive labels. Does a setup guide or cheatsheet exist for this exercise? The blesta docs are unhelpful in this regard. Thanks
  12. Uptime robot has a great site with a very good interface. My only complaint is with cloudflare. It appears that a conflict exists within the cloudflare system that throws an error 1000 when trying to resolve a cname'd domain from and to cloudflare. Both myself, and uptimerobot use cloudflare, and it appears that cloudflare's nginx is trying to proxy to itself, thus it complains about "prohibited IP". Bummer. Anyone successfully using uptimerobot with DNS / cname record managed by cloudflare?
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