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  1. hi, how is the module coming? i currently have this error once i try to create a KVM VM: Internal API When Creating The VM on the node
  2. FoxelVox

    Proxmox module

    Hi paul, thanks for your response. I'm sure everything is open since firewall options are all open, and tcp+udp+http+https port 8006 is reachable when i run a test application. I installed a different module now, but it gives me this error: Internal API When Creating The VM on the node Also nothing appears in the logs, only that it gets the last used VM id and outputs status ok, but doesn't give api calls back while it can connect since it can find the iso storage and such1
  3. FoxelVox

    Proxmox module

    Hi Community, I just finished up my blesta template and want to enable the proxmox module. But when i try to add a product, it doesn't show available/assigned nodes... These are my settings: https://prnt.sc/hkdkue https://prnt.sc/hkdl62 http://prntscr.com/hkdn5x
  4. BlestaCMS is really good. If you still want to use wordpress or plain html tho, you should intergrate blesta. It looks a lot more professional. Its so easy!
  5. Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it! it was a javascript error after all lol Updated thread with a new question
  6. sure, my teamviewer details are: *removed*
  7. @Licensecart thanks, i already switched to the default template once and that didn't fix it as well.. Could it have to do with my blesta installation or my webserver?
  8. i am https://gyazo.com/a1a43ca5a3a7b853bdd4d1875c9711af
  9. https://gyazo.com/e8135a5917a3c9d9a2422ca1fa61f310 nope, clicked everywere i could
  10. Ok, so i managed to get it working after taking a 2 week break. It was a issue in the javascript. ill release this dashboard theme soon for public for anyone that likes/needs it Another question: is there any possibility i can add a TAB with Directadmin login details( see screenshot below) https://gyazo.com/9f1bdf8446faa44012b23c4978b94ac2 // OLD THREAD Hello, I have a problem with blesta and the directadmin module: is there an option to make customers have access to service management (login to controlpanel url, webmail and phpmyadmin etc. url)? i currently have this: https://gyazo.com/cb394df62c6078380516c117ccdc08b2 and on the manage tab: https://gyazo.com/52938101bfca2de07e85cfb4b3cd9154 site: http://servway.net/connect thanks! (sorry for my poor english)
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