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  1. If I suspend a service manually for abuse will that get triggered by the Auto Cancel plugin?
  2. Hello, Is there's a way to automatically cancel services and void invoices after X amount of days? At this moment it will automatically suspend services if an invoice goes unpaid but it doesn't cancel them, I have been doing it manually but it's starting to get to be too much work now. Also when you schedule a service for cancelation it never cancels it just waits to get manually canceled. Thanks, Cam
  3. I appreciate that @timnboys, I would love take you up on your offer.
  4. Hello, To help put it in perspective, My Fraudlabs Pro plan reset on the 25th last month. When I got the email I changed my Fraud Check to only check on new client sign ups. Since the 25th I have gotten 36 new clients and at this moment I have 377 credits left. I understand the POST requests, Assuming it is the POST issue with a bot, shouldn't it fraud check after the client has successfully posted? Thanks, Cam
  5. Im glad Im not the only one. I spoke with Paul about this. He said that Blesta did not develop the Fraudlabs Pro module so we would need to contact the developer. I asked Fraudlabs Pro support and they didn't develop it either. I checked out the code base and there was no tags left behind. Anybody know who developed it? Thanks, Cam
  6. Hey, Yep, I am =D. Thanks for the welcome.
  7. Hello, I completely understand that, I am more curious why it is using multiple credits for one order. Hopefully someone knows about a fix. Thanks, Cam
  8. I don't understand, I have mine configured to check on all orders and customer signups. Do you have yours configured to check on customer sign ups only? I'm afraid that would open up a security loophole as clients could place an order after their first order. Thanks, Cam
  9. Hello, I am using Fraudlabs Pro for fraud prevention on my Blesta install. I noticed, on each order I receive I get at least 3 email's (Usually more) from FLP saying I have a transaction pending review. In turn, all of my Fraudlabs Pro credits (Free plan 500 credits) get eaten up with only 100-125 order's. Has anyone else noticed this or does anyone know of a fix? Thanks, Cam
  10. @timnboys Thankyou. Changing the cron user from root to apache did seem to do the trick! I am running Blesta on CentOS 7 PHP7 with no control panel, for anyone that was looking to know.
  11. Thanks! I updated my cron I will let you know if it fixes the issue tomorrow when a new log gets generated. In regards to "aren't you related to the person who took over ftpit", I am not. Never heard of ftpit before. =D Thanks, Cam
  12. Hello, I am running into an issue where any new logs are created with permissions 644. When the logs are created with permissions 644 my client area pages white and won't let any clients access their accounts. I am able to change the permissions for the logs and this will temporarily fix the client area for the remainder of the day until a new log file is created. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks, Cam
  13. Hello, I am wondering how to display multiple order forms for different products on my blesta. So currently I have my single default order form on the blesta portal but now I would like to display another. What is the best way of doing this? Only thing I could think of was add another button in the blesta portal but I feel like there must be a better way. Thanks, Cam
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