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  1. Hi, Currently we are using Stripe merchant for accept Credit Card and ACH payments. We also have Alipay, Amex Express Checkout and Bitcoin methods live on our Stripe account, but unable to accept them thought Blesta due to non-support by Blesta's Stripe gateway. Is there any option available to accept Alipay, Amex Express Checkout and Bitcoin via Stripe with Blesta? Thanks. ~ Shakib Khan
  2. My vote for Generic Domains Module, AdminLTE Update Theme, Affiliate System Plugin.
  3. Any update? It's will work with 4.1.2?
  4. That's the something that most blesta based provider needs. Great work. (Y)
  5. Your blesta theme integration is quite impressive. Thanks for the great plugin.
  6. As @BlestaStore said, You can't use Blesta on PHP 7.1 yet. But, you can use Blesta on PHP 7.
  7. HostCram

    Directadmin Bug

    Why just don't upgrade your Blesta on v4.1.2? v4 have latest DirectAdmin module.
  8. Edit: Just i have complete this. Now i have multiple offline payment gateway with different names for every gateway including mobile banking and international bank transfer.
  9. Department, Assigned To, Priority, Status are not changing from admin panel. Ticket is also not closing from client portal. Have any solution?
  10. It's will work with latest Proxmox VE 5.0-32?
  11. They are completely useless until you don't have all valid documents. Support is also horrible now.
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