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  1. JaxSite

    Installation Error: BLESTA_VERSION Undefined

    Another cool update. So this whole thing started when I tried to install Blesta locally on my MacBook Pro running AMPPS. I shifted to installing it on my production server via another subdomain. Thanks to your help Paul, I was able to get it running. So I went back to my laptop and turned on error reporting and debugging. It turns out I was getting a "Session already started..." error. AMPPS default setting in php.ini was session.auto_start = 1. I set that to 0 and everything works locally now too!
  2. JaxSite

    Installation Error: BLESTA_VERSION Undefined

    I just reset my password and removed the special character and everything works now! Woot woot! Thanks for all your help. -Jonathan
  3. JaxSite

    Installation Error: BLESTA_VERSION Undefined

    Yes I use a dollar sign like this: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Database //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Database connection information Configure::set( 'Blesta.database_info', [ 'driver' => 'mysql', 'host' => 'localhost', //'port' => "8889", 'database' => 'some_database', 'user' => 'some_user', 'pass' => 'SomePassword1234\$', 'persistent' => false, 'charset_query' => "SET NAMES 'utf8'", 'sqlmode_query' => "SET sql_mode='TRADITIONAL'", 'options' => [] ] ); -Jonathan
  4. JaxSite

    Installation Error: BLESTA_VERSION Undefined

    Paul, I ran the installation via command line and it showed everything completed. It told me to go to /admin/login/ in browser and then I get the same blank screen. So I turned on errors and this is what I got: The installation connected to the database just fine because it creates all the tables. -Jonathan
  5. JaxSite

    Installation Error: BLESTA_VERSION Undefined

    Paul, Thanks for the response and suggestions. I've tried re-uploading several times. Based on your suggestion, I also re-uploaded blesta-new.php and deleted blesta.php. Re-ran install and still same result. PHP - 5.6 MySQL - 5.6.38 -Jonathan
  6. I am attempting to install the latest version of Blesta 4.1.2 for development and testing. I first tried to install locally on my Mac but was unsuccessful. I knew there were differences in my local AMPPS setup vs my production server, so I opted to try and install on the production server in another subdomain/folder. This production server runs my main instance of Blesta. I just recently upgraded it from 3.x to 4.1.2 without problems. During installation, it tells me I meet the minimum and recommended requirements, etc. I fill out my database info and click INSTALL. The progress bar gets about 80% complete then routes me to ../admin/login/setup and the page is blank. I've checked Chrome Dev tools and nothing is returned. It does return a 200 OK. I've dropped the database tables, removed the code, and tried again with the same result. Upon checking my error log, it showed the following: Based on the post here I modified my MySQL my.cnf file with the following and restarted mysqld but still get the same error. wait_timeout=2400 connect_timeout=360 Any ideas or help would be much appreciated. Regards, Jonathan | JaxSite
  7. JaxSite

    Blesta 4.0 Breaking API changes

    Paul, We would like to get a dev license to test our existing customizations before upgrading to 4.x. Further, we have a module we would like to start developing as well. Please let us know how we can acquire a dev license to work locally. Thank you. Regards, Jonathan Griffin | JaxSite
  8. JaxSite

    Support Manager Ticket Entry Font Size

    Thanks Jawanet! It works great!!! I hadn't looked at code options yet, having just scanned the admin settings area. This was an easy fix. I settled on 125% for a size that works for me. #create_ticket textarea { font-size: 125%; }
  9. JaxSite

    Support Manager Ticket Entry Font Size

    Is there a config setting to control the font size used for the text entry on a support ticket? I'm on a MacBook Pro with 1440x900 resolution and using Chrome. I've attached a screenshot.
  10. JaxSite

    Backup Cron Task Not Running

    I'm having fun learning more about Blesta! Looks like system tasks are set with CompanyID=0. That's why I wasn't seeing the backups task run. I've set it back to CompanyID=0. Now the Amazon S3 backup task is running like a champ!
  11. JaxSite

    Backup Cron Task Not Running

    I noticed when I tried to update the Amazon S3 settings from 1 hour to 1 day, I received a cron task run id error.
  12. JaxSite

