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  1. I will come back to Blesta at some point, I miss it tbh. WHMCS has too many settings e_e
  2. Done a few design tweaks, offering worldwide currencies now offering unlimited ssd and bandwidth. I LOVE BLESTA <3
  3. Cheers for the reply but I had to go into /app/views/client/%themename%/css/main.css as there was no option in the settings on the admin panel.
  4. Hi all, How do I change the client navbar to use the hex code #F39C12. Please see the attached screenshot to know what i talking about. Thank you.
  5. Digital Ocean are the best mate, I was with them for a few years.
  6. Interesting, just checked all my usernames and emails, all clean here
  7. Ohh gawd, back to the drawing board. A flat test tube will do >_<
  8. Sweet plugin, decided to use this for the main cPanel plugin Good work
  9. So spent the past few hours trying to convert the Flat theme to a theme that looks like the home page kinda without breaking the default Blesta styles. What do you guys think https://chemical-servers.co.uk/billing/ I had to somehow make the default Blesta branding look nice on the theme.
  10. So I thought I test out BitPay, each time I press the bitcoin button the page refreshes
  11. I have a tendency to search for unused concept logo's, wait till you scroll down the page with the logo, its pretty aha. Hmmm good idea.
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