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  1. mukesh

    error after migration

    its working now.
  2. mukesh

    order form

    i am using cpanel module.
  3. mukesh

    order form

    how can add country "server select option" in shared hosting?
  4. mukesh

    cron job

    is there any example set up in cpanel.
  5. mukesh

    cron job

    when i changin cron job 5 to 15 min and try update cron but still shown 5 mins
  6. mukesh

    error after migration

    i try all version but not working
  7. mukesh

    500 error

    500 internal server error
  8. mukesh

    error after migration

    after taking full backup then i restore error shown ============================================ Something went wrong. SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user 'billmhos_bles391'@'localhost' (using password: YES) on line 74 in /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/core/ServiceProviders/MinphpBridge.php Printing Stack Trace: #0 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/core/ServiceProviders/MinphpBridge.php(74): PDO->__construct('mysql:dbname=bi...', 'billmhos_bles39...', '4pS[57[5D5', Array) #1 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/vendors/pimple/pimple/src/Pimple/Container.php(118): Blesta\Core\ServiceProviders\MinphpBridge->Blesta\Core\ServiceProviders\{closure}(Object(Minphp\Container\Container)) #2 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/vendors/minphp/container/src/Container.php(22): Pimple\Container->offsetGet('pdo') #3 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/vendors/minphp/bridge/src/Lib/Model.php(25): Minphp\Container\Container->get('pdo') #4 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/app/app_model.php(0): Model->__construct() #5 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/app/models/currencies.php(20): AppModel->__construct() #6 [internal function]: Currencies->__construct() #7 [internal function]: ReflectionClass->newInstance() #8 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/vendors/minphp/bridge/src/Lib/Loader.php(275): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #9 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/vendors/minphp/bridge/src/Lib/Loader.php(253): Loader::createInstance('Currencies', Array) #10 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/vendors/minphp/bridge/src/Lib/Loader.php(129): Loader::loadInstances(Array, Array, 'models') #11 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/helpers/currency_format/currency_format.php(35): Loader::loadModels(Object(CurrencyFormat), Array) #12 [internal function]: CurrencyFormat->__construct() #13 [internal function]: ReflectionClass->newInstance() #14 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/vendors/minphp/bridge/src/Lib/Loader.php(275): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #15 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/vendors/minphp/bridge/src/Lib/Loader.php(253): Loader::createInstance('CurrencyFormat', Array) #16 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/vendors/minphp/bridge/src/Lib/Loader.php(158): Loader::loadInstances(Array, Array, 'helpers') #17 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/vendors/minphp/bridge/src/Lib/Controller.php(154): Loader::loadHelpers(Object(AdminLogin), Array) #18 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/vendors/minphp/bridge/src/Lib/Controller.php(123): Controller->helpers(Array) #19 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/app/app_controller.php(0): Controller->__construct() #20 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/vendors/minphp/bridge/src/Lib/Dispatcher.php(120): AppController->__construct('admin_login', NULL, false) #21 /home/qucvnuar/public_html/portal/index.php(21): Dispatcher::dispatch('/portal/admin/l...') #22 {main} ========== after taking full backup then i restore error shown
  9. we are already using Ngnix web server. but cookies shown failed on Gtmetrix check report here https://gtmetrix.com/reports/bill.mhosting.in/YAdaMpAb
  10. mukesh

    mysql 5.7

    is blesta compatible with mysql 5.7 is there any effect when upgrading 5.6 to 5.7
  11. mukesh


    when i try to upade number of days on support department error occurs.
  12. one task running they ask for clear task lock when i click to they popup a to run cron but i ran cron after this pending
  13. how can fix this issue? on screenshot. recently i migrate to new server. and it causing high server loads
  14. mukesh

    CRM for Blesta

    you also make a good video tutorial when you release it.
  15. how can change renew price before renewal invoice generated
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