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  1. Thanks for the reply. I used to use that technique. But Found it easier to use the following table conversion code within PHPMyAdmin - - > SQL : Found at ... https://stackoverflow.com/a/29926020/8957410 ================== DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS convertToInnodb; DELIMITER // CREATE PROCEDURE convertToInnodb() BEGIN mainloop: LOOP SELECT TABLE_NAME INTO @convertTable FROM information_schema.TABLES WHERE `TABLE_SCHEMA` LIKE DATABASE() AND `ENGINE` LIKE 'MyISAM' ORDER BY TABLE_NAME LIMIT 1; IF @convertTable IS NULL THEN LEAVE mainloop; END IF; SET @sqltext := CONCAT('ALTER TABLE `', DATABASE(), '`.`', @convertTable, '` ENGINE = INNODB'); PREPARE convertTables FROM @sqltext; EXECUTE convertTables; DEALLOCATE PREPARE convertTables; SET @convertTable = NULL; END LOOP mainloop; END// DELIMITER ; CALL convertToInnodb(); DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS convertToInnodb;
  2. That would be great. The tutorial I wrote concerning sending SMS Text alerts to your mobile phone with email piping via your C-Panel host, at ... https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7889-how-to-setup-email-piping-with-c-panel-and-get-sms-text-alerts/ Works for admins only concerning tickets that come in. The text are received as SMS ( not MMS ). And it's free since it's being "piped" via C-Panel. Which is great ( ... for now ). ===== Whereas if your plugin could send text to clients ( and as MMS ) would be even better. And even better than that would be if we could get the messages to be sent using " piping via C-Panel " ( since it's free ). Look forward to seeing if the plugin will do this. ;)
  3. NOTE: MyISAM tables are what we use and Blesta 4.0.1 is currently working just fine with MySQL 5.5 ======= Will your product still work If we switch our server from MySQL 5.5 to MariaDB 10.2 ? While still using MyISAM tables ?
  4. Hello Blesta Addons, I am trying to download the "Blesta Add-Ons Widget". https://blesta-addons.com/order/config/index/subscription/?group_id=7&pricing_id=40 But the order form keeps asking me.... Select desired options, and continue to checkout. I keep trying, but keep getting the same error message
  5. @activa Concerning SMS Text alerts to your mobile phone with email piping via your C-Panel host, you can try this at ... https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7889-how-to-setup-email-piping-with-c-panel-and-get-sms-text-alerts/ For FREE. 😀 ==================
  6. Also did not see any description concerning the "Notifications Center" plugin.
  7. https://blesta-addons.com/plugin/membership_club/main/ ----------------------------------- Thanks Paul. One thing is that I noticed is that the posted dates for the "Last Updates", and the descriptions are not current. EXAMPLE: The "Quotes" plugin say that it does NOT calculate taxes . And that the last update was in 2015. SEE : https://blesta-addons.com/plugin/store/main/item/4/ But the link below now says it does as of Sep 2018. SEE : https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4799-plugin-quotesestimates-plugin/&do=findComment&comment=61316 =========== When will the descriptions of ALL the PLUGINS and their " Last Updated " dates be made current on the Blesta Addons website ? https://blesta-addons.com/client/plugin/store/main/index/ Need to know so we can make an informed decision as to which package to get.
  8. Can you please provide a chart or list of exactly what plugins we get under the bronze, silver and gold plans? And are the plans actually packages that contain multiple plugins for download via one annual cost ? Please reply this way we know what we are getting.
  9. Thanks. But what I was asking was, once the plugin is activated how will our clients be able to access the ( CyberPanel ) interface ? And how would we remove the " default " C-Panel interface that comes with Blesta so that the client does not get confused ?
  10. Ok. So this would replace the current Blesta C-Panel interface that the clients have access to within their accounts ?
  11. That would be a good feature along with... https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10737-reply-support-tickets-to-a-sub-account-email-get-sent-to-the-primarys-email-too/
  12. 5) - A while back I asked the Blesta programmers about this issue with their default ticket system, but never received a reply. Can this be resolved in the " Support Manger Pro " plugin ? Please see..
  13. Awesome. I am using a "Fixed" version of " Support Manager PRO " by @GosuHost it was around October 2017 I think the only thing he did was was update the "hooks" so it would begin working with PHP 7.0 again . Do you foresee an issue in the upgrade process ? OR... IF it does not work, should I just delete HIS "fixed" version and replace it completely with yours ?
  14. Thanks for the update 😉 1) - Would there be a way to limit the file size, the amount of files and the type of files that can be uploaded ? 2) - Would there be a way to manually allocate / assign a random ticket to a user's account ? Sometimes we get tickets from clients that work together at the same company that are not registered in the the system, and we would like to assign their ticket to an existing account . 3) - After upgrading to Blesta 4.2.2 and PHP 7.0, would we just over write the old "Support Manager Pro" files with the new ones. Or do we have to delete first ? 4) - Will there be any changes to the database ? Would we lose any of our current tickets ?
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