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  1. @KenHC My start was just as good as yours, but my last few months is what warranted my review. Thanks for chiming in, and I too have already vetted Michaels expertise. I moved on with keeping my licenses with Blesta directly and haven't had issues since. Your rebuttal doesn't change what happened but happy to see Michael providing great support to his customers. thanks for contributing.
  2. Thanks for the tip: but you completely disregarded the fact that this wasn't a one time, or even two time thing. Which in previous tickets, I let slide. Explain month 3, 4, and terminating my account? Good thinking... Also, for reference, the Paypal Dispute (as payment was done on Paypal) was for efficiency in refunding. Update: I can confirm that LicenseCart has closed out the dispute with the requested pro-rated refund. I'm not fond of the repeated downtime, but I cannot argue that LicenseCart's activity and knowledge within the community is well deserved. I'll be moving on...
  3. STAY AWAY from License Cart TL;DR - Poor license support, Even poorer customer service. A break up story. Dec 18th - Bought a Year's License from LicenseCart + Multi-Company licenses. Michael Dance was pretty helpful answering all Questions and I thought my time with them would be smooth and pleasant. I've since then have become extremely frustrated with Michael and the Licensecart team as my (now) Yearly license + 3 addon licenses have for the last 5 months have been unactivated and needed re-activation repeatedly. I don't get real-time alerts on when licenses go down, so until I go verify them myself, I don't know for how long my helpdesks have been down for. Every month, I had to go re-activate my licenses with Licensecart, where I've put in friendly requests to keep them up and running as I paid for a Year. Unfortunately, they never did so. April 26th - My license goes down again. With my live environment, I kindly request a pro-rated refund for un-used time. Frustrated yes, but no harsh language, just a request to refund my unused time. For efficiency, I calculated the remaining time and requested a refund via PayPal. LicenseCart's Response: My entire account is removed, terminated, 0 access to support or the ability to reply, a very snarky reply from Michael. And...of course. 0 reimbursement in Paypal. I'm moving on with purchasing licenses directly from Paul @ Blesta. Would no longer recommend LicenseCart, although their prices and knowledge of the platform are some of the best in the community. I'll update this ticket honestly if Michael replies back to me privately to apologize, and/or if the pro-rated refund ever comes.
  4. Hey Tyson, good note. Left Column (Blesta) -> Right Column (Headers to be exported via CSV Custom Report ) Order # -> Order ID Billing Date -> Order Date Time Description -> Item Description (If multiple unique SKU items were ordered, each line item would show and also exported in the CSV) Quantity -> Item Quantity Order Total -> Order Value Order Total Sales Tax -> Tax Item Name Value -> SKU Configurable Options -> Item Description or Order Notes (must list all Configurable options) Customer First Name -> Shipping First Name Customer Last Name -> Shipping Last Name Customer Address -> Shipping Address (includes Street, City, Zip, Country) Is there anyone who can assist with creating this custom CSV report?
  5. Hey there! Looking to build a custom report that can export as CSV and need help building queries. Anyone willing to help build a few custom queries quickly for $ ? The queries would specifically extract information such as Order ID, Order date, Customer first, last, address, city, zip, phone, email, order information, order notes and most importantly, configurable options. If interested, I'd love to share more!
  6. To +1 Michael on taking the project brief, What I'm specifically using the Loyalty for = 1. Auto registration (When a new client is created into the Blesta Clients System, they are auto registered or elgibile to start acruing "points") 2. Self redemption - Clients can self-redeem points for either the following Points for $ amount in credit (credit balance will be updated automatically) Points for Unique Coupon code (coupons will be created in backend, all that's required is points are redeemed for coupon code to show or be emailed. Big seller is that coupons be created as unique code and specific to customer) Points are accrued with each purchase (invoice payment). 3. Huge: Support for Multi-addon company. I run multi-addon companies, and would benefit from having 1 plugin but able to customize plugin per addon company? THANK YOU!!
  7. Hey Michael. Exactly, Loyalty as in points. I come from Shopify and the loyalty programs (apps) on the Shopify marketplace is exactly what im looking to incorporate, which can be redeemed within blesta OR off blesta in the form of a coupon code. I was wondering if in recent years, anything like Loyalty apps came in the Blesta universe..
  8. Hey there guys, I was trying to find a suitable Loyalty Program plugin or module for Blesta and couldn't find one at all. Wondering what everyone uses for running Loyalty Programs? either directly in Blesta or third party. And running a non-wordpress website so hopefully someone can chime in on a good Loyalty Program that doesn't need Wordpress?
  9. Hey Paul, good to hear from you. 1. mysqldump is there 2. tmp is writeable. I see the green checkmark 3. Still can't get backups to work. Does Blesta support buckets with folders in them? Ex: lets say the bucket is called hosting/Blesta_Backups where /Blesta_Backups is the bucket folder I wish to put S3 backups to. If Blesta supports folders, then for the entire bucket name, what would I put? "hosting/Blesta_Backups" ??
  10. Hey guys, I have AmazonS3 configured with a backup directory and settings are tested and works in Blesta Settings. However, both cron hourly backups and force backups do not seem to work, or in other words, there are no backups coming into the directory. The bucket name, API credentials are all correct. And Passes the "Test these settings" . Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot or fix? What am I doing wrong here?
  11. Hi there. I'm very interested in having multi-company capabilities. From support threads in 2013, I see that there were no monthly options at that time. Inquiring to see if there's any new pricing for monthly license holders for multi-company ? How much per month? And how many companies can we create with the addon? Is there any video or demo that shows us what's capable of the multi-company addon?
  12. I finally got it to install. I had some configserver settings and eXploit settings that wasn't allowing Blesta to install via ftp or softaculous. After disabling the scripts, I got it to install.
  13. I tried to install 3.6.2 And I can get it to install at all. Runs into an error. I checked settings in Advanced and saw that Blesta creates its own database, which is fine with me. Didn't change it. Still running into errors.
  14. Im getting a constant error trying to install Blesta from Softaculous in cPanel. Doesn't matter if I'm trying to install into my subdomain or a regular path ex: /billing Still fails. Anyone every get this error and how to fix?
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