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  1. @Jono I apologize. I should have mentioned that the file I was needing to alter is . . . " admin_main.pdt " Found at: blesta/app/views/admin/default/admin_main.pdt How do I modify that particular file so that it has a ( target="_blank" ) for the custom Quick links ?
  2. @Jono Works great. How do we make it so that the "target" is "Blank" ? ( target="_blank" ) =================== Look forward to your reply.
  3. @Jono Thanks for the tip. I will try it out .
  4. @Jono Thanks for adding this for an update .
  5. @Jono Thanks for the reply. Is there a way we can HARD CODE in our own "custom" links. For instance, I have a Wordpress website that has an interface for the different employees to have THEIR OWN separate, private calendars. A function that Blesta does not currently support. ____________________________________ So I would like to HARD CODE a URL link within the left-side navigation of the Blesta Admin home page that would take the employees to the WordPress website . 1) - Can you please provide an example of where we would HARD CODE a custom URL link to a separ
  6. QUICK NOTE: I found the following code at . . . blesta/app/views/admin/default/admin_main.pdt <section class="quick_links"> <h3><?php $this->_('AdminMain.index.heading_quicklinks');?></h3> <ul> <?php if (!empty($quicklinks)) { foreach ($quicklinks as $quicklink) { ?> <li> <div class="quick_link">
  7. I see on the Home Page of the Admin's dashboard that there is a place for adding custom "Quick Links" to the left-side navigation. ------------------------ NOTE : If you go to . . . blest/language/en_us/admin_main.php You will see the following code . . . 23. // Index 24. $lang['AdminMain.index.page_title'] = 'Dashboard'; 25. $lang['AdminMain.index.heading_quicklinks'] = 'Quick Links'; 26. $lang['AdminMain.index.no_quicklinks'] = 'No Quick Links have been set.'; 27. $lang['AdminMain.index.manage_widgets'] = 'Manage Widgets'; 28. $lang['AdminMain.index.customize_dash
  8. @Jono According to the post at . . . https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14239-how-to-hide-remove-password-change-field-in-cpanel/#comment-67798 . . . it does allow weak passwords. ------------------- 1) - Will this be updated in a future version ? ...
  9. turner2f

    Friendly URLs

    Is this going to be considered in an update ? Already created a request for it .
  10. Is this being brought back ?
  11. @Paul @Jono 1ST ) - After making a change within C-Panel's " Multi PHP INI " editor. NOTE : Within the dropdown I chose the home directory ( or the domain’s document ) root to open the corresponding PHP configuration for the SUB-folder that my "Blesta" installation is in. I made the upload_max_filesize within C-Panel's " Multi PHP INI " editor to be " 0M " ------------- 2ND ) - I created a PHP Info file and inserted into the SUB-folder of my "Blesta" install, and got . . . upload_max_filesize= 0M Local Value & 2M Mast
  12. @Paul @Jono Will you please consider the following font-awesome icons as a possibility ? NOTE : I mention these as possible alternative icons because these are the ones that are consistently used, and are more easily recognized / familiar within WordPress themes . ____________________________ <i class="fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-right"></i> https://fontawesome.com/icons/arrow-alt-circle-right?style=solid AND . . . <i class="far fa-arrow-alt-circle-down"></i> https://fontawesome.com/icons/arrow-alt-circle-down
  13. ___________________________________________________ @Paul @Jono @Blesta Addons Here is an example of how WordPress uses the " Accordian " functionality within many of its themes . . . SEE IMAGE :
  14. turner2f

    Friendly URLs

    @Paul Are there any plans to implement the " Friendly URL's" into a future release of Blesta ? 1)- This way the url is not revealing the Blesta plugins or modules that are being used. 2) - Plus, it just looks more clean and professional. ..
  15. I am not certain what text editor the " Support Manager " uses . Does not look like the CKEditor interface to me ( but I could be wrong ) . BUT . . . If I am replying to a support ticket - - > and I select multiple rows of lines of text - - > and then click the " ordered list " button - - > I get the following results . . . EXAMPLE: 1. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam porta leo quis lacus dignissim rhoncus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur. 1. 1. Quisque ultrices, nisi vitae faucibus ultricies, justo
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