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  1. Hello. Is it possible to setup a Support Manager department so that it doesn't reply automatically to certain email addresses? Thank you.
  2. @Jono Well, I used the same word and it is not working. I hope the plugin will receive the update use. Thank you.
  3. Under "Integrations" -> "Webhooks & API" there is a "Secret Word" section with the following options: "Instant Notification Service (INS) secret word" and "Buy link secret word". Which one did you use?
  4. It looks like I am having the same control panel but for payments I am using the old API. And somehow the old API isn't working right. My customers see the old payment form, with the old logo. I think 2checkout/Avangate is set to migrate everyone to their latest API. Thank you.
  5. Cool. Thank you. Hope to get an update for this plugin soon.
  6. This is a feature I think is worth having but at the same time I don't insist on it.
  7. Yes, I realize that the way it is currently being done might be the best way for a billing solution for the masses. However, we also should realize that if someone manages to spoof a ticket message then hashing might not help. The attacker would require to to know both, the email address and the message title even without a hash. The way I see it, email address + ticket code + message subject makes for a good enough hash.
  8. Probably for a general purpose billing system as Blesta the existing implementation is the best. In general email validation should be the concern of admins (talking server security administration). However, I actually appreciate how Blesta team built this. Thank you for your replies. I appreciate it.
  9. A shadow, temporary account can be created for that.
  10. I was referring to the "from" header in combination with the {ticket.code}. Or maybe I am missing your point.
  11. The original "from" header can be used for matching.
  12. Uh, sorry. I meant {ticket.code} not {ticket.id}. Maybe matching a combination of "from" header (email address) with {company.code} (something like ACME) and {ticket.code} could solve this issue. Of course, if a message comes from another address it should be considered a different ticket. I see that some other platforms somehow manage to do. By the way, how does Blesta handle CC and BCC?
  13. I think this can be addressed by setting a more standardized hash. For example if admins set ticket subject to contain something like {company.code}-{ticket.id} Blesta could recognize the ticket as the same based on given format. This way Gmail and other similar email clients will be able to organize tickets properly. {company.code} could be an identifier like ACME for ACME Industries.
  14. That's it. Thank you.
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