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  1. In v. 3.6.1, the eNom module lists an API key field, which actually should be relabeled to "Password" and changed to a password type input field on the form. The password should be masked on the Installed Modules -> Manage eNom screen. It seems like a really bad idea to have the user's eNom password in the clear like that.
  2. I think you're right about the issue importing. I'm going to delete all the database tables and try installing/migrating again with a clean slate.
  3. It's been a long day, but I don't see how that would work. There are no products listed if I go Settings -> Modules -> Installed Modules -> Universal Module. If I pick a client, then click Add Service, I can add a domain, but it still shows it billing beginning today even if I uncheck eNom.
  4. I migrated my data into a trial version of Blesta using the Import Manager, I have the eNom module installed and configured, I've created a package group called "domains," and I've set up a package for each TLD we need in the domains group. Now I'm trying to figure out from the documentation how to get my clients' domains set up. Most of my clients in WHMCS have at least one domain registered. They didn't make it in the migration as services, so I guess I need to set them up manually; however, I don't see any way to do it and make the next invoice coincide with when the domains are due to rene
  5. The part about exporting a theme was clear, but I was thinking that if I were to export/re-import a theme, and you updated the parent theme down the line with some code changes that would affect it's functioning, I'd be using an out-of-date theme. I was thinking I could just use one of the custom themes you have and change the colors to match the Blesta theme to avoid that problem.
  6. Ah! I didn't select a non-default theme, and was trying to find a way to use Blesta Blue theme and change the logo. Thanks.
  7. With a branded monthly license, is there a way to add our own company logo to replace the Blesta logo on the client area pages? I don't want to remove the "powered by," just replace the logo so clients know they are on our site.
  8. I realize this is an old post, but in case you can still use it to add to the importer, the database structure for the knowledgebase in v. 6.x of WHMCS is: -- -- Table structure for table `tblknowledgebase` -- CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `tblknowledgebase` ( `id` int(10) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `title` text NOT NULL, `article` text NOT NULL, `views` int(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `useful` int(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `votes` int(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `private` text NOT NULL, `order` int(3) NOT NULL, `parentid` int(10) NOT NULL, `language` text NOT NULL, PRIMARY K
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