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  1. ISPConfig Module

    wonderful another giant leap....
  2. hello every one i installed blesta did not test it 1. then upgraded it to 4.1 from 4.0 2. when i try to create a client or user, it gives an error Invalid client group ID. Invalid client ID. now when i go to create a client group 3. i do not see any client-group (i do not remember seeing it earlier) 4. when i try to create a client group, it shows success 5. but the client group is still not shown any help is appretiated thanks
  3. [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta

    my mistake, i was hasty its the problem with blesta
  4. [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta

    hello every one when i try to signup and create a user, i get this error Invalid client group ID. Invalid client ID. if i may get help?
  5. PayUmoney Payment Gateway

    any update on payubiz or is this plugin working with it?
  6. PayUmoney Payment Gateway

    what about payubiz.com
  7. PayUmoney Payment Gateway

    does this module support payumoney or payubiz the original version for payumonay (avaliable here) was tweaked by payubiz techies... if you people confirm this is working, may i confirm it to them as well so that they may make it official. or if there is any this to be changed, kindly let me know also if any one may send me a lint to view this in action, i would be glad thanks
  8. PayUmoney Payment Gateway

    hi Paul if any one may test this and let me know also use these credentials for the testing ==================== For test server, Please redirect to (https://test.payu.in/_payment), Please use the following test credential: MerchantID: gtKFFx SALT: eCwWELxi Below are the test card details for doing a test transaction in the testing mode. Card Name: Any Name Card Number: 5123 4567 8901 2346 CVV: 123 Expiry: may 2017 ================== kindly let me know payumoney-modified.zip
  9. PayUmoney Payment Gateway

    hi if i change the url's and the relevant things in the php files, will it work with payubiz.in
  10. PayUmoney Payment Gateway

    did it https://requests.blesta.com/topic/payubiz-in-payment-gateway-module-non-merchant
  11. PayUmoney Payment Gateway

    hi there any idea about the gateway PAYUBIZ.in support the difference between payubiz and payumoney is that the later is only national gateway to india, and the other one is international gateway kindly let me know if anyone has any details or if this will work with payubiz as well thanks