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  1. I also would love to be able to provision AWS Lightsail instances. I found this thread looking for exactly that.
  2. Hi all, I was just curious as to what approach people take to handling their emails when it comes to small hosting companies. In all my online adventures I have always used an external service such as google and used mail forwarding and my own domain etc... But I'm wondering if I should now be looking at something different such as setting up my own mail server, or if that would introduce reliability concerns etc... How do you do yours? Thanks all
  3. @samuel.hautcoeur who did you find? Are you happy with their work? I'd be interested to know, thanks
  4. Hi Paul, yes at the moment it is a manual process. I am doing it exactly as you describe using a pool of internal IP's. Each internal IP corresponds to a port on a predefined list that I have already configured in my firewall. for example intenal IP allocated to the VPS = to access that as a customer they will connect to ExternalIP :2010 then = ExternalIP :2011 etc... I understand the module has no way of knowing how I have configured my port forwarding and the list of services each host could require is infinite so
  5. @Paul is probably well placed to know lol
  6. yes but it can only provision with different IP's for each server. If I want to have a shared IP for all VPS's using different ports per VPS, how can I auto provision that?
  7. Hi, I have a specific target for my VPS's and I want to use a single server IP and a pool of internal IP's. When provisioning the VPS is it possible to provide the customer with the main server IP and a Port? I have the everything working as I need it to be in terms of IP's, Ports, VPS's etc, but I am manually giving the customers the login details at the moment. Is there a way to automate the provisioning in this situation? I am currently using virtualizor, but with SolusVM being taken over recently I am hoping to one day switch back to that.
  8. Stu

    Unable to change Theme

    To follow up on this, I've set nginx to pass everything to apache and it now works. So this is clearly nginx caching causing the behaviour. Thanks
  9. Stu

    Unable to change Theme

    Hi, I have tried to change both admin and client themes, but the changes are not taking affect. I am running Nginx infront of apache and blesta is in a subdir /portal My first thought is cache, so I deleted the Nginx cache folder, I cleared my browser cache, I purged cloudflares cache, but still no joy. Is there other caching going on somewhere in Blesta that I need to clear? When I select a new theme no colours change, but if I put a custom url to the logo that works. I'm missing something obvious I'm sure. Thanks
  10. Hi All, I'm coming back to my blesta project again after a long time away. We are now on v4.2.2 and my previous method of getting blesta working on Nginx no longer appears to work. I have removed Blesta's .htaccess file from the Blesta root dir, now I'm redirected to this... https://mysite.com/blesta/index.php/install I think the fix for this used to be... Next, update /lib/init.php and make the following change: // define("HTACCESS", file_exists(ROOTWEBDIR . ".htaccess")); define("HTACCESS",
  11. HI, just coming back to my blesta project after a long time away from it. Is this tutorial still accurate for 4.2.0?
  12. Stu

    Nginx Config

    yeah I had similar before. Give the try_files way a go. It should make a noticable difference in speed. Using if statements and rewrites is slower because they are read and processed for each request.
  13. Very useful addon and well coded. I wouldn't be without it.
  14. Reissued the blesta_cms license and everything is fine again. Thanks for your help @cyandark and @Licensecart
  15. oh oops forgot I had installed that, I thought I was still working on a clean blesta install lol. My bad, thanks guys
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