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  1. Thanks for the reply Cool, it will be very useful. The reason I don't do this, and I prefer to stick with the "billable item" added to coming invoice feature as in WHMCS is because my Merchant will charge me additional fees for any other invoice charged same cycle, same customer. I explain with an example: One of my services is VOIP. My customer has a plan for $39.99 / month. And customer used some minutes beyond the allowable with the monthly plan, then the amount for the excess is just $ 1.78. Then, If I let the automation do this at the billing date, an additional
  2. -Bump- for point 2 and 3. I don't use QUANTUM Vault anymore since I switched to STRIPE, and I see you have STRIPE module already. I would love to see the "privacy protection" for those using LOGICBOXES (ResellerCLub) Module (point 2 above), and the "BILLABLE ITEMS" to be added to Next Invoice Feature (as point 3 above).
  3. Hi, I am an old user of WHMCS, and I know the following 3 features are present on that platform. I had purchased Blesta some time ago, but I haven't been able to use it due to some missing features I need. I have written about the first of the requests below in the forums, and the other 2 requests are suggestions on my particular case, which will make BLESTA complete enough for my needs: --------------- 1) CDG commerce Merchant - Quantum Gateway VAULT version (tokenization)- Module https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/925-quantum-gateway-vault/
  4. (bump) Today more than ever need to migrate from WHMCS and start using my blesta installation, but all my customers (let's say 90%) are set on quantum Vault (off site credit card info saved, with automatic renewal) Any update on this?
  5. Hi. Just to know. I installed the 3.0.1 version succesfully. I'm still on tests to learn how it works (since I am more familiarized with WHMCS). So, Before beginning the migration of info to Blesta, I wanted to know if BLESTA 3, in addition of QUANTUM GATEWAY plugin, would have ability to use also the CDG Quantum VAULT gateway version? I mean, using just TOKENIZATION, to use their vault DB rather than storing the CC encrypted on Blesta DB, for recurring automatic billing/payments. I know WHMCS does that (since they have 2 separate plugins, one for REGULAR Quantum and other for Q
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