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  1. Thanks Paul. Is it possible to automate this "syncing" via API calls?
  2. Thanks Paul. So, if I don't activate the feature to prorate on any packages, how will Blesta handle additional orders and recurring billing for customers? For example: 1. Customer places order for "Elite hosting package" as first order on 3 January, paying monthly. 2. Customer places order for "Second hosting package" on 10 April. Questions: 1. What will customer pay on checkout of ordering on 10 April? 2. What will their bills look like and on what dates in May? Thanks Deon.
  3. We want to have "billing anniversary per customer" with the anniversary determined by the date of their 1st order. Any subsequent orders should then be pro rated to their specific billing anniversary. Does Blesta support this approach? I can see it supports pro rata with a universal billing annivesary for all customers, but we want to spread our billing administrative burden across the month. Thanks
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