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  1. auto apply coupon code on order forum

    thanks its working... need to add in the end of url &coupon=couponcode
  2. existing customer not use coupon

    how can set or allowed only new customer to use coupon code existing customer coupon not allowed to use coupon or only one time coupon allowed or used
  3. auto apply coupon code on order forum

    is there any plugin or way to apply coupon code on cart automatically
  4. update to v4.1.1 error

    i try to upgrade using browser it takes 5 sec only
  5. cpanel extended

    can cpanel extended fetch existing customer from cpanel ?
  6. when i update price using universal module error: windows is required
  7. dedicated server module

    https://github.com/CyanDarkInc/Universal-Server-Module module not found.
  8. dedicated server module

    how many universal module blesta has. i know only one. which i attached in screenshot. but this not dedicated universal module
  9. dedicated server module

    i am using universal right now. but any other with more feature.
  10. dedicated server module

    any dedicated server module
  11. currency issue package problem

    our currency default INR out side india customer pay in dollor [via paypal]. our new customer pay in dollor. but services added like e.g. 1month@199inr. 2. but next month shown renewal prices show in manage>manage services option in INR 3. show next month what is invoice is INR OR $ DOLLOR ? 4. if INR I see there is no option to change in dollor. module using universal
  12. uable to add image in ticket system

    yes its working.......thanks paul.
  13. uable to add image in ticket system

    i create folder via ssh and 755 permission not working when i changed to 777 than its working and i attached screenshot in ticket system