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  1. how can add a feature like free domain when customer go with our higher plan only.
  2. warning shown in namesilo blesta module
  3. php 7.2 blesta Version 4.2.2
  4. mukesh

    namesilo bug

    its worked.
  5. mukesh

    logicboxes error

    error show on logicboxes on bottom when i edit prices and other for a domain in module using logicboxes error shown i attached a screenshot
  6. mukesh

    namesilo bug

    namesilo bug
  7. mukesh

    logic box error

    when try to register domain error module : logicboxes
  8. mukesh


    yes i want to upload css and js as required for header footer.
  9. mukesh


    i want to add header footer if i upload css js html related to header footer file then blesta ask for upgrade?
  10. mukesh

    universal module

    how can use add edit suspend renew in universal module
  11. mukesh

    too many email sending

    yes for same client. i also received because i to my BCC email.
  12. mukesh

    too many email sending

    too many email send for for bcc 100+ why and how can solve this.
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