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  1. yes i try to download that export which is not working
  2. email going to spam from blesta billing system

    but after smtp record added email going to inbox.
  3. email going to spam folder and marked as spam [invoices/tickets/mails] all type emails all record set already on server spf rdns dkim.
  4. how can set default option is payumoney. new option like ach/credit not work i think with domestic payment[it looks like they are using paypal as payment gateways ?]
  5. Logic boxes: how can set renew/transfer prices in packages for domains if not set customer can order with promo ?
  6. renewal: invoice not deliver, last time i upgrade to latest version 4.1.2 i correct my customer renewal date. renewal due date 18-11-2017 i change change from 18-11-2018 but invoice not deliver.
  7. domain search not working

    from where whitelisted. and how can check list.
  8. domain search not working

    only few provider they support , not all ?
  9. domain search not working

    question. logicboxes paid, enom and namecheaps module are free. enom and namecheaps prices are high.
  10. domain search not working

    all domain module are paid ?