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  1. I will come back to Blesta at some point, I miss it tbh. WHMCS has too many settings e_e
  2. Done a few design tweaks, offering worldwide currencies now offering unlimited ssd and bandwidth. I LOVE BLESTA <3
  3. Cheers for the reply but I had to go into /app/views/client/%themename%/css/main.css as there was no option in the settings on the admin panel.
  4. Hi all, How do I change the client navbar to use the hex code #F39C12. Please see the attached screenshot to know what i talking about. Thank you.
  5. Digital Ocean are the best mate, I was with them for a few years.
  6. Interesting, just checked all my usernames and emails, all clean here
  7. Ohh gawd, back to the drawing board. A flat test tube will do >_<
  8. Sweet plugin, decided to use this for the main cPanel plugin Good work
  9. So spent the past few hours trying to convert the Flat theme to a theme that looks like the home page kinda without breaking the default Blesta styles. What do you guys think https://chemical-servers.co.uk/billing/ I had to somehow make the default Blesta branding look nice on the theme.
  10. So I thought I test out BitPay, each time I press the bitcoin button the page refreshes
  11. I have a tendency to search for unused concept logo's, wait till you scroll down the page with the logo, its pretty aha. Hmmm good idea.
  12. Updated the design, no longer using wordpress as the mainpage. new temporary logo, may keep the logo if people like it.
  13. Will give them a go. Cheers for the referral
  14. aha yup, My skills in graphics is utterly poor. Its been twitching my eyes since uploading it on there
  15. Hi all, Loving Blesta. Nice and Stable I need feedback on my website, See what I can do to improve it. If anyone knows how to make the billing header menu look like the one on the homepage, that would be great aha. Main Page: https://chemical-servers.co.uk/ Billing Page: https://chemical-servers.co.uk/billing/
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