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  1. Go to "Packages" > "Package Groups" in the admin area (<yourdomain>/admin/packages/groups/) Click package group row you want to reorder Reorder the packages
  2. https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Installing+Blesta#InstallingBlesta-3.ApplyHotfixFiles(ifnecessary) If you don't have the hotfix files from when you originally set up blesta you can find them again here https://account.blesta.com/client/plugin/download_manager/client_main/index/ Back stuff up first - not my fault if you break it
  3. What version of PHP & Blesta are you using?
  4. @SmallWeb Which version of PHP are you using when the issue occurs? This is a known issue with the XML parser in PHP 7.3.17 and 7.4.5 specifically and not neccessarily Blesta itself https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=79528 There is currently an open pull request for the namesilo module that fixes it https://github.com/blesta/module-namesilo/pull/9 and the next PHP releases should also fix the issue with the XML parser, but we will likely have to wait until early next week for the changes to be merged into the blesta module's master branch (cant work Jono too hard, he's probably already got too much on his plate) https://github.com/php/php-src/commit/cb265a0addf15c5cf0c029f167a9de030150cf15 https://github.com/php/php-src/commit/54148fd68677e8b13b5a11c309c601d1248fb78b
  5. On the main client page when clicking between the different statuses of invoices/services/transactions and then using the browsers back button, when the URL gets back to the original `/client/` URL a loading bar is displayed indefinitely. It looks like an AJAX request is triggered to load `/client/` instead of the initial tab of the widget which returns the full client homepage instead of whatever it should be loading. Nothing is logged to the JS console. This doesn't appear to happen on pages that only contain a single widget (ie, `/client/invoices`) Tested with v4.9.1 and in the wild. Can reproduce in Chromium 81.0.4044.129 / Firefox 76.0 / Chrome on Android 9 81.0.4044.138 🤷🏽‍♂️ Click one (or more) of the blue things. Click the back button as many times. Your call is very important to us. You have been placed in a queue. We will answer your call ... never 😈
  6. The method call in question has `null` hard coded. Ouch <?php // ... public function getAllRenewingRecurring($client_group_id) // V L#2304... here we go boom $this->Record = $this->getRecurringInvoices(null, false)-> This was a "fresh" install and likely the first cron run. The task is still spinning at admin/settings/company/automation/ after ~1.25 hrs
  7. Support PIN Plugin Assign clients a support PIN to use when making contact. Features Configurable length PIN Client & admin widget Optional PIN expiration/rotation Validation API endpoint It's open sauce https://github.com/webmastery/blesta-support-pin/ https://marketplace.blesta.com/#/extensions/98-Support PIN
  8. Sorry to butt in here in an oldish thread, but I was curious about how this could as well - specifically for Australian domains (obviously not from NameSilo, but similar topic so didn't want to start a new one). The [com/net/org/id].au names are generally allowed to be transferred between registrars (or resellers) with no fee incurred, but the expiration date is not modified. Domains under .au are also only allowed to be registered for periods of 2 years, renewal only allowed within the final 90 days to expiration. A rather hefty fee is incurred for changing the registrant at any point in time, but that's out of scope here. I'm guessing Blesta wouldn't handle this kind of free transfer without expiration modification either ey?..
  9. @evolvewh Sucks their "v5" API call appears to remove some of the useful options Still good to know! Would be cool to see similar functionality implemented using other providers and plugins though as mentioned. I just liked the NameStudio implementation as it's free (and I don't currently plan on using any providers w/ LogicBoxes) & pretty flexible. I like that you can get geo-targeted suggestions & the API supports results in several languages (ie, can pass the Blesta users' current language to the API if it's supported and get "better" results). Not sure how you'd be likely to implement it @Blesta Addons, but this plugin I'm trying to get together should work regardless of the registrar plugin used/support all that are in use in your Blesta site.
  10. "Proper" events to target specific pages like would be amazing. My solution is basically a massive hack that inserts a little bit of code in the domain preconfig page. Unfortunately it runs on every page load and guesses in preAction if it's the right page to do the insertion, and then does some AJAX voodoo to pull in the data and build up the table. Wasn't sure how else to do it without modifying any core files. Also means that it will probably break if someone is using a modified order form/not the template pictured above 😣
  11. That was the plan I guess. Still needs a bit of love and attention then I'll stick it up on GitHub for you guys to play with. Just some teasers for now 😛
  12. Recently got an API key for VeriSign's Name Studio, and thought it'd be a decent opportunity to get my hands dirty with a Blesta integration. I've probably broken all kinds of rules and best-practices in implementing it, but not too far from a workable release. Early WIP, but there are a few screenshots below. Curious if anyone would find this useful. EDIT: FWIW if y'all apply for a name studio account now I should have something out by the time they approve your account. It's free, though does have some generous rate-limiting in place (in which case the plugin will just not show any suggestions at this stage). It's a janky process and took a few days - they called me a few days after applying and spelled the account's default password out character by character 😊 Another edit: Feel free to follow along at home/fork and make fantastic - https://github.com/nahanil/blesta-namestudio-plugin
  13. Referring to the method getSld() in <Blesta 4.2.2>/plugins/order/lib/order_types/domain/order_type_domain.php This method doesn't handle domain searches as gracefully as it could. Search: www.something.com (.com checkbox selected) something.com somethingwww..com Search: www.something (.com checkbox selected) www.com Search: something.com (.com checkbox selected) something.com Search: something (.com checkbox selected) something.com I'm not sure how this could be rectified by changing the existing regex, but I've found something like the following to handle all the above inputs to return something sensible function getSld($domain) { $parts = explode(".", $domain); if (count($parts) == 1) { return $parts[0]; } return $parts[0] == "www" ? $parts[1] : $parts[0]; } // Mentioned test cases foreach ([ 'www.something.com', 'www.something', 'something.com', 'something'] as $search) { echo "$search: ", getSld($search), "<br>"; } /* Output www.something.com: something www.something: something something.com: something something: something */
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