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  1. Hello, This is more of a question and also I noticed that it has been discussed before. I just wanted to know if this is already added to Blesta. We are using Blesta as a biiling system for our B2B customers. Our margins are really small therefore, we can not afford having the same amount for credit cards as wire-transfers. I would like to know if this would be possible or if there is a work around for this. Here is one of the topics which this had been discussed before: https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4512-gateways-convenience-fees/ Thank you
  2. I have to say I really Love Licensecart's Blesta CMS, their support is really nice and I even purchased my Blesta from them... but the problem that I have is that I am a wordpress SEO expert and there are so many features in WP (which I need) that Blests CMS is not capable of. However as a person who has tried so many integration systems regarding all kinds of scripts .. from forums to billing systems. .. always your first choice should be a native system and then using a third party integration. So I have a question and I hope you would be able to help me with... I also have a WHMCS website and I integrated it using this method : https://squidix.com/library/how-to-include-wordpress-header-footer-in-whmcs/ Would you please tell me if there is any similar method for Blesta so we can use ? Thank you.
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