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    jae got a reaction from Michael in Blesta 4.X beta with trial? cPanel extended   
    I'm looking for a sales/customer panel solution. I quickly narrowed it down to WHMCS and blesta. I've installed blesta and really liking it so far. I was wondering if it's possible to try the new beta version, but it seems only customers have access to it.
    I'm mainly interested in the cPanel extended and possibly the blesta CMS addon as well. From glossing the threads over it seems cPanel extended does support 4.0, but 3.x support was dropped. I'm in the initial process of setting up my site, so I was really hoping to be able to test out 4 and have the ability to use the latest versions of these plugins...so my main question is if it would be possible to continue my trial on 4.x.
    I also noticed the github for the extended project was down? https://github.com/CyanDarkInc/cPanel-Extended/
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