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  1. I have just tried restoring entire home directory from backup and everything is working fine now. I haven't made any recent changes to the account/server settings, not sure what happened. Anyway I was able to update the new logo Looking forward for Blesta 4 Thank you Paul & Mike.
  2. Hi Mike & Paul, Hope you guys are doing well? >> is it uploaded to the /uploads/1/invoices/ folder? Folder /1/invoices/ doesn't exists in the uploads folder, so I created it manually and set write permission, but logo file isn't uploaded to it. I will ask my designer to setup the file as Paul said and will update the thread. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hello Everyone, A new logo has been designed for company, so removed the old logo from blesta and tried to add new one. Now new logo isn't showing in Blesta >> Invoice Customization page & in the invoice.While updating logo from customization page, I'm not getting any error. Any assistance is highly appreciated.
  4. We don't have DA server, so requested for a test license, but haven't received any reply from DA support. If someone can offer DA test server or test license for a week, we can look into this.
  5. Hi Guys, We have just released a newer version of CSF plugin 1.1, in which we can restrict staff/client to unblock his IP only. Admin can decide whether to give client the option to unblock any IP or just unblock client's IP. Newer version can be downloaded from here.
  6. Yes, We're checking this with Blesta team and are waiting for an update from them. Thank you Daniel
  7. We have successfully integrated CCAvenue payment gateway to blesta and is working fine. Screenshots attached here .
  8. We have successfully integrated CCAvenue payment gateway to blesta and is working fine. Screenshots attached here .
  9. Thank you Mike Right now clients can unblock any IP. When we open IP unblock link, it already load client's IP automatically and is easily possible to configure to unblock his IP only. Yes, We have just uploaded the new plugin zip file. Please have a try and let us know how it goes.
  10. Hi Guys, Client side plugin is ready now If client has multiple accounts in different servers, he can select the server assigned to his accounts from the drop down menu.
  11. JoieDeMort, Many thanks for your kind donation
  12. We're working on CCAvenue integration too, hope we will be able to accept donations without any issues once it completes
  13. Oops, Thanks Mike for notifying me. I have updated our paypal account details in donate url.
  14. We're more than happy to provide the scripts for free. We're a small company and greatly appreciate any donations we receive. Your contribution will help us keep this project up and running, and add new and helpful content. Donate Click here to download, unzip the file, copy the folder 'cpanel_csf' to plugins folder. Now you can see 'cPanel CSF' under Available Plugin, click Install button to complete the installation. Now you should be able to see 'Unblock IP' option under Tools.
  15. Thanks Mike, Yes, we're working on client side too, which will automatically detect the server in which account is hosted and an option to unblock his local IP.
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