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  1. Hello all, Upon searching for this particular issue, I couldn't come up with anything, so I thought I would post it here. Feel free to correct me if there happens to be a resolved article on this issue. The issue I'm facing is that when ordering a domain, the customer is able to lookup a custom domain, and then it's correctly added to their cart. But then after they click the "Continue" button, it prompts them to select a package. What's going on? I thought I had setup everything correctly. Thanks in advance for your help and support! UPDATE: I've already resolved the issue. I had accidentally assigned the domain order form a package group, hence why it was prompting to select a package. Rookie mistake.
  2. Thank you for replying. Please PM me, as I am very interested in a custom module.
  3. Hi everyone, I currently have a domain reseller account with Freenom, but use Blesta, which as you know, does not have a module for Freenom. I asked Freenom if they planned on doing a module for Blesta, and they responded by telling me that they have no intentions for that. I write this post to ask that someone create a module for the Freenom Domain reseller customers using Blesta. Below is a link to the Freenom domain API. I completely understand that creating modules like this takes some time, so if no one wants to take it on, that's completely okay. FREENOM API http://www.freenom.com/en/freenom-api.html Regards, Michael W. Kinder
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