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  1. it show 6 hour see screen shot and i also try with 5 min and run manually but ticket not closed
  2. yes every 5 minutes i check logs cron also
  3. when i setup 2 days ticket closed but after 3-4 days ticket automatic not closed
  4. goto >manage>control panel> virtualizor panel loaded there. ip and other detail found there
  5. when i add existing vps [virtualizor] ip not. and control also not shown
  6. i try but url attached in invoice is broken.
  7. i try to new file upload its hidden i thing. it show already exist. but setting>general>basic setup !! already redirect to portal folder[sub folder] . and i try manually invoice to redirect to portal folder but invoice page not work.
  8. no .htaccess in subfolder [portal] .
  9. @Paul can you look into this issue
  10. portal [ folder name]
  11. my invoice url show 404 error when open url in invoice i install blesta in subfolder public_html/portal ========= if i move all files blesta to public_html/ it cases some issues ? i want this because url in invoice not open with /subfolder/client/pay/meth
  12. when i click on invoice urls Not Found The requested URL /client/pay/method/29/ was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.