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  1. do you have a reverse dns(Rdns) setup with your webhost provider? if not that may be your problem
  2. this link https://github.com/CyanDarkInc/cPanel-Extended/archive/master.zip dose not work to download 5.1.1
  3. had to copy the defult admin folder to admin folder of the admin area i renamed it from admin to somthing else and it messed up the backend
  4. Henrynowa

    upgrade problems

    this all happen after i did the upgrade unable to make any changes like if i try to change my test accounts password it does nothing if i put in a new password it goes right back with out changing it not able to setup any new hosting packages not able to edit this Description or Configurable Options if you hit creat nothing happens it dose not save
  5. i changed the server settings on it is there anyway you can help
  6. i'm have problems with this add on it will not let me upload or select a file
  7. Henrynowa

    digital downlaod

    is there away to have digital download files? we sell templates that we would like to have downloaded after payment
  8. i have all that done i used to do every thing by forms and set them up old school enter all the account info by hand it gets old after a bit
  9. ok i was just making sure it was not a bug could it be added at some point
  10. ok in the cpanel-extended plugin it has a spot for the reseller disk and bandwidth to be passed Disk Space Reseller Limit Bandwidth Reseller Limit this was not being setup with out this plugin
  11. ok the cPanel Extended Module fixed my problem
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