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  1. how i know which service is cancelled.
  2. mukesh

    support manager pro

    twice support option shown when i uploaded support manager pro.
  3. mukesh

    how can delete ticket from database

    how can delete ticket from database
  4. @PauloV i added supportpro its showing twice in both admin and client area. and other thing like open ticket is also twice show. support_managerpro.zip
  5. mukesh

    logicboxes modules

    i remove , [ ] from address than its working no customer id error shown.
  6. mukesh

    logicboxes modules

    issue resolved --- when customer signup and they use special character in there addresss e.g: ,[] when i edit there address line and remove its working and domain activated
  7. mukesh

    logicboxes modules

    when i activate domain using module.
  8. mukesh

    logicboxes modules

    i uploaded again after some edit
  9. mukesh

    logicboxes modules

    output error: https://httpapi.com/api/customers/search.json {"recsonpage":"0","recsindb":"0"}
  10. mukesh

    track upcoming invoice

    yes i want to see what services are scheduled to be invoiced soon?
  11. mukesh

    track upcoming invoice

    before send to customer upcoming invoices shown.
  12. product out of stock shown but when in stock customer/subscriber received a mail. email field shown like: enter your email address to be notified when this server is back in stock:
  13. mukesh

    unsent invoice show after disable invoice option

    i enter valid domain than invoice deliver no further unsent failed log shown.
  14. on demo account unsent invoice show on log almost 150 unsent mail shown how stop why this invoice sending after service cancelled on demo account
  15. mukesh

    Required parameter missing:customer id

    where can i see output log