    Backup Cron Task Not Running

    I've setup Amazon S3 backup configuration. I've tested the connection and it works. I've forced an offsite backup and it succeeds (confirmed in S3). But when I initially went to Settings -> Company -> Automation ... I didn't see Amazon S3 as an option. I noticed in the database in table cron_task_runs the entry for Amazon S3 (in my case id #14) had CompanyID=0. I manually set this to 1 and now I see the Amazon S3 section in the Automation page. But still when the cron job fires, the backups_amazons3 task does not run. I've also confirmed in Global settings that my tmp and upload folders are readable / writeable by the web user Blesta is running as. I've also confirmed that the cron is setup for that same user via crontab -u [username] -e. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!!
  13. JaxSite

    OVH Module

    Has anyone already started work on an OVH provisioning module? I searched the forums but didn't find any posts so far. I'm considering starting on one or would be willing to help collaborate with someone who already has started. Thanks everybody!
  14. JaxSite

    cPanel Extended Security Issue

    Thanks for the tip! I've set up the Creation Error email notification now.
  15. JaxSite

    cPanel Extended Security Issue

    Based on my previous post, I set out this evening to fix the current security issue with the following goals in mind: Remove the Manage button by the service listing in all states except Active. Remove the Switch icons on service row expansion in all states except Active. If someone enters the direct URL to the cPanel Extended dashboard it disables all functionality and displays a message that the account is not properly setup (similar to default cPanel module). Add a notification message somewhere in the Admin so an administrator is aware the next time they login. Email an administrator of the failed provision (this might already be an existing Blesta feature). After getting familiar with Blesta and cPanel Extended codebases, I have fixed the issue and accomplished my first three goals. I'll continue to become more familiar with the codebase so I can complete goals 4 and 5 too. To accomplish goal #1, I wrapped the template code with a status active check. This removed the Manage button in the Options column of the service row. Here is the code: /app/views/client/[template]/client_services.pdt <td> <?php if ($this->Html->ifSet($status) == "active") { ?> <div class="btn-group"> <a href="<?php echo $this->Html->safe($this->base_uri . "services/manage/" . $this->Html->ifSet($services[$i]->id) . "/");?>" class="btn btn-xs btn-default"> <i class="fa fa-cog fa-fw"></i> <?php $this->_("ClientServices.index.option_manage");?> </a> </div> <?php } ?> </td> To accomplish goal #2, I wrapped the containing table row with a status active check. This disables the row expansion feature in all service states except active. Here is the code: /app/views/client/[template]/client_services.pdt <?php // List all services for ($i=0; $i<$num_services; $i++) { if ($this->Html->ifSet($status) == "active") { ?> <tr class="expand service_info"> <?php } else { ?> <tr> <?php } ?> <td><?php $this->Html->_($services[$i]->package->name);?></td> <td><?php $this->Html->_($services[$i]->name);?></td> To accomplish goal #3, I wrapped the sidebar tab building code with a status active check. This removes all of the cPanel Extended tabs and features from the /services/manage/ view. By removing the Manage button in goal #1 above, the average user will never be able to reach this URL. But for the tech savvy, it wouldn't be hard to figure out. And my goal with this fix is to prevent those tech savvy types from causing harm? So just in case this URL is called, unless the service is active, no manage features are available. Here's the code: /app/controllers/client_services.php public function manage() { $this->uses(array("Coupons", "ModuleManager")); // Ensure we have a service if (!($service = $this->Services->get((int)$this->get[0])) || $service->client_id != $this->client->id) $this->redirect($this->base_uri); $package = $this->Packages->get($service->package->id); $module = $this->ModuleManager->initModule($service->package->module_id); $module->base_uri = $this->base_uri; $method = isset($this->get[1]) ? $this->get[1] : null; // Set sidebar tabs if ($service->status == "active") { $this->buildTabs($service, $package, $module, $method); } I've also attached some screenshots showing the updated UIs where a cPanel Extended service is in PENDING state and management is basically disabled. Overall, I've had a fun night getting familiar with some of the code. Most importantly, I'm happy I was able to fix this security issue for my needs. I welcome any suggestions and advice from the Blesta Developers as well as cyandark. If there's a better way to fix this issue, please share so I can learn in the process. Thanks again for providing this community and everyone here who are so helpful. Cheers!