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  1. What about form then you are buying hosting package?
  2. Greetings! I tried to search but found only old topics and they are not relevant anymore. Then the client is purchasing something I need only e-mail and password form for registration, that's all. Is it possible to make? Can someone help me modify signup template? Thanks.
  3. I think it's important to leave feedback and tell reasons why we can't move to Blesta. First, at all we really love Blesta and it looks promising in future. Here are main reasons why we can't move right now to Blesta. Devs should take a note and work on it. Critical reasons: - No referral system (iDevAffilate does not count) - No Russian language (about 43% done + mistakes) - You can't choose language before login in/registration Not so critical reasons: - No easy way to change the language in billing. Too many clicks. - Language links like "&lang=ru" (to be able ma
  4. NKV

    Plesk and Blesta?

    Thanks! Is it possible to change language via link? In ISP (BILLManager) you are able to make this. Just add at the end of each link "&lang=en". And it can be product link with domain, hosting plan or whatever you have in your billing. And since we have two different websites with .ru and .com domain we can just use different links "&lang=ru" or "&lang=en" Or maybe Blesta is even better and have PHP GeoIP or similar?
  5. NKV

    Plesk and Blesta?

    Hello, we are currently planning to move from ISP to Plesk. In the end, we have two choices WHMCS and Blesta, which billing is better for Plesk? Would be nice to hear stories from customers and get to know what kind of problems we are going to face. Also, what about Russian language? Looks like translation is not done yet. Is it possible to make billing with different languages? So user can switch them easily. Or choose language before registration/login in billing. At this moment we have 2 languages English and Russia, and in future Finnish. What about adding payment system
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