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    Laflecha got a reaction from PauloV in [Plugin] Support Manager Pro - Tickets Delete, Merge, Spam, Multiple Tickets.   
    Excellent plugin a great contribution
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    Laflecha got a reaction from activa in [Module] Logicboxes Reloaded   
    Wow Excellent, I need something like that urgently
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    Laflecha reacted to Paul in Release 4.1.2   
    Version 4.1.2 is now available. Please see the announcement.

    This is a patch release that corrects issues with 4.1.0.
    Be sure to run /admin/upgrade after uploading the patch or full versions. NOTE! If you have a large number of invoices, it may be necessary to run the upgrade via CLI as the upgrade process can take some time while a new table is populated. This migration was introduced in 4.1.1 and improved in this release - 4.1.2. If you aren't already running 4.1.1, it's better to go to 4.1.2 directly as the migration is more efficient than in 4.1.1. To upgrade via CLI, from your Blesta directory run: php ./index.php admin/upgrade

    Patching Blesta

    See Patching Blesta in the User Manual for instructions.

    Release Notes

    See Blesta Core - Version 4.1.2.

    See all Change Logs.
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    Laflecha got a reaction from Beav in Migrate Blesta to Blesta   
    Exactly I will need @Paul 's help in order to migrate clients and their services
    @gosuhostThat I already knew read several times the tutorial I need a solution to be able to do the migration, if you can already migrate from WHMCS to blesta because you can not from blesta to blesta in versions 3+ - 4+
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    Laflecha reacted to Blesta Addons in [Template] Professional Client Side -Admin Lte-   
    Hello The community
    LAST UPDATE : 23-08-2014
    First i dont know if this is the correct forum to post !
    another time we are happy to announce the release of the first professional Template for blesta called admin LTE , this Template is based in the adminLTE  , is bootsrap of course (3.1.x) .
    to not talk so much i will let you with some screenshoot .
    Login Page


    Client Dashboard

    Client Other Pages

    when we get more time we will word in the admin side , but we need to add ability to select template for admin side like client side .
    any BUG/SUGGESTION port it in this thread .
    you can download it from  github https://github.com/Blesta-Addons/adminlte
    just upload the folder adminlte inside the folder    "app/views/client/" and select the template from admin area .
    THE BONUS  :
    the color theme can be changed from admin side in look and feel , client section .
    if you like our work , thanks or donate
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    Laflecha reacted to Blesta Addons in Domain Manager - We need your feedback on domains   
    +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 . this is the real happy end story
    We want to do something as plugins for those two feature, but we found we need to make some core files change, so we stopped the work .
    We Still with blesta because we support it, even if the competitor has a importer of blesta now . when we support any project that not mean we should always applause anything they do, anything they want to do, we should give ideas, advices, notes, and we punish them when we found something that should not be as it should.
    in the end, they invent and manufacture the soft, and we are who use it in real life .
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    Laflecha reacted to Blesta Addons in Change Model Business   
    From some weeks ago i have the idea to change Model Business of Blesta Addons, as the moment we offer free Opens source code or crypted files, also we offer paid addons licensed, and personally i hate the crypted files, i feel in love with open source, so i think to offer all my actual addons in open source format, with some change to the Model Business used, we plan to make Blesta Addons as  membership clubs with levels .
    Default Level, this will be free membership that will give access to all addons related to this group freely .
    Bronze Level, this membership will be with small fee annually (arround 9$-15$), this level give the client access to the default level addons and all related addons to this level .
    Platinum Level, this membership will be with fee annually (arround 25$-29$), this level give the client access to the default + Bronze levels addons and all related addons to this level .
    Gold Level, this membership will be with fee annually (arround 45$-60$), this level give the client access to the default + Bronze + Platinum levels addons and all related addons to this level .
    So we will no longer provide separate (module/plugins/addons) , they will be included to membership package, that the client can download and use all the addons with a fix amount membership. all the plugin will become a open source version and not crypted anymore...
    This is just a idea, nothing decided, and we will continue developing and releasing addons of blesta, some of what we have prepared to the community :
    Modules : Virtualizor Extended, Digital Product Pro, Epp Registrar, Logicboxes Reloaded, Logixboxes Gsuite, Memebership (change client group besed on package),
    Plugins : Admin Tools (Rewrite), Cms Pro (True Hosting CMS), Package Converter, Monolog Reader (Read Monolog files), News System, Cart Menu, Client Data (More data Stat), Cron Debugger, Store System
    On Developpment :
    Plugins : Affiliate System,
    Modules : Ovh Domains, Ovh Vps
    Themes : Adminlte (Upgrade to v4), Admin Core (Advanced Admin Theme),
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    Laflecha got a reaction from Michael in Virtualmin Module (Alpha)   
    thanks @Licensecart
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    Laflecha got a reaction from ariq01 in Get/Fetch Client Data by Ajax Request   
    You should create a video on youtube for us newbies
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    Laflecha got a reaction from jobplease in Integrate blesta with wordpress ???   
    there some form of integrate blesta with wordpress ???
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    Laflecha reacted to JNdev in E-theme - Blesta & Hosting Template   
    E-themeis a fully responsive HTML5/CS3 hosting template. This template is easy to edit with basic HTML experience and 100% fully integrated blesta original templates. E-theme easy to use, edit, customize. Based On PHP & Bootstrap 3.
    Free Installation
    Main features
    ★ Ultra Responsive
    ★ Html5 & Css3
    ★ Blesta Theme Integrated
    ★ Top Menu
    ★ Mega Menu Standar
    ★ Mega Menu Advanced
    ★ Label Menu
    ★ SEO-Friendly Site URL Structure
    ★ Shortcode Hosting Features 50+
    ★ Sticky Menu (Enable/Disable)
    ★ Includes FontAwesome Icon Fonts
    ★ Google Fonts
    ★ Parallax backgrounds
    Seo Setting
    ★ General Google Meta
    ★ Social Meta
    ★ Microdata & Semantic Html5

    Editing features
    ★ Only 1 File To edit navigation
    ★ Only 1 File To edit footer
    You can easy add/edit menu from 1 file to every page.

    Blesta Integration
    You can easy add menu/footer from 1 file to every page blesta.
    Compatible with blesta 4
    Minimum blesta 3.6
    Blesta Update We update E-Theme For compatibilty
    Price $20  onetime (Coupon blesta )
    Buy Now | Main Web Demo
    Blesta Demo
    First you need to sign here
    Username: [email protected]
    Password: demouser
    After sign in, click here or paste this url https://blesta-dev.jawanet.com/client/main/?switcher=etheme-bootstrap
    $20 for first 15 order, after 15 price $30
    How can i view update version?
    You can view update history on https://marketplace.blesta.com/#/extensions/42
    What can i request feature?
    Yes contact us, free.
    Unlike Default Blesta Theme Color?
    Contact us and we create as you wish , free
    We also can integrate your web to blesta, for wp $30  | html site $15
    If you have any idea, feature request, questions and more info
    please don't hesitate to contact us [email protected]
    Or submit ticket
    We are always happy to hear from you
    New version available 10-10-2016
    V 1.0.1
    Menu Improvement Unused Js removed on blesta template Unused Css removed on blesta template Add retina image Button Improvement Fix Mega Menu blesta client area New Features
    Modal Login with blesta ( Reference about csrf ) Add slider sample  
    Mega Menu


    When admin visit portal

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