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  1. Of course I didn't mean for you to post the whole code in open source format. But I still understand if that is still a no. Thank you anyways.
  2. Would you consider adding Blesta core to GitHub? Most likely people will be willing to contribute. Thank you.
  3. Hello. When adding a service based on the Plesk module users can login from Blesta into their panel. However, the problem is that the login link provided by Blesta directs to the control panel based on IP. This is a big issue since the certificates for the panels are issued by domain name instead of IP. Could you please make it direct based on host name instead? Thank you.
  4. Hello. In Blesta 4.5 there is no option for customer to login into an add-on service based on Plesk module. Could you please add that option? Thank you.
  5. Sounds good to me. If Blesta 4.6 comes with a fixed 2CO module I don't think the upload to Git is necessary anyway. Thank you.
  6. Thank you for the update. When is 4.6 planned to be released? Could you considering uploading the source code to Git? Maybe some other developers will be able to help.
  7. @Jono Could you please provide an update on this?
  8. Are there any updates on this? CORE-2964 provides no further updates. Thank you.
  9. Hello. Is it possible to setup a Support Manager department so that it doesn't reply automatically to certain email addresses? Thank you.
  10. @Jono Well, I used the same word and it is not working. I hope the plugin will receive the update soon. Thank you.
  11. Under "Integrations" -> "Webhooks & API" there is a "Secret Word" section with the following options: "Instant Notification Service (INS) secret word" and "Buy link secret word". Which one did you use?
  12. It looks like I am having the same control panel but for payments I am using the old API. And somehow the old API isn't working right. My customers see the old payment form, with the old logo. I think 2checkout/Avangate is set to migrate everyone to their latest API. Thank you.
  13. Cool. Thank you. Hope to get an update for this plugin soon.
  14. This is a feature I think is worth having but at the same time I don't insist on it.
  15. Yes, I realize that the way it is currently being done might be the best way for a billing solution for the masses. However, we also should realize that if someone manages to spoof a ticket message then hashing might not help. The attacker would require to to know both, the email address and the message title even without a hash. The way I see it, email address + ticket code + message subject makes for a good enough hash.
  16. Probably for a general purpose billing system as Blesta the existing implementation is the best. In general email validation should be the concern of admins (talking server security administration). However, I actually appreciate how Blesta team built this. Thank you for your replies. I appreciate it.
  17. A shadow, temporary account can be created for that.
  18. I was referring to the "from" header in combination with the {ticket.code}. Or maybe I am missing your point.
  19. The original "from" header can be used for matching.
  20. Uh, sorry. I meant {ticket.code} not {ticket.id}. Maybe matching a combination of "from" header (email address) with {company.code} (something like ACME) and {ticket.code} could solve this issue. Of course, if a message comes from another address it should be considered a different ticket. I see that some other platforms somehow manage to do. By the way, how does Blesta handle CC and BCC?
  21. I think this can be addressed by setting a more standardized hash. For example if admins set ticket subject to contain something like {company.code}-{ticket.id} Blesta could recognize the ticket as the same based on given format. This way Gmail and other similar email clients will be able to organize tickets properly. {company.code} could be an identifier like ACME for ACME Industries.
  22. This is correct. I have been migrated to their new platform. I didn't use the sandbox. Those are results using a live account. We have already been working with 2checkout for a while now but the plugin has never worked fully. Thank you for your help.
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